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Easy Sudoku for 9/August/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
09/Aug/17 12:00 AM
Hi Wolf!
09/Aug/17 12:28 AM
Wow! Never been here this early before!
09/Aug/17 12:29 AM
to Wolf and Cake Lady AND ALL who show up later!
09/Aug/17 12:43 AM
09/Aug/17 1:00 AM
Can't believe I don't have any paperwork to go through!!! Past week been going through my late dad's papers. He was an auditor for the government and an accountant on the side. Ugh!!!
09/Aug/17 1:02 AM
Plus he did community services! Like organizing reunions that had over a thousand participants. Ack!
09/Aug/17 1:03 AM
09/Aug/17 1:03 AM
Little brother forgot to set out some boxes for me to pick and go through! I'm enjoying the break!
09/Aug/17 1:04 AM
09/Aug/17 1:41 AM
Yes, Peter, those places ARE also 'overseas' from Flower City, but those are not what I imagined 'overseas' would be from Australia!!
09/Aug/17 2:03 AM
Also, hello to Wolf, Cake Lady, Denny, Shosho, & Keith and those who have yet to arrive - have a grand day!
09/Aug/17 2:05 AM
Picked up my 4th replacement lens today. I still don't think it's what it could be, but I'll give it an adjustment period to 'see'.
(The two middle lenses had a 'wrinkle' in the prescription.)
Hope your day is clearly sunny!
09/Aug/17 2:11 AM
(That lens has to be correct since I have a 'lazy' eye problem with the other eye. In other words, I use only one eye - so it has to be right!)
09/Aug/17 2:13 AM
Hi, Shiela! Our day is in & out sunny, beats none at all........
09/Aug/17 2:33 AM
Good mAen, good people. Skye is taking driver's training every day for the first three full weeks in August. Yep. Even has drive dates scheduled for Saturday and Sunday.
09/Aug/17 3:30 AM
So I have been sitting in a parking lot reading a book for a couple hours a day. Rather a nice way to enjoy August, with the window down, enjoying the nice weather.
09/Aug/17 3:30 AM
Skye gets her first behind the wheel experience today in a half hour.

Well, she's operated the car a few times up and down our rural driveway, but never out on an actual road with traffic. Today she will drive one hour and observe (from the backseat) two classmates during each of their one hour drives.
09/Aug/17 3:35 AM
She could have started driver's ed back when she was 14 yrs and 8 months old. But she didn't have any need to drive back then. But now that she wants to keep a part time job, it's time for her to learn to get herself there and back again.
09/Aug/17 3:38 AM
'Hey! You two in the back - GET IN STEP'
09/Aug/17 4:25 AM
Love the photo today! A good mother.
09/Aug/17 4:51 AM
Beautiful photo indeed
Interesting mother black swan walking on side with baby swans along all in line!! Good teacher/instructure and caring mother😇👍❣
09/Aug/17 5:44 AM
Hi, Vao88 - since your name has the double numeral number 88 it seems good for you to have gotten post 22 today.
09/Aug/17 5:58 AM
1:25. Good morning everyone.
09/Aug/17 6:27 AM

Back in Charlotte. Home tomorrow.
Had a great time in Jefferson City MO.
09/Aug/17 6:31 AM
Morning all, beautiful photo for our sudoku prize today.
Clear skies and the sun is just colouring the top of the trees.
09/Aug/17 6:43 AM
I've just been reading the end of yesterday's comments ,busy little bees just so Peter could get his 66. 👍😃
09/Aug/17 8:06 AM
Wednesday's ECCo is all about world rivers/waterways. The lifeblood of nations.

T---- (5) Nottingham’s famous cricket ground shares this river’s name.
------ (6) London’s pride.
----- -------- (5 8) This Breton explorer sailed this river.
--------- (9) Western side of the ‘The More...
09/Aug/17 9:44 AM
Yeah, Another Peter Puzzle. Go for it folks.
09/Aug/17 10:32 AM
RIP Glen Campbell, 81.
09/Aug/17 11:50 AM
Yes, RIP Glen Campbell - love his music.
09/Aug/17 12:15 PM
It is slow here today. While I don't like country and western all that much - Mrs. Wombat calls it 'gdang gdang music' - Ifind Ilike quite a bit of Glen Campbell music, and even a bit of Dolly Parton.
So RIP Glen Campbell.
09/Aug/17 2:41 PM
Well we have reached 33 and it's time for a beer. Perhaps a XXXX, Queensland's favourite beer, or at least that is what they say.
09/Aug/17 2:44 PM
I heard a tribute to Glen Campbell today where the commentator describes him in Glen's own words - 'I'm not a country singer; I'm a country boy who just likes to sing.'
09/Aug/17 2:51 PM
Quite the opposite sort of singer also died today, Barbara Cook, who had a career in nightclubs after a long run in Broadway musicals.
09/Aug/17 3:55 PM
And here I thought it was Fosters...

09/Aug/17 4:07 PM
Not in Queensland, DOA. They call their beer XXXX, 'cos most of them can't spell beer......and that's before they've had any!
09/Aug/17 4:52 PM
1:59 Good afternoon one and all!
09/Aug/17 6:12 PM
09/Aug/17 9:06 PM
Good evening, Sorry I have not been about much. Lacking a bit of energy so I have not been on the computer very much. Off to Melbourne on Saturday to watch our grandson play in the final of his Aussie Rules football (on Sunday). It will be nice to catch up with our son and our grandsons.
09/Aug/17 9:07 PM
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