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Easy Sudoku for 30/June/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone.
30/Jun/19 12:00 AM
Welcome to the last day of June.
30/Jun/19 12:00 AM
1:43. Watching the cricket, might be time to go to bed though...
30/Jun/19 12:03 AM
The way the Aussies are batting, I don't think they'll be in for long, Chris.
30/Jun/19 12:05 AM
Exactly why I'm going to bed Anne - I think I'm jinxing them!
30/Jun/19 12:14 AM
2:12 Same here Chris. I'm not going to stay up any longer to watch them get out so quickly.
Good night all!
30/Jun/19 12:16 AM
2:04. 'Morning Chris, Anne and everyone.
30/Jun/19 12:34 AM
30/Jun/19 12:43 AM
30/Jun/19 1:16 AM
30/Jun/19 1:31 AM
We are still experiencing oppressive heat. It's 96 degrees at the moment, and humid, I might add. Luckily, the AC is humming along and I had Womat's poozle to keep me occupied.
Well, there are other things I could be doing, but, first things first!
30/Jun/19 1:35 AM
30/Jun/19 1:48 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
30/Jun/19 1:49 AM
Good Maen
Our AC is out

30/Jun/19 2:19 AM
Birthday today for my son - I elected not to travel in to Chicago today. Scott volunteers at the Field Museum in the dinosaur area. He has always loved dinosaurs since he was a toddler.
30/Jun/19 2:22 AM
Along with Thomas the tank engine
30/Jun/19 2:22 AM
When Scott was preschool age. He would set up exhibits in his room of dinosaurs. A neighbor asked me if I knew I was having an open house for his latest exhibit when he invited her over.
30/Jun/19 2:25 AM
Well, off I go to work on my own exhibit-

Dinosaurs stamps were released yesterday but not on the post office site yet to order
30/Jun/19 2:27 AM
My daughter, granddaughter and now, great-grandson were/are all dinosaur fanatics, mymare. My daughter would make dioramas with her little plastic dinos. I saved all that stuff which makes the youngest more than happy when he is here. Over the years I was more or less forced to learn how to More...
30/Jun/19 2:41 AM
Photo of a beautiful place today! Lovely pic, Wendy.
30/Jun/19 3:57 AM
Sunny & hot.
Had my first golf lesson in 45 years this morning in the heat. Luckily, the instructor brought plenty of ice cold water.
30/Jun/19 5:02 AM
(For Keith.)
30/Jun/19 5:02 AM
Morning all,lovely photo,thanks Wendy.
Chris and Anne, you will be pleased to know that Australia won the cricket.
30/Jun/19 6:43 AM
Just got back from the annual fundraiser for the JCI building, the one my father helped in the first fundraising to construct it. After WWII/Korean War the American born JA vets were not accepted in the local VFW post. So they decided they'd have their own post, VFW Post 1961 and bought the land and constructed their building.
30/Jun/19 6:52 AM
So I am proud of my father's and his buddies efforts in peaceably showing their patriotism (the 442nd - Created as the 442nd Regimental Combat Team when it was activated February 1, 1943, the unit quickly grew to its fighting complement of 4,000 men by April 1943, and an eventual total of about More...
30/Jun/19 6:57 AM
Later my brothers went to judo lessons there and my father was one of the presidents of this club. Then my son and nephew went there for judo and I became president of this club. So the JCI and my family have a long history together.
30/Jun/19 7:00 AM
Lovely lake photo Wendy
30/Jun/19 7:01 AM
I go every year to spend, spend, and spend! Plus it practically the only place I can buy Okinawan tangos. A type of dough nut that I get to enjoy once or twice a year and dream about it for the rest of the year!
30/Jun/19 7:02 AM
I think we won the Aussies the match by turning off so early Anne!
30/Jun/19 7:02 AM
Thx Shiela.
30/Jun/19 7:39 AM
I solved this one box by box instead of numbers. True to its category either way, I imagine.
30/Jun/19 8:54 AM
30/Jun/19 9:12 AM
Here's to Peter. an ice cold VB
30/Jun/19 9:14 AM
Just checked the results of the cricket and just couldn't believe we won!!
I think you're right, Chris. We helped them to win.
30/Jun/19 9:58 AM
Oh, Good morning one and all!

Thank you, Shosho.
30/Jun/19 9:59 AM
Shosho that was a very moving explanation of you and your family's involvement with the 442 Regiment. It is wonderful that they used the rejection as an impetus to create their own group. If only everyone would respond to slurs and rejections in that way.
30/Jun/19 10:44 AM
Shosho, thank you for your interesting write up about your VFW Post 1961 and, in particular, the 442nd. Even we snowbound Canadians have heard of the 442nd and its dramatic and heroic (and costly in terms of casualties) rescue of the Texas Battalion. It's good to be reminded of it again.
30/Jun/19 12:30 PM
30/Jun/19 1:42 PM
Anne, what an exciting trip you have in store - thanks for telling about it. Did you know someone who had done such an unusual 2-week fly-around or is it only unusual to me but a common activity in your area?
30/Jun/19 11:01 PM
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