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Easy Sudoku for 11/February/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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2:18 Must be my bedtime.
Good night one and all!
11/Feb/17 12:12 AM
Good night Anne. Still hot here but the AC is on in the bedroom so that is cool. Over 40*C expected later today.
11/Feb/17 12:46 AM
Good Maen! Another snow day, but the sun is shining. I may venture out today. First I will check with my resident road expert who had to report to work at 4:00 am.
11/Feb/17 1:15 AM
11/Feb/17 1:25 AM
to everyone!! Rain finally let up. Major flooding avoided.
11/Feb/17 2:15 AM
For Lizzy G.(re. yesterday's last post) and anybody else with time on their hands.
If you go to 'Wiktionary' and locate a page called 'Appendix:Glossary of U.S. Navy Slang' you will never be in want for a sailing term the rest of your life...if you survive reading the whole thing. Be forwarned, it is extensive AND not always suitable for polite company.
11/Feb/17 2:19 AM
Website froze again when doing Medium. Seems like it happens 2-3 per week lately.
11/Feb/17 2:25 AM
Fingers crossed all our Aussie friends are successfully dealing with that awful heat. I hope you will be experiencing some cooler weather soon.
11/Feb/17 2:36 AM
for Shosho!
11/Feb/17 2:36 AM
And, for all our U.S. friends dealing with all the snow...be careful out there.
11/Feb/17 2:39 AM
Kathy boosted me a bit - but I'm sure she'll share!
11/Feb/17 2:46 AM
Strange - The East Coast has snow overload and we have no snow at all in SE Michigan.
11/Feb/17 2:48 AM
I stopped by the quick clinic several days ago because one of my ears was ''stopped up''. I thought I may have a wax problem. I did, but, the doc also informed me I had an ear infection. How do you have an ear infection with no pain?? At any rate, I am on antibiotics and ear drops for ten days. More...
11/Feb/17 2:53 AM
Excellent insurance then, Kathy!
11/Feb/17 3:06 AM
We have just 'some' snow to shovel; the bulk of the storm stayed east of us & zipped up the coast...thankfully it was a fast-mover or there would have been lots more white stuff left behind!
11/Feb/17 3:08 AM
Pam & her area received the brunt of the storm....
11/Feb/17 3:10 AM
Morning. Wet, wet, and more wet here.
11/Feb/17 3:13 AM
If I wander off now,
11/Feb/17 3:13 AM
I suspect I'd miss it.
11/Feb/17 3:14 AM
Anybody tagging along?
11/Feb/17 3:14 AM
11/Feb/17 3:14 AM
11/Feb/17 3:14 AM
Happy 22?!
11/Feb/17 3:15 AM
So close, and yet so far! Happy #22, Keith!
11/Feb/17 3:15 AM
I wasn't aware I had competition, till I just now came back.
11/Feb/17 4:30 AM
11/Feb/17 4:37 AM
Thank you, Shiela!!! Here's flying your way!!!
11/Feb/17 4:38 AM
I hate it when a realtor send an email that has a click button for 'signature' and no documents to see what your signing for!!! I emailed right back, 'Not signing until I get to see the contract!' I got that document but I downloaded the 13-page document, took my time reading each page and snail mailed it back after I made a copy for myself!!
11/Feb/17 4:41 AM
Ack! 'what your signing for' really meant 'for what you're signing'! Heck, I just got back from running 4 miles this morning so I guess my brain hasn't quite made it home with my body!
11/Feb/17 4:43 AM
11/Feb/17 4:43 AM
Hubby says roads are safe to travel so I'm off to the studio. First time in almost a week. I'll be building display shelves not making things with clay.
11/Feb/17 5:10 AM
Morning all, now there is a fisherman with brains, an umbrella for shade.
11/Feb/17 5:16 AM
Orianne and Salishgirl, best wishes for today and tomorrow.
11/Feb/17 5:19 AM
Not looking forward to the heat today, we have a surprise birthday party to go to, well that is what most of the guests think we the grandparents know better. Tell you tomorrow !
11/Feb/17 5:23 AM


11/Feb/17 5:42 AM
Muddled mind this AM, 1:58. Good morning everyone.
11/Feb/17 5:56 AM
11/Feb/17 6:17 AM
Nice day for fishing Catch any?
11/Feb/17 6:36 AM
Would be nice to and rest a spell Good mAen
11/Feb/17 6:44 AM
Have to remember to check out the night sky tonight - snow moon - will have to google what that means - full moon in winter? 🌓🌟☄️Hope the sky is clear
11/Feb/17 7:00 AM
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