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Easy Sudoku for 10/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning from South Central Ontario all. I couldn't even see a hump in the fresh snow that might have been the Toronto Star this morning, hence the fast off the mark but unfortunately slooow time(3:53). Happy friday to all.
That comment was mine. I need a coffee
4:01 It's saturday in Australia. Have a good weekend everybody.
She who is last to finish on friday will be early to comment on saturday!
Wow, I must be early today!

We have about 12' of snow already, and it is still going strong! The kids are really excited, because it is the first snow day of the school year. I am sure there are more to come, and Mom is not too excited! I still have to work, but least I have the option More...
Finished quite quickly, but forgot the timer in my rush to do it. It's only FRIDAY in Australia if you live in West Oz.
You have a good w/end too.
First time under 3.00! Is still Friday over on this side of Oz - 10.00pm
Is nelson on fire?
2:23...Slow today...nasty snow and sleet this morning. Give me warm weather!!!!!
Hi All, 2:48, I think its a personal record. havent been on for 2 weeks as I just had my first baby....had to come back to check brain still working.
Sorry but Im going to have to send in a baby pic (havent got any good scenery ones!)
Orange sky behind memorial. Forgot to set timer. Just read yesterday's comments and I would like to state (again) I am Male. (sighs)If people only read with comprehension! Cathy I understand that some have it rough before/during/after divorce and I feel for you. I know a lot of folks (male and More...
3.09 - And a great London landmark.
Have a good weekend everybody.
5:35 - should have started with the 9's.
1:34, this one was real easy for me. Congrats Suzie (E), I am looking forward to the pic, just let us know when it is your baby that we are looking at. Started with the 9's this morning.
Ashamed of my time - 4.06, but it is 1 am here and i'm tired.

what's this about a 'wee green monster' Jim? I haven't read through all of yesterday's archives, but it doesn't sound like you.
Enjoy your shopping (if it's possible to enjoy Chrissy shopping, which I doubt)
Nice pic, does anyone know where it was taken?
6:34. Made a silly mistake and it took me a bit to find it. Snowing here in VT, too. About 4-5 inches and no sign of stopping anytime soon.
Complete 7:33 - Oh well.
2:16 Where i saw that. Italy?
Nice temperature and beaches here in Venezuela
a slow 9.21 but haven't done a puzzle for weeks. Its 1.20am Saturday morning. can't sleep.
1:51 - my first time under 2 minutes!!!! We have about 8' of snow this morning - think I must just stay inside!!!
Way to long... better on paper
Victor, if you have nice beaches there, how about a photo. We also have nice beaches here but I can't seem able to submit a photo because it's the wrong setting (or something). Not terribly computer literate.
5:13- Hey Fraz. Don't be too ashamed of your time. I'm proud enough of mine.
Hi Anne, You'd get some lovely shots down there at Albany too.
Oops! Welcome to Suzie & your new baby. Babies sure do test brain function! Forgot yesterday to say hi to Julie & Paul in Hobart. We visited there in April this year. Stayed at a beautiful little B&B in Glebe on Scott St. We loved Tasmania. Oh, & by the way Valrico is on the West Coast of More...
Congrats Suzie from England! Looks like we have another Sudoku baby - tell us all about him/her.
Your comments yesterday were really appreciated. Don't worry about the one nasty comment, some are best ignored. The mature, compassionate people who thankfully are in the majority on this site knew where I was coming from, and it was only those comments that mattered to me. There's no abuse etc., More...
3.41 fastest time ever - as its still Friday going out to celebrate !
good morning all, got 3.48 finally cold and raining in the middle of tassie at the moment.
We sure have fi, there is some beautiful scenery around Albany. Even the weather is O.K. sometimes, although we haven't seen much of the sun yet.
..for the innocents in any sort of fallout.
Col, buy hubby a booking for dinner at his favourite restaurant. (either for the 2 of you, the family, or even better him and the kids!!!!)
Vicki, will try to turn on Ingham's best summer weather for you on Xmas Day - overcast - cooler, no sun, no rain.
Let's not even mention the word divorce. It's one of the most painful experiences I know. Mine was eight years ago and it still hurts.
Hi - good to see I'm not the only east coast aussie still up and playing sudoku - makes me feel better! My daughter just looks at me, shakes her head and goes to bed. Thinks her mother is nuts - and she's probably right!
Lauren who is going to shovel for you ? or are you apt bound next to subway ? just kidding.
little different than down under.EH
Bonjour Catherine.
Je serre juste la touche ALT. Je continue à maintenir elle et la pression trois. Pourquoi cela ne me fonctionne pas, je ne savez pas. Je dois aller faire quelques achats pour la nourriture.
Congratulations Suzie!!

Was it a boy or a girl? Do give us the scoop! How big, name, the works!

So glad husband had the day off today. At least we will get dug out!
Terrible time this morning, dont know what i was thinking about. Congrats on the new baby Suzie children are so rewarding, even though they have moments just like we do, My dad always told me remember that kids are people too,
Have a great day all, and a great weekend
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