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Easy Sudoku for 11/June/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
11/Jun/18 12:00 AM
Welcome to page 2.
11/Jun/18 12:00 AM
Good one Wolf. And to everyone else.
11/Jun/18 12:01 AM
I just sit here trying to beat you to it, HalT
11/Jun/18 12:08 AM
I looked up Kanahooka and found it way south of Sydney.
11/Jun/18 12:10 AM
11/Jun/18 12:13 AM
1:21. Good morning everyone.
11/Jun/18 12:32 AM
Everybody!! Already here and to come later!
11/Jun/18 12:45 AM

We have a new Triple Crown winner by the name of Justify. My littlest g-grandson's name is Justice.
He has decided it is his horse and wants to have it live with him. I told him it might be a bit crowded what with the dog, cats, guinea pigs, and turtle that now reside in his house. He didn't seem to care.
11/Jun/18 12:57 AM
11/Jun/18 2:21 AM
Had fun with my brothers and their families. I love conversing with my nieces and nephew! But got a horrible story from my niece who was in Maui when she was hit by a hit-and-run truck driver! She was there for a conference and spent the rest of the time confined to her hotel room. She is well More...
11/Jun/18 2:27 AM
I'm assuming she was a pedestrian, not in a vehicle...
11/Jun/18 2:55 AM
Unusual and pretty flowers today.
11/Jun/18 3:27 AM
Is it a kind of orchid?
11/Jun/18 4:41 AM
Morning all,pretty flowers to brighten my day.
I am so sick of this constant rain, the last time we saw the sun was Saturday morning and that was only for an hour.
11/Jun/18 6:42 AM
It's amazing the things we learn when doing Wombat and Arachnid 's poozles. Every time I sneeze I remember the rate of its speed. 😂
11/Jun/18 6:49 AM
Hello all - been tracking one of my daughters who is in Boulder doing an Ironman in over 100* heat - yes, she must be crazy! I can not imagine undertaking such a feat even if it were a cool day and I was walking the course. Haha, it would likely take me a couple days though so I'd need to be dragging my overnight bag …..
11/Jun/18 6:57 AM
With old timers coming back, I got to wondering, does anybody know anything, or has anybody heard from Rayray. I did visit him several years ago, wonderful man, but recently tried to get in touch, and couldn't.
11/Jun/18 6:57 AM
Now, I need to complete Wombat's weekly poozle - it truly is a stumper, though!

Kathy mentioned a new word - I think I've discovered more than just one word which is totally new to me!
11/Jun/18 7:00 AM
2:30. Beautiful flowers indeed
11/Jun/18 7:50 AM
Oh Keith, where art thou?
11/Jun/18 9:26 AM
Not here. 22. Good maEn, good people. 😁
11/Jun/18 10:00 AM
Just did Wombat's 9 June words. This weekend was my 50th high school reunion. I am a tad exhausted, but it was wonderful. It was lovely to have 174 people thank me for all the work I did to have it happen. I thanked them for coming, because otherwise all that work would have been for nothing.
11/Jun/18 1:09 PM
Classmates came from Israel, Chile, Hawaii, Germany, and Ireland, in reverse order of greatest distance. Others came from California to Maine and in between. Our class had 646 at graduation. I found 375 of them, plus 47 deceased. Some have been missing since our 10th reunion, and some prefer More...
11/Jun/18 1:15 PM
Good mAen, everybody!
Glad you enjoyed your reunion, Sarah!
11/Jun/18 4:04 PM
Hi Everyone, I'm a little bit late today, but it has been a holiday here. Queen's Birthday would you believe, another anachronism left over from Empire, and it isn't even her real birthday. This particular poozle was some what more difficult than most, but 8 people submitted and were 100% More...
11/Jun/18 6:12 PM
I have a bit of a problem with these 3&4 poozles, there are quite a few difficult combinations like - - QX. My conundrum is whether I use way out words (WAYZGOOSE for example), or do I leave out any combinations that appear to be too difficult and might stop people from trying. On the other hand More...
11/Jun/18 6:27 PM
For mine Wombat, continue as is. Folk can always ask for help if required but I suspect that most can deal successfully with odd or difficult ones anyway.
11/Jun/18 6:53 PM
Wombat, please continue the way you are doing them .. I have sent you a PM . I do enjoy doing the poozles.
11/Jun/18 7:44 PM
Just had the internet re-connected after a whole 24 hours off. Telstra, the 'line' provider who are well known for their inefficiency, said it was nothing to do with them. However, once a repair request was submitted the connection miraculously reappeared. I can now resume my daily routine
11/Jun/18 8:38 PM
Personally Wombat I would like to see your puzzles continue in their current format. Their is no prize for 100% and people should not do anything other than enjoy the challenge
11/Jun/18 8:40 PM
Anne had only minor showers and winds whilst we experienced gale type winds and torrential rain. The local council recently installed new drains at the end of our road (about 40 metres) to help the flood run off. Hasn't worked but the puddle looks a lot neater!
11/Jun/18 8:43 PM
Beer 33. I will settle for a St Aidens Cabernet Merlot. It's a wonderful offering from this local boutique winery. They also prepare some excellent lunches
11/Jun/18 8:47 PM
And now its a CP
11/Jun/18 8:48 PM
11/Jun/18 11:59 PM
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