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Easy Sudoku for 1/July/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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2:07 Good night all.

Joyce, I have mentioned my trip on the medium page. I found out about it from people at work when three of them did it last year. I leave tomorrow morning.
01/Jul/19 12:16 AM
and, Goodnight, Anne....and safe travels!
01/Jul/19 12:28 AM
2:10. Good Morning Anne and Kathy and to everyone yet to come.
01/Jul/19 12:34 AM

01/Jul/19 12:36 AM
, CP!
01/Jul/19 12:50 AM
G'day, Judy. Are you in the 'high country', Yet or still prepping?
01/Jul/19 12:54 AM
01/Jul/19 1:25 AM
Hi, DoA! We just spent a few days at our snow-laden mountain cabin to open it up, and now we are home to pick up the second load! We have STUFF! Boat, Jeep, bikes, kayaks, fishing equipment and tubes, tent-camping necessities, etc.! We will also take at least one More...
01/Jul/19 1:37 AM
And we will be skiing into August!
01/Jul/19 1:37 AM
As I said on Medium, have a great trip Anne. Am envious.
01/Jul/19 1:46 AM
01/Jul/19 1:47 AM
Morning everyone. Safe travels, Anne. Sounds like a wonderful trip. I'll leave 13 for you ... aren't you going to get up special for it on your last night before taking off?
01/Jul/19 2:08 AM
01/Jul/19 2:17 AM
What an itinerary, Anne -thanks for pointing me to your entry on Medium; have a marvelous experience - you'll need to be more explicit when you return re. accommodations & such...
01/Jul/19 2:43 AM
01/Jul/19 3:08 AM
I need some HELP. I recently bought a new laptop to replace the old desktop that I've been using for years. Everything was going fine until I tried to download my favorite photo editor, Sony's Picture Motion Browser. The Norton Security software claims it is a virus/malware threat and refuses to More...
01/Jul/19 3:21 AM
Should have mentioned: free ware is preferred.
01/Jul/19 3:47 AM
Sailing through blue skies on a beautiful day!Great photo!
01/Jul/19 4:20 AM
Enjoy & safe trip Anne
Nice parachuting photo
01/Jul/19 4:53 AM
It seems I came back at the right time.
01/Jul/19 5:01 AM
01/Jul/19 5:01 AM
01/Jul/19 5:01 AM
1:53. Good morning from a cold Canberra (closing in on -5°c a short time ago.)

Have a wonderful trip Anne!
01/Jul/19 6:10 AM
Morning all,great photo ,Kate.
Anne,enjoy your trip .
01/Jul/19 6:29 AM
CP,have a great day.
01/Jul/19 6:32 AM
Good mAen
Storm rolled in with high winds and cooled us off
01/Jul/19 7:36 AM
Always late to the party- at least I don’t have to wai
Found game of thrones
Was to hot to do anything else
01/Jul/19 7:37 AM
Good morning all.
Just checking in before I have breakfast then head to the airport.
Thank you all for your good wishes.
01/Jul/19 8:31 AM
Happy Birthday CP, the only member of the group I have met when she visited me in hospital, to find out why I wasn't posting puzzles. Come back CP - we miss you and your caravanning reports.
01/Jul/19 10:30 AM
Hal, have you tried disabling Norton while doing the download? Don't know if that's possible. I quit Norton a long time ago...
01/Jul/19 2:41 PM
01/Jul/19 2:56 PM
Hi everybody! Happy Birthday CP
01/Jul/19 8:20 PM
Here we are at beer o'clock and no Peter, haven't seen him on site for some time. Does anyone know if he's alright? What's your poison, I'll have an ice cold VB Ahhh
01/Jul/19 8:29 PM
everyone & a Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦 I'll have a glass of Pinot Grigio, Rage with a couple of ice cubes. Our summer weather has finally arrived with a high of 30C expected today and a humidex of 33C. Guess we'll put on lots of sunscreen while watching the parade.
01/Jul/19 9:49 PM
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