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Easy Sudoku for 10/July/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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10/Jul/16 12:00 AM
everybody. Time for bed.
10/Jul/16 12:01 AM
Rueben doesn't look very happy.
10/Jul/16 12:02 AM
Have a good day Hal... and all that follow..
10/Jul/16 12:02 AM
it is still a beautiful day in OK.
10/Jul/16 12:08 AM
This is the 3rd day in a row we have ad rain. Not complaining but so very unusual for OK at this time of the year.
10/Jul/16 12:10 AM
Going to my nieces for a Birthday Party this afternoon. The first of 4 Birthdays this month.
10/Jul/16 12:20 AM
Picked up the rental car yesterday, packing almost finished, will finish after we get home from the party. A 7:00 am start tomorrow.
10/Jul/16 12:26 AM
One more
10/Jul/16 12:27 AM
10/Jul/16 1:30 AM

I am commiserating with Dottie as far as her appliance buying goes. We once had the washing machine go, then the fridge, then the dishwasher. It all happened within a month. We got all those replaced and a couple of months later, to More...
10/Jul/16 1:44 AM
My grand daughter and her hubby are all excited because they have just purchased their first home. I am happy for them, too, but, they have no idea what is in store for them, and, far be it from me to burst their new home owner bubble.
10/Jul/16 1:50 AM
Good morning.
10/Jul/16 2:06 AM
Weather forecast for here looks good for the day with some possible showers this evening.
10/Jul/16 2:10 AM
Why's that important?
10/Jul/16 2:11 AM
Because today's party day. My deferred from last year 60th gathering is happening today. A lunch cruise on Lake Burley Griffin, so all week I have been hoping for good weather today.
10/Jul/16 2:14 AM
Once I've officially turned 60, I'll own up to being 61 as of 2 weeks ago. For the last year I've been insisting that since I have no memory of my birthday last year, then I was stuck on 59 until it was official. BTW - I have absolutely no problem with being 60, it was just a fun thing to carry on with.
10/Jul/16 2:19 AM
I'm drifting right through 70 no problem.
10/Jul/16 2:46 AM
Bit of time since CP's last post. She's probably wandered away.
10/Jul/16 2:46 AM
So, I'll just go for it.
10/Jul/16 2:47 AM
10/Jul/16 2:47 AM
10/Jul/16 2:47 AM

Glad you got your 22, Keith. I wouldn't want to interrupt your gallumping!
10/Jul/16 2:53 AM
I think Kathy's troubles with appliances was worse than mine! Good luck to the grands with their new home. Would this be Collette and Stonewall's parents?
10/Jul/16 2:54 AM
Hi Ruben. You're a cutie at 13 months. How old are you now?
10/Jul/16 3:20 AM
10/Jul/16 3:46 AM
Today we had the second year anniversary of my dad's passing on. My brothers and their families and me gathered at his grave placing flowers and a few family words. Then we marched on over to my sister's grave placing flowers and very few family words because she died a year before my baby bro.
10/Jul/16 3:49 AM
Then we went on to The Original Pancake House. Oh my! I got my potato pancakes and bacon. Didn't quite finish it, brought half of it home. But it was fun talking to my nieces and nephew! One niece got a job as an attorney at a law office an hour's drive from home. One niece is studying up for her final exam before becoming an official pharmacist.
10/Jul/16 3:52 AM
Two nieces are still in college, one presently in Japan doing her studies for the summer there. And one and only nephew is trying to get his own business going.
10/Jul/16 3:53 AM
I love listening to the younger generation, they have so many dreams to work for. They have so many positive youthful goals that they are almost at accomplishing.
10/Jul/16 3:56 AM
Morning all, I wish we knew who Ruben's parents were.
10/Jul/16 6:31 AM
Lizaby4, Grasshopper and Carmel.
10/Jul/16 6:33 AM
1:32 this morning. Hi everyone.
10/Jul/16 7:50 AM
Night all.
10/Jul/16 12:48 PM
Happy Birthday Linda
10/Jul/16 11:00 PM
10/Jul/16 11:04 PM
Good morning all. Another day almost over and we're still on page one.
10/Jul/16 11:41 PM
Let's welcome a new day.
10/Jul/16 11:58 PM
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