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Oh, June! The perfect YouTube for my "special day" What a riot!
Thank you for your birthday wishes. It's the first one I've celebrated in Sudokuland and I'm enjoying the international notoriety!
02/Mar/08 4:14 AM
June, love your Youtube. Now I know what my mum went though, and I'm not quite middle age.
04/Mar/08 1:52 AM
Lucky you, at times it feels like I just walked out of the shower, thats how badly I get hot flashes as for mood swings I'm not too bad (at leastI like to think so)
04/Mar/08 11:48 PM
June, you are correct. I do live in Ballarat. My husband and I were both born here, our children were born here and both sets of parents were born here - I guess you could say we're locals. It's a fantastic place to bring up kids and I can't ever see us moving from here. Ballarat actually has a More...
05/Mar/08 12:06 AM
Thanks for visiting my page and for leaving such a nice message, June. Someday, I will post pictures of my grandkids on the Parents' Page, and you can admire them as I do the adorable Laura! XO
06/Mar/08 10:05 AM
thank you for the birthday wishes for Graeme, he was very chuffed that he received so many great messages.
Ethan is doing much better and growing like a weed. he is very interactive with us all now and we get lots of smiles. still a chucker but hopefully he will grow out of that and he More...
08/Mar/08 12:21 PM
June, thank you for my hubby's birthday wishes! He's my forever flower child! In fact I do suspect the original flower child.
09/Mar/08 3:54 PM
Thank you June for your anniversary wishes. We'e been married 38 years today--enjoyed a lovely dinner out. Hubby went to work at the church this morning, so I told him goodbye and went back to sleep. Kept reminding him through the day as to what we were doing at the different hours--stopped at about 6:00 PM. Didn't need any reminding after that!. Thanks again
09/Mar/08 6:32 PM
June, thanks for the visit and the good wishes for my trip....I'm getting excited now since its almost time. I do hope I'll get to meet some of the folks, but at least I will be able to chat with them on the phone. Do drop by my page again any time. I enjoy company.
11/Mar/08 3:23 AM
Hi June, Thanks for the welcome! Looking forward to hanging out at SudokuWorld again!
12/Mar/08 8:47 AM
Hi June: Thanks for the welcome and the beautiful hydranges I love them. I have white Pee Gee hydranges on my front lawn, they're quite different and everybody loves them, so I'll send some to you too. I'm sure your pink camelias are quite lovely as well. Autumn, boy we're knee deep in snow, More...
13/Mar/08 6:42 PM
Hi, June -- thanks for visiting my page. All is fun so far! Chook pics are great, aren't they? -- most seem to have such personality. I had never heard the term Chook before, but it's good; I often resort to calling them Chickies... much less sophisticated.
14/Mar/08 12:27 AM
Hey June, love your YouTube too, I can relate to that.
Nothing better than a good belly laugh!
16/Mar/08 9:59 PM
Hello June - a very long overdue visit to your page and a much belated thank you for your lovely wishes for my birthday. Also all your lovely comments about my photos. I too have been to Norway and Flam and enjoyed two wonderful weeks staying in a cabin in the Sogndal region with friends from More...
16/Mar/08 11:51 PM
Thank you for your kind words. Both my dad and I were prepared for this eventuality by seeing a senior citizen lawyer. So I think we're ready but there's a child in me who is crying for my mom. But mentally, she left years ago. Thank you again.
17/Mar/08 5:19 AM
Hi June: Just popping in to wish you and your family a Happy Easter. We still have all our snow but today was promising with lots of sunshing so... welcome Spring. I've been enjoying the jigsaws and everyone's comments. What a great bunch on this site, wish I could meet up with everyone. The get-togethers sound like fun. My best wishes to you, have a great Easter day. Cheers.
23/Mar/08 1:21 PM
Hi June thank you for visiting my page. I hope you had a Happy Easter. I am in Edinburgh for a few days. It is very cold and we had snow on our way here near Loch Lomond. It was very beautiful
25/Mar/08 4:14 AM
Thanks for your welcoming comments on my page - your teats look lovely and you have a wonderful looking family too.
25/Mar/08 2:47 PM
Hi again - I will have to watch my typing won't I?
My husband thought it was very funny too! Your YouTube is very good and I had a good laugh as well. I'm sure it won't be long before I get some symptoms.
25/Mar/08 10:31 PM
Thanks June fgor your welcome and the flowers. Do have some of this chocolate ginger. I've had second thoughts about posting poetry, will think of something else. Do you write poetry?
26/Mar/08 6:22 PM
Thanks for visiting my Honey Bunny and grandchildren, June! You hit it right on the head ... we strive to create special, unique memories for our grandkids. Isn't being a grandparent the BEST?
28/Mar/08 10:33 AM
June, thank you for the Happy Anniversary wishes. They were appreciated.
28/Mar/08 2:44 PM
Hi June,

Thanks for the birthday wishes! And thanks for visiting. Yes, my boys do keep me busy. And then there's their father... Have a lovely day.

01/Apr/08 2:54 PM
June, I have never visited you before! So...hello!
Nice photos! Were the stone statues in Oslo? I noticed your welcome to 'Phoenix from Tallinn' and noticed you also went on a Baltic cruise. We were there a few years ago. I really enjoyed Tallinn. What other countries did your cruise go to?
03/Apr/08 1:33 AM
Hi June. Sorry for stealing your clivia! I looked & looked at it wasn't sure, but the red seeds in the bottom left made me think it WAS mine! I thought you wouldn't get 2 photos with the seeds in the same spot, unless the photographers were snapping the same plant! I'll find it in the archives More...
03/Apr/08 1:18 PM
June, thanks for the Birthday Wishes.
04/Apr/08 4:21 PM
It is certainly a awesome photo I would gladly take the credit....but I'm sorry it's no mine
07/Apr/08 1:19 PM
Opps! no = not.
07/Apr/08 1:20 PM
June, are you or hubby planning on attending the junior girls baseball tournament in Illawarra on Anzac day weekend? My girls are playing, and I've heard there might be teams from Sydney there.....
07/Apr/08 11:06 PM
Hi June, thanks for your wishes for M&D and prayers for Dad. Told Mum about the wishes from around the world - she was very chuffed!!
11/Apr/08 8:53 AM
PS Love the you tube. I've saved the link and will forward it to some friends!
11/Apr/08 8:55 AM
Hi June: Nice to have you drop in, sorry I wasn't home. In fact, I was in the big city all day (Toronto) and didn't get your message until today - hence I missed your picture of Southern Victoria, but thanks so much for thinking of me. It has turned to spring here and am looking forward to More...
11/Apr/08 11:56 AM
Thanks for letting me know about Schultz! I found him there!
11/Apr/08 6:18 PM
Hi June, I want to thank you for your birthday greeting. I just joined, but have been enjoying this site for many years. It is the best!!! Actually, my birthday isn't until November 4th. I'm not sure where Gath got April 10th, but it made for a very special day. The timing couldn't have been More...
12/Apr/08 9:55 AM
It tasted as good as it looked, too!
14/Apr/08 2:05 PM
Hi June, thank you for visiting my page while I was away. I missed the party Kate started for me but I am sure to join in another sometime. I missed all the fun of the comments on the sudoku pages but I will have fun reading them all now when I have time. (Bad luck I have to go back to work tomorrow!)
14/Apr/08 3:16 PM
thank you for the good wishes for Ethans christening which was a wongerful family day.
the christening gown is a family one that is 36 years old and ethan was the 22nd child to use it.
also dad is doing quite well just struggling with short term memory for day to day activities but physically he is pretty good.
your support as part of the sudoku family is greatly appreciated.
16/Apr/08 6:05 PM

June, I have been overwhelmed by the kindness shown to me for my birthday. It really does make your day to find well wishers from all over the world have visited with such greetings.
From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.
18/Apr/08 9:28 PM
It was great to catch up with you in Chat tonight, I'm sorry I had to leave so quickly. Please drop me a note when it gets closer to you comming down to Melb, and I'll try and organise a cuppa or two with you.
18/Apr/08 11:19 PM
June, I'm so glad you stopped by my page. I've been visiting Sudoku rather sporadically lately. We've been taking a photography class which, coupled with family and gardening, is keeping me pretty busy! As much as I'm loving the springtime, I miss the lazy winter days when I could be on the computer more! We're all well and hoping you and your family are well also!
19/Apr/08 1:12 AM
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