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Easy Sudoku for 10/June/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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10/Jun/18 12:02 AM
Hello Hal!
Sunny after a night time shower!
Hope your day is full of sunshine!
10/Jun/18 12:12 AM
1:54 Cool Pic. He does some interesting stuff.
10/Jun/18 12:42 AM
Everybody!! Yea! Just enough here to say 'Everybody'!
10/Jun/18 12:43 AM
I have seen several Chihuly shows. This one, although impressive, looks a bit 'tangled up' to me.
10/Jun/18 12:48 AM
HalT, Sheila, Pikers & all who follow. There is a permanent Chihuly exhibit in St Petersburg Fla, near where we spend our winters. It is incredible!
10/Jun/18 12:53 AM
Denny & Sheila snuck in while I was typing. My apologies.
10/Jun/18 12:54 AM
There is also a Chihuly exhibit in Seattle next to the Space Needle. There are 3 pictures of his work in my gallery.
10/Jun/18 1:01 AM
Our grand niece, Natalie Wegenka, is a skater with the Disney On Ice show. They are presently performing in Perth and will be moving east and eventually be in New Zealand. I don't know what cities are on the schedule.
10/Jun/18 1:19 AM
I have seen Chihuly glass exhibits in Grand Rapids, MI (twice), Kalamazoo, MI, Chicago, IL, St. Petersburg, FL and two chandeliers: one in London, UK at the Victoria and Albert Museum, and one aboard a cruise ship in the Baltic.
10/Jun/18 1:28 AM
Good Maen, good people. I've seen my share of Chihuly exhibits and documentaries. I get what he's up to but I'm not a fan. I actually prefer some of the flowers artists do à la Chihuly to the master' actual work (well, those the master has employed to do his work as he just oversees the manufacture).
10/Jun/18 1:34 AM
The one I saw on the cruise ship was quite impressive! It was during a storm at sea. Everyone was seasick (even the crew!) except for me. I was out walking the decks enjoying the storm until I got to the chandelier ... it was swinging back and forth at such a range that I didn't feel comfortable walking under it. I skirted very widely around it!
10/Jun/18 1:35 AM
One Chihuly concept I liked was floating glass balls in the canals in Venice, but IMO the concept was still better than the execution.
10/Jun/18 1:37 AM
I need to be doing a little cleaning, but, of course, I had to work on Wombat's puzzle. First things first!

I have also seen several Chihuly exhibits. Some really impressive glass work.

Hi, Pikers! Nice to see you posting!
10/Jun/18 1:40 AM
10/Jun/18 2:38 AM
10/Jun/18 2:55 AM
There is one word in Wombat's puzzle that I have never heard of in all of my life. I got it by process of elimination, THEN had to Google it to be sure it was a thing. Had to have my thinking cap on for that one I love it when that happens.
10/Jun/18 3:30 AM
Kathy +1 for Wombat's puzzle. What fun!!
10/Jun/18 4:40 AM
Love this Chihuly piece! It looks like a glass tree.
10/Jun/18 4:42 AM
Got here at the right time.
10/Jun/18 5:43 AM
10/Jun/18 5:43 AM
10/Jun/18 5:44 AM
I wonder how many pieces got broken assembling that thing.
10/Jun/18 5:49 AM
CP ... just couldn't resist.
10/Jun/18 5:50 AM
That's pretty exciting, Hal! What an opportunity for her to see the world. I have been to one Disney on Ice performance. It was spectacular! Very well done.
10/Jun/18 5:59 AM
Morning all, amazing what they can do with glass.
Hal, the Disney on Ice show usually comes to Newcastle it is very popular here.
10/Jun/18 6:54 AM
Liz, KarenK and LynnDee.
10/Jun/18 6:57 AM
1:34. Good morning everyone.
10/Jun/18 7:00 AM
Justify wins at Belmont and we have another triple-crown winner.
10/Jun/18 8:57 AM
Triple Crown at the Belmont Stakes!
Justify! Mike Smith! Wow!!!
10/Jun/18 9:00 AM
Makes you just want to smile! Hooray!
10/Jun/18 9:02 AM
1:42 Good morning. So much for last night's storm. A little bit of rain early in the evening and that was about it.
10/Jun/18 10:45 AM
XX Amber, please.
10/Jun/18 10:49 AM
One of my granddaughters turns 18 today. Unfortunately, I can't be with her as they live up north. The last of my grandchildren's birthdays for this year. No more wracking my brain to come up with ideas for presents. I just send money sometimes now, though.
10/Jun/18 12:33 PM
10/Jun/18 12:33 PM
10/Jun/18 1:08 PM
I'll give it a nudge. Someone may want to turn the page...
10/Jun/18 3:38 PM
At the risk of being labeled a 'me too',
10/Jun/18 3:39 PM
Soooooooooooooo Slowwwwwwwwwwwwww
10/Jun/18 11:19 PM
8 hours between comments.

The old grey mare just ain't what she used too be.
10/Jun/18 11:20 PM
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