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You have a lovely gallery and obviously have traveled extensively. Nice to see Bronte & the Kates! Anyway... Where do you go to see trains in Wales?
31/Aug/08 1:28 AM
Hi June.Thanks for visiting my page.Yes,it is such a thrill to have 2 sets of twins & Ben the eldest.
Your Grandaughter Laura is gorgeous.
My ,you have done some travelling .I was born in Sydney & know Epping,but grew up in Gosford.I worked in Chatswood,St Leonards & Greenacre.Then moved all over with hubby in the Army.
Catch you on the pages.Nola
31/Aug/08 10:35 AM
I didn't announce it because it has sort of been a mixed up celebration! Her friend also turned 21 on Thursday and had her party Friday night, so Chloe (my D#1) is having her celebration with her mates next Saturday.
We did the family thing on Tuesday! Takeaway and cake at my son's house, and a fun night we had too!
31/Aug/08 11:38 AM
June, we're so glad you're back and we're enjoying the wonderful pictures! Please give Sharon our best. We hope the test help provide an accurate diagnosis and hope she feels better fast!
01/Sep/08 4:08 PM
At least it has a name now June.
Please give my love to Sharon.
This is for you.
01/Sep/08 10:30 PM
June, I can't imagine what you are going through. It hurts to have our children ill, it doesn't matter that they have children of their own. You, hubby, Sharon and Laura are in my thoughts and I have everything crossed that the doctors are able to help Sharon get well very, very soon. I don't More...
01/Sep/08 11:46 PM
I'm sorry to hear of Sharon's problem. Please give her my best, and hug Laura for me if you have a chance.
02/Sep/08 8:01 AM
Sorry to hear about Sharon, June! I hope things have been sorted & she's getting better. That IS NOT a fun thing to have! Haven't checked your new photos yet either, but I will get there!
02/Sep/08 8:54 AM
Hi June - I was just calling in to thank you for your congratulations on my retirement last week. It doesn't feel like it yet, I've been so busy.
Been checking the pages all day for news of Sharon - hope there's better news today and that Laura is coping with her Mummy in Hospital. Thinking of you all
02/Sep/08 4:49 PM
June, glad to hear that Sharon's pain and distress has a label and a path for healing. I keep thinking that whoever took my bed today is probably frightened and having to deal with life being suddenly upset. So I'm sending prayers and loving kindness to you all More...
02/Sep/08 9:19 PM
June, I'm glad that the problem has been resolved for Sharon and that the procedure went as well as can be expected. Please give her good thoughts on my behalf, and enjoy the time you get to share with Laura.
03/Sep/08 4:25 AM
thank you for the birthday greetings june. it helped make for a great day. you are a world traveler! how fun! you know as i read that you are helping your daughter out by taking care of laura, i keep thinking how wonderful it is to have such great moms/grandmas! should i get ill my biggest More...
03/Sep/08 7:06 AM
June, I am so glad you stopped by for a visit! How is Sharon doing? The situation sounds extremely serious. She is in my thoughts and prayers.

Thanks for letting my know you had the pictures from your most recent trip posted. It looks like you two had a wonderful trip. I especially enjoyed the picture of you doing the bamboo dance! Well done!!!!!
04/Sep/08 2:16 AM
Hi June, awesome photos!! Hope everything is still progressing well with Sharon!
09/Sep/08 10:35 PM
Hello June - a long time since I've visited your pages as I don't do the rounds much these days.
The photo you commented on about my mini, I was 27 and had two young children at that age, but my mini's were a bit shorter in the late sixties, believe it or not. More...
12/Sep/08 4:55 PM
Hey Gorgeous! Just checked out your "hottie" pics and you get my stamp of
Just lovely, June!
12/Sep/08 10:17 PM
Hi, June! Just dropping by to check out your new photos (terrific, by the way) and to thank you for the birthday wishes!
12/Sep/08 11:54 PM
Hia June
Hey thanks heaps for the happy birthday message, I had a great day that started with the resis throwing me an afternoon tea and then my sil cooking me a very yummy roast for dinner,
and then it was nice topped off to coming home and finding lots of messages on my page from all my sudoku friends.
14/Sep/08 8:23 AM
Hi June, I just checked out your page and some of the recent comments and cannot believe that no o ne said anything about the YOU TUBE clip. That is definately the funniest one I've ever seen. It sounds exactly like me. I love th pictures too. lol, Shar
18/Sep/08 10:01 AM
Thank you, June, for visiting my page. I am impressed by your pictures also. I see you have done some extensive traveling. Ain't it great!!!
19/Sep/08 6:25 AM
June, thank you for visiting my page and for the birthday wishes! And thank you for the you-tube compliments; that granddaughter still plays the violin, but is branching out now into piano and has already performed for her school class with only one lesson so far. She hears a song, she plays the More...
20/Sep/08 8:56 AM
Just had a walk thru your photos.. lovely June.
22/Sep/08 9:40 PM
June, thank you so much for the wonderful birthday message on my page -- and for the nice compliments on my artwork! It's going to be a great day for me, and I hope you have a wonderful day yourself.
27/Sep/08 12:21 AM
Thank you for the birthday good wishes.
27/Sep/08 5:23 AM
June... ..you and your family need it at the moment...we are all
Don't know if it will be any consolation but i think there is a good chance that it is only mastitis...I had a bout a few More...
01/Oct/08 1:09 AM
Thanks for the b'day wishes.
Hope your son had a great day also.
14/Oct/08 1:28 PM
June, you know you can still call me Rolanda !! and I still have to look twice when I see Dahlia...hehe
14/Oct/08 9:57 PM
Thanks June...after you told me I could see Phillies on the Phanatic, and the tie on your hubby...I then recall you telling us about this before...Thanks a million...it is special.
15/Oct/08 10:03 AM
Hi June, you are so fortunate to have visited so many fabulous places, thank you for sharing your memories with all of us, I hope the best is yet to come, take care and God bless!

Aimee :-)
16/Oct/08 5:26 AM
To dear June and Mr June....he he...Ken...

19/Oct/08 1:15 AM
oh...would your prefer a Ken?
Have a great day.
19/Oct/08 1:17 AM
Hi June. Thank you for dropping by the other day and leaving me birthday wishes. If you hadn't dropped by, I wouldn't have called in here to say thanks, and would not have seen your You Tube - which just cracked me up. So, a sincere and heartfelt thanks for my birthday wishes.
19/Oct/08 10:38 AM
Thanks for the welcome. I did not expect to get so many reactions so soon. It is good to be able to put faces to some of you.
19/Oct/08 10:43 AM
June, thank you for hubby's birthday wishes. He grinned when I told him. I love birthdays with family - they start when we wake up and go to bed time!
19/Oct/08 12:29 PM
I know it is late in the day, and I know you celebrated last night but I just wanted to pop in to say

Happy Anniversary June and Mr June

19/Oct/08 10:55 PM
You made me curious with your comments on the puzzles today, so I was hoping you would have lots of great photos from your travels in your gallery - and you do! Thank you for sharing! (Just got your answer to my first question about the sculptures) You are lucky to have traveled to so many More...
21/Oct/08 6:52 AM
Hi, June! I've been thinking of you and "patients," now including your MIL. When it rains, it pours, they say. I hope all is going well. We'll keep sending prayers your way.
21/Oct/08 12:15 PM
June for your birthday message!
24/Oct/08 11:28 PM
Hi June. I've been looking through your photos - love them, and the one of you and Ken is great. I also love the one at the top of this page. It looks so serene in what I guess is your back yard. Someone is a very talented and dedicated gardener.
25/Oct/08 11:24 PM
Hi June - just a quick message - you know why. You're in my thoughts.
28/Oct/08 7:01 PM
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