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Easy Sudoku for 11/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I'm first yAHOO.
Hey I found out what time the new puzzle comes out...
Good morning all,expecting snow today,hopefully not much.
Looks like I got second!
ok did it in 5:05 today....what is the secret to the superfast times?
Please excuse the previous poor typing skills.
I completed puzzle in 3:49 today, starting timer from the moment I first looked at the puzzle. I keep allow 'incorrect moves' on, as it increases the challenge. I'm sure some can use the mouse a lot quicker than me. I'm also sure many do the puzzles More...
PS I got no picture tonight. First time that's happened. I guess I'll have to do it again if everyone says it's something worth looking at.
4:47 not so great this morning, but oh well. I didn't get the picture, either...
Dennis- 5:05 is a good time. A lot depends on starting with the a certain #. It can make a big difference. But unless you study the puzzle first it is just luck as to whether you start with a good # or not. Also just the visual scanning to locate where the existing #'s are is probably much better in some people. Just compete with yourself you will improve.
1:42 very easy today
Thank you for the tips... I still can figure out how to get the under 2 min times.....So do you try to get all of one number then move on to the next....or are you a row/coll/box? those are the 2 ways I have found.. I am better at Row/Coll/Box but I enjoy the challenge of all 1 then all 2's using the next number to find the errors and so on..BTW your typing is fine!
no picture for me either?
No photo for me either. :( But a nice distraction. It is up early today!
hey I just noticed that you can check moves....wow now I really feel silly.... guess I should focus more on what is around the puzzle huh? LOL go figure...well that should help my times....
Good game to day.
I really liked today's puzzle. I felt it was more 'elimintating' possibilities than simply slotting numbers into their obvious spots, as is often the case with the easy puzzle. But I too was slow at 5:38
Dennis, on the computer, I tend to do as much as I can with a particular number and then move to the next, to save time clicking to and fro between numbers. Easiest to do the numbers in sequence from 1 to 9 or reverse so I don't lose track of where I am, but I'll sometimes start somewhere in the middle. On paper, I'll do it quite differently and usually slice and dice.
No picture for me either. I start with 1s on one day and 9s on the next. I don't time because I just enjoy the challange of the puzzle.
oh dear 4:53... slow for me... I think I better have another coffee before I move on to medium!
I find I go slower when the timer is on rather than when I am just doing the puzzle for the sake of the puzzle... not the speed...
Slice and Dice?
3:33. How can I ever get under 3:00?
Whoops! forgot the timer again, then no photo.
no picture
I too usually start from number 1 and do all the obvious moves, then on to 2 and so on to 9, then go back and try to fill in complete squares or lines. I'm not into all these fancy mathematical moves. I just do them for the enjoyment.
Sorry, the term comes from being a hopeless Sudoku addict, and that what the book I bought calls it! Slicing and dicing is to do with comparing lines horizontally and vertically.
No pic here either
my time was 5:27 but I was up too late chatting. Yawn!
Ahh...ok that makes sense...and yes I do them for fun as well just the speed demons have me baffled. They have books on Sudoku?...BTW where is OZ? I had never even heard of Sudoku until a week or so ago....the first time I thought I would never get it...
I see a red rose
Hello Chegan, did you go to the Christmas Pageant tonight. I must admit, I didn't after shopping most of the day.
2:28, one of my best times yet! Digging out of the snow today!
3.41 - getting better - first from the UK today and still no picture
Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my best ever time of 3:02, I am such a happy woman.

Have a fabulous day everyone.... and merry XMAS
Dennis, Oz is Australia. Well I'm thinking that we should all dress up as pirates and hijack USS Dennis (forgot the name of his ship). With our boat hidden by PDPete in a secret location, we need to find another, and there's probably enough sailors that we can leave the chips at home this time. I believe they're still recovering. I'm just going to dig out my pirate costume.
It's an all to familiar photo of my front yard (in winter). Give me something tropical!
I am on the USS Eisenhower (the aircraft carrier)there are only about 5000 sailors onboard... but before you an hijack someone had better roger up to take me home....(a sailor will go any length to get a date ya know)
i didn't get the picture either, so here I go again.
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