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Feeding birds

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I was enjoying a visit to your backyard -- I just shoveled a path in the foot deep snow to reach the bird feeder - now to get some feed ! I More...
15/Jan/09 11:33 AM
Happy Birthday, June. I hope you have a very good day.
15/Jan/09 1:05 PM
If anyone deserves a June it is you...
Hope you have had a wonderful day...enough More...
15/Jan/09 1:34 PM
June, hope you have a wonderful day filled with family, friends and laughter. May the coming year be all you could wish for.
15/Jan/09 1:50 PM
Hi Judy I know its late in the day but I hope you've had a wonderful day with many happy returns, lots of , lots of friends to help you eat it and lots of good times. Cheers
15/Jan/09 2:39 PM
May you enjoy the happiness
A birthday always brings
May each and every hour be filled
With all the nicest things.

15/Jan/09 5:08 PM
June , Enjoy your special day. Wishing you peace, joy & happiness through out the year.

15/Jan/09 5:29 PM
Dear June! I hope it has been/will be a great one with another lovely trip around the sun in store! Blessings on you and lots of Love!
15/Jan/09 6:27 PM
Happy Birthday hope you have a really good day & night & get really spoilt More...
15/Jan/09 9:08 PM
June, As your birthday's almost over, I hope you had a really good one with lots of family & friends. Hope this year is a really great one. All the best
15/Jan/09 9:09 PM
Hey June, Hope you had a great one
15/Jan/09 10:38 PM
hope it was a beatiful day for you!
16/Jan/09 2:59 AM
Hi June, here's a belated from me - I was actually going to ring you, but things kept happening! Sorry. I hope you had a great day and were somewhere very nice & extremely COOL!!!
16/Jan/09 7:50 AM
Had a lovely wander through your Gallery & found some more great photos, also discovered Ken had a birthday while we were away. for the 30th December, Ken. Looks like you were enjoying that cake even before it managed to get into the oven!
16/Jan/09 7:53 AM
June, wanted to wish you a belated . Hope it was a good one.
16/Jan/09 10:42 PM
, June! Being able to share days with you, Sharon, and your beautiful granddaughter is one of Sudoku's greatest pleasures!
17/Jan/09 1:52 AM
June, I received your card this morning and I was so moved that I had to read it twice.
Thank you for sharing this time with me, it has made it just that little bit easier.
I am deeply touched.
18/Jan/09 2:02 AM
June, wow 3 cakes for me to eat!!! Thank you for your good wishes.
18/Jan/09 3:38 PM
I missed your birthday June. Belated greetings coming your way.
18/Jan/09 10:29 PM
Hi June: Great that you had such a nice lunch with your family on your birthday - but - 41C whew, thats about 110F just 2 degrees below boiling. Don't think I've Ever been in that kinda of heat... as I said whew...Hurray for air conditioning. Its been in the -20'C here lately but today is nicer, More...
19/Jan/09 7:13 AM
June - duh... I know its 212F Don't know whatever made me say 112F... and then my comment about it being boiling... OMG we couldn't live at 212... Talk about a senior moment, think I need a keeper... thanks for straightening it out. Hope you and hubby have a fine day, wherever. Luv ya...
20/Jan/09 4:12 AM
A belated birthday wish for you June. I hope you had a lovely day with your family. Take care xx
20/Jan/09 9:02 PM
June - I'm sending you belated, but nonetheless heartfelt, wishes for a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope you had a wonderful day and that the upcoming year will be the best ever.
23/Jan/09 4:01 AM
Hi, June -- thanks for the compliment on the poem ... your comment gave an entirely new perspective on the photo of the sunset. So it was sort of an unintended collaboration of the 3 of us: you and me and Ian. Sometimes the words and thoughts just come ... though I really shouldn't More...
23/Jan/09 8:40 AM
Happy Australia Day, June!
Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!
Hoping we have a chance to webcam today - I'm gonna take a shower and spruce myself up a bit - hehehe!
24/Jan/09 6:44 AM
I know I’m late doing this but just calling in to thank you for the wonderful birthday greetings. I did indeed have a lovely day, made better by being able to spend it with the whole family. I feel happier than I have in years and I thank you and all my other Sudoku friends for your friendship More...
26/Jan/09 2:32 PM
Sorry, I meant also to thank you for the birthday greetings to Madeline the previous week - I showed her the messages and she was chuffed!! from Maddie.
26/Jan/09 2:33 PM
June, I just read your post on easy about having a bub in a heatwave. I remember my Mum telling the story of when my brother was a baby. He and I were born in Woomera, so of course, it was just about always hot up there! He was born in the May, so it must have been when he was a few months old and More...
28/Jan/09 10:11 PM
You two have fun in the kitchen now...LOL...
31/Jan/09 8:27 AM
Hello June, I finally got around to visiting your page and saying thankyou for welcoming me to Sudokuland.
I have been here a while, doing puzzles, enjoying the comments, just starting to flex my fingers and say 'Hello'... getting braver! I'm not far away from you, near Blacktown. Hope the hot weather isn't too hard on that lovely garden I see here! See you around, I'm sure!
02/Feb/09 10:52 PM
Just popping in to say Thank you for my birthday wishes - has a great day with family & friends
12/Feb/09 8:17 PM
Lots of love to you sweet friend!
Beautiful Valentine display, by the way!
14/Feb/09 1:34 AM
I posted a very long comment about missing your birthday and also sending you Valentines greetings...I was basically saying that I needed to become more organized in order to send timely greetings to those that I care about...like you. I then noticed Lee's post above and realized that I More...
14/Feb/09 3:37 AM
Happy Valentines Day to you and yours!
14/Feb/09 7:52 AM
Thank you for the lovely wishes, June! Yes, this day began well, and in a way that you, too, would cherish. My grandchildren stuck a candle in my pancakes and sang a precious version of Happy Birthday!
16/Feb/09 8:12 AM
Hello June - thank you for visiting my page and for your birthday wishes. I did receive some lovely presents and FOUR boxes of chocolates. One of Baileys chocolates, some Lindt balls, some Ferrero Rochers and a big box of Rogers mint chocolates from Greg in Canada. No wonder I can't lose the weight I put on over Christmas!!

Anne x
17/Feb/09 12:09 AM
June for the birthday greeting. The day wasn't very spring like but at least it didn't rain. We had a lovely Chinese take away, as normal bought too much and have had to finish it today,
25/Feb/09 9:11 AM
Thank you for the birthday wishes - I have had a lovely day. I hope you had a good one in January.
25/Feb/09 11:13 PM
Dear JUNE.

With all my pleasure I read your posts again after solving the trouble with my ADSL connection.
I miss you toooooo much and thank you for your very kind words.
Have a very nice time and hope to have from you every time.
27/Feb/09 5:03 PM
Thank you for Ebob's birthday wishes June! She had a great day...
28/Feb/09 6:44 AM
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