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Easy Sudoku for 10/August/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hello # một
10/Aug/17 12:06 AM
10/Aug/17 12:06 AM
2:04 Good night everyone.
10/Aug/17 12:11 AM
even though it has been up for hours now
10/Aug/17 12:13 AM
We are going to Tarpon Springs today, hope it is as nice as it looks on the internet.
10/Aug/17 12:15 AM
Hope your day is, too!
(It can rain at night!)
10/Aug/17 1:22 AM
The quest for the source of my left arm pain continues. The cardiovascular surgeon said it was not my heart. The vascular surgeon says it's not my arteries. He said it's my nerves and to contact a orthopedic surgeon. Since I had surgery on that nerve about 20 years ago, has it come back to haunt me???
The saga continues!
10/Aug/17 1:28 AM
For Shosho!
(But I may have to grab a little of it!!!)
10/Aug/17 1:30 AM
10/Aug/17 2:12 AM
But of course, Shiela! Always, welcome to it! Here's flying your way!!!
10/Aug/17 2:13 AM
mười một
10/Aug/17 2:13 AM
good night to all
10/Aug/17 2:14 AM
Good morning, Rage ... et all.
10/Aug/17 2:23 AM
A little snack way up there! Cute photo!
10/Aug/17 3:23 AM
I have forgot just how much I don't like Florida in the summer. It is way to humid and hot for me.
10/Aug/17 4:09 AM
Morning all, nice close up of the giraffe.
10/Aug/17 6:47 AM
Debby and Emels, have a great day.
10/Aug/17 6:49 AM
Interesting photo for '''little snack'

10/Aug/17 7:04 AM
Love giraffes! Hope you enjoy Tarpon Springs Sheila. We love it & it's not far from where we spend our winters. My family was in Florida once in the summer. Never again - too humid & hot for me too!
10/Aug/17 7:57 AM
Well just popped in before taking Tara for a walk, so g'day folks.
10/Aug/17 8:54 AM
And look where I find myself......
10/Aug/17 8:54 AM
10/Aug/17 8:54 AM
See you all later - off to the beach this morning.
10/Aug/17 8:55 AM
Good morning.
10/Aug/17 12:25 PM
Here I am from jolly old Ebgjznd.
10/Aug/17 12:29 PM
Newcastle on Tyne to bye exact.
10/Aug/17 12:30 PM
One thing about checking in yo this sour is that it gives me the exact time at 'mhome'm' I think it is 0530 ish here in U.K. Tight now, buy I'm sitting in the dark and can't see my watch.
10/Aug/17 12:36 PM
We were exhausted after our yip over, it took 30+ hours door to door including time between planes , waiting for trains and so on. My P is fast asleep, We did have a tea party at 0100ish. My usual poor sleeping habits seem to follow me rverywhere!
10/Aug/17 12:43 PM
Ehat eber yu sa, CP.
10/Aug/17 12:48 PM
Oh yes, all.
10/Aug/17 12:49 PM
Good night all.
10/Aug/17 12:50 PM
But first...
10/Aug/17 12:51 PM
A beer to finish the day: 33.
10/Aug/17 12:52 PM
Been to work and grocery shopping and now home at 8:49pm PDT and 72 deg F
10/Aug/17 1:49 PM
What time is it now. Mr P'still snoring, and I'm dying fur a coffee and some breakfast!
10/Aug/17 2:18 PM
1:31. Good evening everyone.
10/Aug/17 7:02 PM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
10/Aug/17 9:39 PM
Peter, does Tara like to go paddling/swimming at the beach? Shadow hates getting her toes wet on the grass if it has dew on it but Barker loves the water, Im not game enough to let him in offlead but one day he might pull me in in his excitement.
10/Aug/17 9:41 PM
I had to look to see which day's puzzle. Yesterday Chris, then Lizzy had both posted about this time.
10/Aug/17 9:43 PM
It is always fun taking dogs for a walk. Something I have not done for a few years.
10/Aug/17 9:44 PM
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