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Easy Sudoku for 11/July/2018


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1:39 I have made it almost to the top of Bluff Knoll where you could looks back towards Albany. I took Kathy & Jane there to have a look. Great photo.
11/Jul/18 12:14 AM
Anne and all who follow!!
11/Jul/18 12:41 AM

I'm happy to hear all the boys and their coach have been rescued. What an amazing effort by all concerned above and below ground. I wonder if they could name the cave after the diver who died during the rescue? I think there are still several divers and a doctor down there. Hope they make it out safely, too.
11/Jul/18 12:51 AM
So happy to know that all of the boys & their coach were rescued.
Sunny today!
But getting a bit hot again.
This smilie is in honor of my semi-annual teeth cleaning at the dentist this morning.
11/Jul/18 1:24 AM
11/Jul/18 1:58 AM
all. Incredible news from Thailand! They're all out, including the rescuers. Great idea to name the cave after the diver that died Kathy.
11/Jul/18 2:08 AM
Lovely photo today. Looks like a beautiful spot.
11/Jul/18 2:40 AM
11/Jul/18 3:00 AM
So Happy with Great news that All boys now rescued from Thailand cave
11/Jul/18 4:43 AM
At last, I can breathe again! Been watching the progress in the rescue in Thailand everyday! Was feeling rather claustrophobic!
11/Jul/18 6:19 AM
Well, my son and his family are somewhere in Greece, they'll be in Europe for the next five weeks! Methinks that my 18 month grandson will be more traveled than me!! His brother passed me up years ago and he just turned 5.
11/Jul/18 6:22 AM
Morning all,great view from the Bluff.
So happy with the news from Thailand.
11/Jul/18 6:31 AM
Our newest great granddaughter Saphira Christina was born on Monday the 9th, weighing 8lb 1oz. Funny thing was the woman that did the last ultrasound kept telling Ashlety that she was only small about 6lb, boy was she wrong.
11/Jul/18 6:48 AM
It's been a while since I've looked after a seven month old baby, Summer sure wore me out yesterday I was in bed by 9 o'clock..
11/Jul/18 6:53 AM
Judy, Kathy and Wombat all attacked Arachnids latest poozle with great gusto.

Well done that lot!
11/Jul/18 8:54 AM
11/Jul/18 9:07 AM
Mrs Wombat and I climbed Bluff Knoll quite a few years ago and as a keen bushwalker I've climbed quite a few hills, but I can say Bluff Knoll was one of the most tiring, more so coming down than going up. There are tricky little steps that have to be navigated carefully. But it is a pleasant view from the top.
11/Jul/18 11:27 AM
♫♪♪ Amblin’ along, singin’ a song.......♫♪
11/Jul/18 1:03 PM
Sounds a bit like this.....
11/Jul/18 1:05 PM
♫♪ Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine
When you gonna let me get sober ♫♪♪
11/Jul/18 1:06 PM
Can't hear no gallumpin' 'round here!
11/Jul/18 1:07 PM
Pounce - teehee!
11/Jul/18 1:07 PM
Aww ... only missed it by a couple of hours. Very slow day here today.
11/Jul/18 3:16 PM
2:58 mAen everyone
11/Jul/18 3:23 PM
1:12. Good evening everyone.
11/Jul/18 5:18 PM
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