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Easy Sudoku for 10/February/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen - but they are on an adventure!
10/Feb/17 12:06 AM
Hello, mymare! Getting ready for kids to descend on me.
10/Feb/17 12:15 AM
2:03 Must have been a long flight.

Good night one and all! (Not quite here, though)
10/Feb/17 12:37 AM
Oops, I almost forgot. Pam.
10/Feb/17 12:39 AM
The ghost strikes again.
10/Feb/17 12:40 AM
10/Feb/17 12:41 AM
A hint of the sun today!
A hint of snow.
Have a happy day today, everyone!
10/Feb/17 1:43 AM
(For Shosho!)
10/Feb/17 1:44 AM
10/Feb/17 2:08 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
10/Feb/17 2:09 AM
is as close as Im prepared to not say over this weather. This is a polite site
10/Feb/17 2:11 AM
10/Feb/17 2:32 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
10/Feb/17 2:32 AM
Thank you, Shiela! Here's flying your way!
10/Feb/17 2:33 AM
10/Feb/17 2:41 AM
I don't recognize the two snoozers in the photo, but, I'm sure they would be thrilled to know their sleep habits have been recorded.
10/Feb/17 2:45 AM
At least they are not snoring and drooling!
10/Feb/17 3:15 AM
Yesterday's answers:

1. A sleeping device made out of toast-bread bed
2. A slim member of the onion family-*sleek leek
3. A spoiled feline-*cat brat
4. A sport with fire-flame game
5. A sun kissed guy-tan man
6. A terrible Pop-bad Dad
7. A tool for chopping blocks of More...
10/Feb/17 3:16 AM
Judy, that reminds me of a time I was sitting next to a sleeping gentleman on a plane (no, not hubby!).
His upper denture had slipped and was protruding half way out of his open mouth. Wouldn't you think that would wake you up? When he finally did awaken, he tried to close his mouth and it fell out onto his tray table. He never said a word....just popped it back in.
10/Feb/17 3:27 AM
I'll leave you with that delightful visual. Off to fix lunch!
10/Feb/17 3:28 AM
10/Feb/17 3:43 AM
Hello, Keith!
10/Feb/17 4:15 AM
Now, on to the puzzle... all, Happy Tursday!
10/Feb/17 4:21 AM
Funny story, Kathy!
10/Feb/17 5:01 AM
I agree with Judy... eeeeeeuw!
10/Feb/17 6:06 AM
By the way, that's a very rare photo!!!
(I can never sleep on an airplane!)
May stem from worrying about losing my dentures - even if I don't have them!
10/Feb/17 6:16 AM
Morning all, must be well travelled to be able to sleep on the plane.
10/Feb/17 7:08 AM
Ziggy and Lee have a great day.
Heidi can start her two day celebration .
Miss you on site, Heidi !
10/Feb/17 7:17 AM
I can sleep on a plane, I remember years ago when the Doc. game me some sleeping pills for a long flight. About half way there I told hubby I might take a pill to get some sleep. He told me not to bother as I had slept all the way so far!I sleep even better on business class which we have done on a couple of long haul flights in recent years.
10/Feb/17 7:19 AM
Another very hot day expected. Have to shop after my treatment. The shopping centre is almost next door to the hospital and is air-conditioned. Just means the house will be hot when we get home.
10/Feb/17 7:23 AM
Happy Birthday, Heidi ...miss your commentary & occasional visits too!
10/Feb/17 9:25 AM
Just came in from clearing 17 inches of snow from my deck and more from the driveway with drifts and what the town plow left at the end. Thankfully it is relatively light, and the snowblower started and ran. Unfortunately, the wind is blowing so much I will probably have to do it again tomorrow morning.
10/Feb/17 10:53 AM
Hubby plows for the next town over and has been out for twelve hours so far.
10/Feb/17 10:54 AM
I seem to be alone here.
10/Feb/17 11:02 AM
Maybe I make a run for it.
10/Feb/17 11:02 AM
It's a long way to go still.
10/Feb/17 11:02 AM
10/Feb/17 11:03 AM
The end is in sight.
10/Feb/17 11:03 AM
Almost there!
10/Feb/17 11:04 AM
Bottom of the page
10/Feb/17 11:04 AM
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