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Easy Sudoku for 12/October/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen all.
12/Oct/10 12:01 AM
Good morning! Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians out there!
12/Oct/10 12:01 AM
Yeah first time first on.
12/Oct/10 12:01 AM
I made an oops! Yesterday, I meant to post a message and a hello to all from Kathy, Valrico, but I forgot. She and Rod arrived home from Africa on Saturday evening after approximately 36 hours in transit. After she goes through her Rip Van Winkle stage, we'll her from her on the site. Welcome home Kathy and Rob.

I'll be back later to do the puzzles!
12/Oct/10 12:02 AM
maen all y'all...
12/Oct/10 12:16 AM
12/Oct/10 12:20 AM
In proper English...

mAen to you all.

(from Jerry and me)
12/Oct/10 12:22 AM
The coolest morning of the season, so far. 38° F. (3.3° C.). I guess fall has arrived. Good morning for "star-gazing", though.
12/Oct/10 12:26 AM
Hi Jerry,

In England (at least the bit where I live) the only time you can do 'star-gazing'/astronomy, is when it's too cold to sit at watch through the telescope. The problem seeing the stars from here is partly the clouds/rain and partly the reflections from all the street lights and town-centre lights.
12/Oct/10 12:36 AM
Jerry, we've had a bit of 'Indian Summer' the past few days. Wonderful! It was a good weekend for football games... VERY good...(Go Green!) and amusement parks.
12/Oct/10 12:41 AM
The temperature is still dropping, it seems. we've lost another degree.

12/Oct/10 12:43 AM
I think EVERYONE was at 'Cedar Point' in Ohio this weekend. I left at midnight and it took us an hour to get out of the parking lot! We either stood in line or was on a ride all day. Well... mostly stood in line. Only rode 6 rides in 12 hours! That tells you what we mostly did!
12/Oct/10 12:43 AM
What will you do when Winter sets in, Jerry???
12/Oct/10 12:44 AM
I don't have any problems from "city lights" but clouds are a fact of life....
12/Oct/10 12:45 AM
I have a lot of pictures to digitize, and with the new barn, when I get it erected, there are long needed repairs to equipment, but..... I'll probably spend more time here.
12/Oct/10 12:49 AM

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!
12/Oct/10 12:50 AM
Hmmm! Nearly 0700, here, and just starting to get light. (Of course, some may say they think I'm "in the dark" most of the time.) To which I reply "I do some of my best work "in the dark", he said with a grin....

12/Oct/10 12:54 AM
Good morning all.
12/Oct/10 12:55 AM
Jerry, Mushrooms too.
12/Oct/10 12:58 AM
The answers to yesterday's puzzle: 1)supple/supply 2)deluge/deluxe 3)payout/layout 4)stripe/strike

In honor of Keith's new "do", and, so others may be coiffed as attractively, the hair gel goes to: Glenn, Judy, Greg, HalT, and The Phantom. You'll be lookin' good, people!
12/Oct/10 1:01 AM
Neil, "proper english"?, "proper english"? I'll have you know that is some places, your "Queens English", probably wouldn't be understood.

Lesson: Y'all is singular - It refers to one person. All y'all is collective, and refers to a group.
(So put that in your bloody pipe and smoke it!)

12/Oct/10 1:02 AM
12/Oct/10 1:02 AM
Oh, be still my pounding heart. How do I control my rampant joy and enthusiasm. (first "22" in a while.)
12/Oct/10 1:05 AM
Oh, btw, by using "maen" without any capitals, I'm addressing everyone worldwide, whatever time it is in your part of it...
12/Oct/10 1:08 AM
one more for a cp
12/Oct/10 1:09 AM
& it couldn't go to a nicer guy ... if you'll just keep your political views to yourself.
12/Oct/10 1:10 AM
Well, it's light enough to see, here, now but the temp has dropped another degree and the sky has disappeared. (A fog is settling in.)
12/Oct/10 1:12 AM
Good Maen all!
12/Oct/10 1:13 AM
Haha, fat chance. I'll try, though.
12/Oct/10 1:13 AM
Good Maen, Miss Vici. Here's to ya.
12/Oct/10 1:15 AM
Enough of the two faced all is black and white guy.
12/Oct/10 1:15 AM
Pots on.
12/Oct/10 1:15 AM
12/Oct/10 1:15 AM
I was beginning to wonder if you were auditioning for Sting.
12/Oct/10 1:17 AM
Think I'll get in touch with my feminine side (shush Vici) ... & I missed 33 too.
12/Oct/10 1:17 AM
HI all! Well what an interesting weekend on the site! Thank you for holding the fort little one! Time for a silly puzzle - and this one is silly! Answers to the really silly inbox please!

Removing an appendix is called an appendectomy, removing tonsils is called a tonsillectomy. What is it called when they remove a growth from your head?

12/Oct/10 1:17 AM
Is that a dirty joke, Fiona???
12/Oct/10 1:22 AM
Nearly Judy, but I didn't get bumped off the site!!
12/Oct/10 1:23 AM
Hi Herry,,

I'll only get my bloody pipe and smoke it - if it's your blood.
12/Oct/10 1:25 AM
FFS Strikes agin. Time for a nap.
12/Oct/10 1:25 AM
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