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Easy Sudoku for 11/October/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, greedy me was waiting at the bit to post and went early, I'm in a controlled rush to get to my horse faire - meaning I'm just sitting here watching the minutes past
11/Oct/10 12:00 AM
Maen, all. No mention of 10-10-10 yesterday. I thought people would be clamoring to post at 10:10 times, but no.
11/Oct/10 12:00 AM
Well, I'm putting a face on the new day. If you want to see what I left behind, go look at my last post yesterday.
11/Oct/10 12:01 AM
Hello, Mary! I'm so glad you have a pleasant day to look forward to. I like the dapple grays.
11/Oct/10 12:02 AM
Need to decorate cake2 - only have time for simple this a.m. as I want to go to church. We have two guest missionaries this morning. Then off to the family birthday party.
11/Oct/10 12:05 AM
cp - everyone take a trick or treat plum from my tray. Help yourself. It's healthier and tastier than chocolates.
11/Oct/10 12:06 AM
I'll just sit awhile and enjoy the view - I also plan in hiking hidden lake today - it part of the area where the faire is located - been on my to do list all summer - eiter bike it or walk it = enjoy your day.
11/Oct/10 12:07 AM
morning Plum = have fun at the party - I love birthday cake, I alway enjoyed the Hollywood cake - chocolate cake rolled around ice cream and of course syrup on it also, I tried some this past year when I had a craving for it -it didn't taste the same - and now, I could easily pass it up
11/Oct/10 12:11 AM
Um ... what ARE the two large rocks pictured? ... or don't we want to know?
11/Oct/10 12:23 AM
Eek Plum! It can only get better. Have fun with the new cake at the birthday party!
11/Oct/10 12:24 AM

The answers to yesterday's puzzle: satin, stain, saint.

(I'll mention it, Plum) A perfect goes to Plum, Shannon, Greg, and The
11/Oct/10 12:24 AM
good Maen to all and to Plum and mymare. We have a lovely morning here in Tn. I am off to church this morning also. A walk in the near by park sounds like a wonderful way to begin a new week.
11/Oct/10 12:26 AM
2.33 What state is this in, Joann?
11/Oct/10 12:27 AM
Panoramic view. Quite striking.
11/Oct/10 12:33 AM
Poor Plum. I had a dog that did "the cake thing" once. I ended up serving store bought. It was either that or just cut away the "sampled" part and re-ice! Couldn't bring myself to do it.
11/Oct/10 12:34 AM
Gotta love dogs, no matter what mischief they're getting into.
11/Oct/10 12:36 AM
Sorry I missed your question to me yesterday Shannon, that'd be just like me to post and run! Glad our other friends came to the rescue with the answer. Hope you have a great time, whatever you choose to do.
11/Oct/10 12:39 AM
11/Oct/10 12:40 AM
Here is today's 10/10/10 challenge (in this part of the world, anyway!)

In this teaser you have been given two (2) clues in each line. Each answer to the clue comprises six (6) letters. Each 6-letter word differs by only one (1) letter, which I have given you. Your task is to discover the More...
11/Oct/10 12:43 AM
I'm taking a shot at 22.
11/Oct/10 12:44 AM
11/Oct/10 12:44 AM
11/Oct/10 12:44 AM
I knew you'd be able to do it, Kathy!

Thanks for the sympathy, everyone, for both myself and Little Plum. Little Plum ate dinner last night and it stayed with her. She is showering now for church.
11/Oct/10 12:44 AM
My day is complete ... and it just started.
11/Oct/10 12:45 AM
Good to hear things are on the mend, Plum.
11/Oct/10 12:45 AM
Keith got 22. All is right with the world. If I can't post at 10:10 on 10-10-10 EDT, will someone else do it for me? I'm setting a timer, but by that time I'll be packing Bibles, notebooks, pens, gifts, balloons etc. in the car for church and party.
11/Oct/10 12:48 AM
Gail got post # 10, but down under it is now 11/10. I'm going back to see who got # 10 yesterday.
11/Oct/10 12:53 AM
saylz, but nobody was thinking about it.
11/Oct/10 12:54 AM
My brain wasn't functioning yesterday or I would have been having all sorts of fun with 10s.
11/Oct/10 1:07 AM
Coming on 10:10 EDT Morning all!
11/Oct/10 1:09 AM
I think I'll do 10-10-10 at 10:10 in every time zone for Honey
11/Oct/10 1:10 AM
10-10-10 at 10:10:10 in my time zone, anyway
11/Oct/10 1:10 AM
10-10-10 here!
11/Oct/10 1:11 AM
Oops! didn't quite make it! lol
11/Oct/10 1:11 AM
Couldn't type fast enough to get the time in!
11/Oct/10 1:12 AM
Yesterday, CynB posted at 10:09 and again at 10:11. Missed it by ... that much.
11/Oct/10 1:18 AM
Good Morning people of the world.

Happy Advancing in Age Honey.
11/Oct/10 1:19 AM
Well, The Phantom must be well connected as he was able to make his 'slip' from the other day disappear...maybe TheLlurker's sludge from The Black Lagoon carried it away
11/Oct/10 1:20 AM
Certainly you're not going to leave the page unturned are you? Here's some help....
11/Oct/10 1:28 AM
nice FFS there on my part, sorry lurker
11/Oct/10 1:28 AM
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