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Submitted by: uno hu

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comet like
 |  |
Wow. Impressive cliff.
 |  |
12:16 Maen
 |  |
No more stalling--time to get to work. Have a great day/night, everyone!
 |  |
wow..what a gradient!!the puzzle isnt that tough,managed to finish it w/o mistake and any difficulty by say 20 minutes...(well either the puzzles are getting a bit straightforward or me have developed some abnormalities for its third consecutive day i have completed the tough with such an ease!!)
 |  |
 |  |
Make a nice morning stroll for the ape on the picture we had the other day.
 |  |
Great picture, Utah...! 1:32:19 tough today
 |  |
Good afternoon to all! A nice shot. How many Utah pictures have been submitted? Seems like that's all we see lately.
 |  |
And I really don't mind seeing them. Great pictures, but a change would be nice Gath!
 |  |
Apologies. The comments above are much more negative then I meant them to be. I enjoy everyone's photo submmisions, but if at all possible, I would like to see the pictures that are presented mixed up a little to give us some variety GATH. Sort of like seeing cats and dogs eveyday when we get 15 or 20 shots from the same place running.
 |  |
15:40. From wrinkles on the dog to wrinkles on the rock, a story behind every wrinkle - loved this pic, shld make a challenging jigsaw.
 |  |
C. Greg: I think Gath just submits them in the order received so a lot of people must like Utah. None of the photos today are from me, and unfortunately I have a few more coming from Utah. I also submitted a few from my recent trip to Napa.
 |  |
Does anybody else see the face in the cliff????
 |  |
I am finding this puzzle particulary resistent to a nice proof.
 |  |
Great rock going to do the jigsaw
 |  |
Yes, Kerry, I definitely see a face. If you use your amagination you can even see a lower body and the face has a whisker.
 |  |
Another great shot from Utah. I love the travel pictures. Makes me a great armchair tourist.
 |  |
Nice puzzle.
 |  |
Either I am particulary addled today, or today's puzzle is extraordinarily difficult to prove. Hopefully the latter is true. This puzzle shall temporarily ( I hope ) reside in the unproven case file.
 |  |
Top right hand corner Kerry?
 |  |
This cliff looks like a smiling CHESHIRE CAT!
 |  |
Yes, Rosemary. Are you THE Rosemary from Southhead?
 |  |
I haven't had much time to look at this one, but from what I can see it's a real monster.
 |  |
I look at cliffs that are made from the same rock formations out of my home windows every day. I see the face on the left side about 2/3rds the way up. cliffs like these are always changing with light angles and shadows. This is a great pic. I enjoy the travel and pet pics.
 |  |
Took me a while. But got it in the end :)
 |  |
Steve, where are you when we need you? That was one hard tough!
 |  |
8:46 and for the second day I have finished the 4 of them, for this I am pleased. Nice photos of UTAH. Night All. xxxx
 |  |
after UP use technique (rule of pairs in bock on the same row or column), i don't know this is new technique or not => d9=1 then solve it.
 |  |
Hi ttt: I would love a deeper explanation, as this puzzle is very tough - I do not see what you have found....
 |  |
Hi Steve,

Rule of pairs :
row 1: a1 a2 a3 /- - -/- - -/
row 2: a4 a5 a6 /- - -/- - -/
row 3: a7 a8 a9 /- - -/- - -/
always have pair (a1,a2) or (a1,a3) or (a2,a3) on row 2&3 - continue for numbers in block 1 on row 2&3 => numbers on row or column in each block have at leats 1 More...
 |  |
Took over 3 hours. Had to chip away.
 |  |
Really tough one for me. The proof by gurus will be more elegant, but i have a very ugly one.

1.Start 22. UP 25.
2.Naked pair 39 de6=39;
3.Locked 6s at bc9 => UP 27 (d8=f1=6);
4.Locked 7s at ef2 => naked pair 79 at gh1=79
5.if c9=2 => a2=2 and we have a naked More...
 |  |
Hi sergio!
Thanks for posting a proof to this one. I cannot quite follow step 5. I also do not see all of step 6. If you could 'fill in the blanks' - all the intermediate steps you took to get to your conclusions, it would be helpful to me.
 |  |
Hi Sergio,
your proof step 5 : c2=6 and c2=9 which is impossibe => a8=2, typo...? in block 7 : 6's only in b3 & c3
 |  |
Below is just a taste of what I think it takes to logically unravel this one:

Possible start to a proof of tough sudoku of 11 10 06.
1) Start at 22 filled - the given puzzle. Unique Possibilities to 27 filled. (UP 27).
2a) Hidden pair 39 at de6 forbids hi6=3,c6=9,d6=48,e6=58
2b) More...
 |  |

05/Sep/10 10:22 PM
 |  |
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