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Easy Sudoku for 1/June/2018


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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
01/Jun/18 12:00 AM
Good morning, Wolf.
01/Jun/18 12:09 AM
We're going to Alaska at the end of the month to visit the mountain and then a cruise to Vancouver
after which we visit Seattle.
01/Jun/18 12:12 AM

You're going to love Alaska, Wolf.
01/Jun/18 12:21 AM
It occurred to me I had no Alaska photos on my page. I put up a few. They seem to be a little large, but, you get the idea. Absolutely gorgeous place!
01/Jun/18 12:51 AM
Just finished catching up from yesterday's record-number of posts … hello, folks!
01/Jun/18 12:52 AM
Good morning Wolf, the traveling man, Wow_Axel, and Kathy - have a great day as well as the later arrivals!
01/Jun/18 12:54 AM
01/Jun/18 12:55 AM
Arachnid - I have plans & have half-finished your quiz ...it will eventually arrive, though!
01/Jun/18 12:58 AM
Yes, Wombat - I wish to hear the continuation of your flooding-tale!
01/Jun/18 12:58 AM
Everyone!! Nice to see more out early today.
01/Jun/18 1:00 AM
Shosho -welcome back & what did you see/learn re. Kilauea's erupting? Is it near where you have family? Did that initiate your traveling there, or were you already planning to visit prior to the eruptions? How close is Kauai to that volcano?

01/Jun/18 1:04 AM
Hello Aileen & Denny - bye for now!
01/Jun/18 1:05 AM
01/Jun/18 1:52 AM
01/Jun/18 1:56 AM
Joyce, I was almost 300 miles away from the eruption, whew! No, I was on the island that got almost 50 inches/127 cm of rain in 24 hours. The north shore from Wainiha on was closed to public simply because there was no road! Some parts of the Kuhio Hwy was washed out, not just the asphalt but also the underlying ground! They're planning to build bridges for those parts.
01/Jun/18 2:02 AM
I've got some advice on shirts for warm rainy areas. I got Arctic cool t-shirts that were not only cool to wear but also dried super quick! Poor hubby wore regular colorful cotton t-shirts that we had to put on the dashboard (my side, of course) to dry while my shirt was dry and comfy within minutes. Yup we had rain (huh?) while we were there.
01/Jun/18 2:06 AM
One word of warning - within a 1/4 mile stretch on Pe'e Road after you turn onto it from Ala Kinoiki there are six speed bumps one after the other - speed limit 15 mph. Oh my achy bones, we had to go on that every single day!
01/Jun/18 2:09 AM
But the great thing is that nearly every day, we had to drive through Maluhia Road, a mile long stretch in the tree tunnel. McBryde, a pineapple baron, had planted 500 eucalyptus trees on both sides of that road. Now, it's an impressive with towering trees that cover the sides and top with greenery!
01/Jun/18 2:15 AM
01/Jun/18 4:19 AM
Beautiful flower garden in the Alaska photo. Is it a short season for these?
01/Jun/18 4:43 AM
22. Good mAen, good people. 😊
01/Jun/18 4:54 AM
Burl gets his dentures a week from today so we are halfway through Operation Feed Gumby. It's been a success so far ... he hasn't starved to death and we are still married.
01/Jun/18 5:04 AM
If only Peter had been here yesterday to go clickety-click.
01/Jun/18 5:05 AM
We finally identified a specific nut allergy for Skye. Happily, with the food trial, we were able to determine that her reaction is mild enough with moderate exposure that if she accidentally eats foods containing (or contaminated with) walnuts she will have mild symptoms that will alert her to More...
01/Jun/18 5:11 AM
Skye leaves for Norway in 18 days. Yesterday I made her start packing her luggage so nothing gets lost between now and then. I even made her get extra underwear so she doesn't have to launder and pack last minute. My goal is for her to be completely packed 5 days before she leaves with a very short More...
01/Jun/18 5:16 AM
Waiting for Wombats continuation of the story
01/Jun/18 5:18 AM
And the exchange rate does not favor American money. Usually it's 'pack light and buy it there.' Not with a Norway trip! I'm reading that even Norwegians (who can) drive across to Sweden where their money goes further.
01/Jun/18 5:20 AM

3.50 lovely interesting site
01/Jun/18 5:21 AM
Yes. Wombat's story. It's so good to see you back, Gannie Mo.
01/Jun/18 5:23 AM
Maybe storms.
Hope your day is full of sunshine.
01/Jun/18 5:28 AM
Thanks Plum. I have never been far away
01/Jun/18 7:01 AM
1:28. Good morning everyone.
01/Jun/18 7:07 AM
Morning all, love the hanging baskets.
Will have to go and read yesterday's comments to see what today's comments are about.
01/Jun/18 7:13 AM
Wow Wombat, that must have been a bit scary. You should have seen the look on Bill's face when I told him about the Land Rover, he loves his Land Rover.
01/Jun/18 7:32 AM
Arachnid, when did you post the puzzle, I must have missed it.
01/Jun/18 7:35 AM
Morning all! I will give it a try to get over the page.
01/Jun/18 7:46 AM
I went back and read yesterday's posts. What a shame we didn't make it to 66.
01/Jun/18 7:47 AM
I'm sorry to hear about all this rain and flooding that is happening around the world.
Meanwhile, here in and around Brisbane, which floods after a heavy shower, we are starting winter with a beautiful, cool for us (7C), crisp, sunny day.
01/Jun/18 7:51 AM
Okay, 4th post for the BOPP!
01/Jun/18 7:51 AM
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