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Easy Sudoku for 11/July/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Let's welcome a new day.
11/Jul/16 12:00 AM
Hi from crazy Dallas.
11/Jul/16 12:00 AM
G'day all.
11/Jul/16 12:00 AM
I am late getting started today!
11/Jul/16 12:47 AM
Happy Sunday day off!
11/Jul/16 1:20 AM
Good Mean, folks! Seems a touch deserted here today - hope everyone is elsewhere whooping it up! Guess I'll go join them........
11/Jul/16 1:36 AM
OK - there's 'little' Stevie again - this time with an 'Ollie'
11/Jul/16 1:42 AM
11/Jul/16 1:43 AM
In case anyone else is as clueless as I...
11/Jul/16 1:44 AM
Hello Keith!
11/Jul/16 1:44 AM
The ollie is a fundamental trick in street skateboarding, and is used to leap onto, over, or off obstacles, or over gaps of unfriendly terrain such as grass or stairs. As so many other tricks depend on it - for example the kickflip and heelflip - the ollie is often the first trick to be learned by a new skateboarder.
11/Jul/16 1:45 AM
Off to do some 'whooping' ..........
11/Jul/16 1:46 AM
11/Jul/16 2:52 AM
Took my friend, Laury to the Madrona Marsh Preserve this morning. I showed her different birds to shoot (with a camera of course) and she taught me pointers on the Canon camera!
11/Jul/16 2:53 AM
Quite the athlete, on his skateboard.
11/Jul/16 2:58 AM

I wonder how he likes being referred to as ''Little Stevie''.
11/Jul/16 3:59 AM
Thanks for the info, Joyce. I am certainly not familiar with skateboarding terms.
11/Jul/16 4:01 AM
I am waiting for hubby to get home to ''do my head'' as he refers to it. The surgery site still has to be covered with Vaseline. He's gotten quite proficient at wielding a q-tip. At least the bandage is a thing of the past. Getting that off every day was a pain....literally.
11/Jul/16 4:08 AM
He has returned. I shall go get greased and then I'm off to the store. Bye for now!
11/Jul/16 4:09 AM
Good Morning everyone! It's morning here, and it looks cold and dark ...
11/Jul/16 6:55 AM
Good morning all, not a fan of skateboards after a friend lost their only child when he came off coming down a hill.
11/Jul/16 7:11 AM
Really? It's just sitting at 21? I'll fix that!
11/Jul/16 7:54 AM
Well, then. That's 'something' I've accomplished today.
11/Jul/16 7:55 AM
Good maEn, good people.
11/Jul/16 7:55 AM
Amelia, sorry to hear of your friend's loss. How tragic. Someone at church today told me of a drowning in Lake Michigan. Parenting is such a war of nerves. You want them to do things and to be confident and yet the world is filled with uncountable dangers.
11/Jul/16 7:58 AM
Well, I've made a slab of ribs and now I need to come up with side dishes. Off to the pantry and refrigerator to do some magic.
11/Jul/16 8:00 AM
Good morning.
11/Jul/16 8:46 AM
Tired today.
11/Jul/16 8:47 AM
Recovering from busy, but happy weekend.
11/Jul/16 8:48 AM
High tea at very posh hotel on Saturday - ate too much of course, then lunchtime cruise yesterday, with a great 3 course meal.
11/Jul/16 8:51 AM
The weather was perfect, cold but not freezing, just a tiny bit of wind, clear sky with some sunshine.
11/Jul/16 8:57 AM
Happy Birthday, again, CP!
11/Jul/16 9:00 AM
Good evening to all! Hope everyone is enjoying the day!
11/Jul/16 9:13 AM
I had a little slip and fall this past Wednesday resulting in surgery on my Right hip. So, now I am just in the healing phase and doing my exercises and being quiet. I can't put any real weight on my leg - so good time to do an on line course and play on the site. Take care everyone
11/Jul/16 10:04 AM
My condolences, mymare. Here's hoping your recovery is quick and painless.
11/Jul/16 10:21 AM
Oooh, look at the time!!!
11/Jul/16 10:33 AM
I shall mosey us onto the next page . . .
11/Jul/16 10:34 AM
Surely there's time . . .
11/Jul/16 10:35 AM
Hmmm . . . time's short
11/Jul/16 10:35 AM
I better hurry . . .
11/Jul/16 10:36 AM
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