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Thank you, June, for your birthday wishes. They are much appreciated. I worked for 2 hours this morning, then met a work friend at our local pool to get in some swimming practice. Had a lazy afternoon but will be heading out soon to my daughter's place for tea.
13/Feb/17 8:47 PM
I just started a new page for you.
13/Feb/17 8:47 PM
for the birthday wishes, June! I love having you as a friend!
15/Feb/17 4:23 AM
Dear Anne, thank you so much for the Birthday Greetings! We will see the family on Sunday, and it will be lovely to see them all together. :)
04/Mar/17 8:09 AM
I so hope your next round of chemo achieves the desired effect; the paper work for every procedure I've ever endured is enough to have you stop reading & leave. You have this wonderful community of friendship & support, radiating love & prayers. If ever a prayer circle has power, this one surely does. Stay hopeful & determined, my friend.
23/Mar/17 2:23 PM
Good news and bad news ... may the good overshadow the bad ... always. You are a tough old broad, June ... ... and I know that you won't let this get you down. Continued love and prayers.
10/May/17 6:16 AM
Thank you, June!!! I was in Kauai, Hawaii and ate a celebratory dinner in Poipu!
17/May/17 10:54 AM
for the birthday wishes! I had a lovely, sweet-filled day!
27/May/17 12:19 AM
Condolences on the anniversary of your daughter's death.
28/Jul/17 5:11 AM
How wonderful to hear from you, June! Thanks so much for the thoughtful birthday wishes. It means a lot. All is good here, with cats, looking after the garden and spending time with hubby, counting down the time until his retirement. Hope you and those you love are doing well and enjoying life!
01/Aug/17 1:41 AM
I would love to sit out there and enjoy your amaryllis with you, June! Make some tea ... and I'll bring the biscuits!
18/Oct/17 1:05 AM
Hello June, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. I have a lovely photo of your back garden, but unfortunately, without the trees like in your photo above. It was also lovely meeting you and staying at your place.
14/Nov/17 11:30 AM
Dearest June, I am so sorry to hear the latest news on your health. Stay strong as you have been. Thinking of you.
With love,
15/Dec/17 12:00 PM
RIP June
16/Dec/17 11:36 AM
I'm so pleased I got to meet you, June. You've had a very hard struggle and were very brave about it. Now you can rest in peace with Sharon.
16/Dec/17 11:55 AM
Love to the whole Douglass family xx
16/Dec/17 12:19 PM
Rest in Peace, June

Your spirit

Your caring and sharing

Your determination to
fight through adversity

has been a inspiration
to us all...
16/Dec/17 12:25 PM
Although I've seen them before, I have just enjoyed a browse through June's photos. She was certainly a world wide traveller and entertainer of Sudoku gatherings.
16/Dec/17 4:46 PM
Rest In Peace June
So dearly loved and sadly missed.
19/Dec/17 1:30 AM
Rest Peacefully, June.
22/Dec/17 12:15 AM
I know June wanted her birthday erased from the annual Sudoku site announcements, but I hope it stays for a while yet so we can be reminded of the lovely lady who was so gracious and an inspiration. My heart goes out to the family. Remember the good times. They were many.
15/Jan/18 12:35 AM
You will always be remembered on the site, June. It was a privilege to have met you.
15/Jan/18 1:28 AM
Rest in peace, my dear friend. I spent many pleasant early morning hours chatting with you in Skype, and really miss them.

Happy Birthday.

Give Sharon a hug from all of us.
15/Jan/18 6:39 AM
If you could talk to us one more time,
I think you might say something like this...

Weep not for me though I am gone into that gentle night.
Grieve if you will, but not for long upon my soul’s sweet flight.
I am at peace, my soul’s at rest
There is no need More...
15/Jan/18 6:49 AM
June, you are remembered and missed...
15/Jan/19 6:00 AM
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