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Easy Sudoku for 31/May/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
31/May/18 12:00 AM
Wolf and all who follow!
31/May/18 12:24 AM
31/May/18 1:01 AM
31/May/18 1:05 AM

The remote for my car stopped working yesterday. Not good when you can't open doors or hatch. Luckily, there was an emergency key in a little compartment in the remote, so, I was able to load up my groceries and get More...
31/May/18 1:16 AM
I'm back!
31/May/18 1:37 AM
so close . . .
31/May/18 1:37 AM
31/May/18 1:37 AM
31/May/18 1:38 AM
And a CP, too!
Just got home from Kauai. A bit sad . . .
But I don't mind missing the drive on long curvy roads with no street lights and stores at least 20-30 minutes drive away.
31/May/18 1:41 AM
Maui and Kauai are such beautiful Hawaiian islands!
31/May/18 1:58 AM
31/May/18 4:09 AM
Slow day here, is everyone
31/May/18 4:39 AM
Time for a change peonies are finished blooming here.
31/May/18 4:41 AM
Had a hard rain last night, at leas from 12a to 4a I was up all that time
31/May/18 4:43 AM
Almost ready to leave, guys want to see the Avengers
31/May/18 4:44 AM
My Granddaughter clock is finally fixed so need to pick it up
31/May/18 4:45 AM
1:34. Good morning everyone.
31/May/18 5:34 AM
Good afternoon to all! It's been a busy day here.
31/May/18 7:10 AM
Morning all, anyone know who the groovy grannie is.
I think winter has arrived, the wind feels like it's coming off snow. Brrr !
31/May/18 7:15 AM
Ooooh, Keith.
31/May/18 8:33 AM
Eight hours since the last post, and it's almost dinner time here.
Strangely there has't been anything on our TV about flooding in the States, but there probably will be. I hope that people are coping well. It is very sad about the man who tried to save the cat.
31/May/18 9:43 AM
Here we have a ghost post from yesterday. Although it was posted around 6 pm, it was the last post for the day. I hope we can do a little better today.
31/May/18 9:49 AM
all. Trying my best to move us to page 2. Watching the Stanley Cup finals. Vegas Knights are up one game, but I'm hoping Ovechkin can finally win the cup.
31/May/18 10:43 AM
Too bad - no Canadian teams in the finals. 🇨🇦
31/May/18 10:45 AM
Both games have been very fast with not many penalties
31/May/18 10:46 AM
I have a long way to go to turn the page, so will try for a CP instead.
31/May/18 10:48 AM
So, here is my CP. it's been incredibly hot here for May - a high of 33C today, with the humidex at 36! Phew!
31/May/18 10:50 AM
31/May/18 11:08 AM
Raining heavily here this morning and cold (about 10°C
31/May/18 11:49 AM
Wombat you must have got the LPOTD yesterday
31/May/18 11:50 AM
Don't have any smilies so the site ones will have to do
31/May/18 11:51 AM
Well 33 so its beer time. too early for one but I will put a Carlton Cold on ice for later
31/May/18 11:53 AM
Wombat - you got post 22 today
31/May/18 11:54 AM
Not BOPPS or TOPPS but have covered them anyway
31/May/18 11:54 AM
TftD (with apologies to Keith) Better to be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and prove it!! (no comebacks - its too late)
31/May/18 11:56 AM
Well that's a CP plus. More than 5 Dumb Ass comments.
Now I feel good
31/May/18 11:57 AM
Arachnid, you almost got a double CP! Is there such a thing?
31/May/18 12:35 PM
Game 2 of The Stanley Cup final and Washington is leading 3-2. If they win the series will be tied at a game apiece.
31/May/18 12:37 PM
Could this possibly be last post on this page?
31/May/18 12:37 PM
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