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Easy Sudoku for 12/July/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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12/Jul/18 12:06 AM
hello, HalT - and everyone!
Sunny today!
Hope your day is, too!
12/Jul/18 12:47 AM
HalT and all who follow! Ugh, have teeth cleaning this am. Hate it!!
12/Jul/18 12:48 AM
Denny, does that mean we have the brightest smiles in Sudokuland?
(My cleaning was yesterday, Denny.)
12/Jul/18 12:51 AM
Shiela, I guess results worth it. Still don't like it!
12/Jul/18 1:03 AM
I cringe when the dental hygienist brings out the dental floss. Seems I have the 'tightest teeth' she's ever had to floss! Not the best distinction to have when flossing!
12/Jul/18 1:40 AM

One of my FB friends posted the question, ''What was your favorite John Wayne cowboy movie?'' I had to think about it, he did so many good ones (and a few not so good). I think my absolute favorite was McLintock. That mud More...
12/Jul/18 1:43 AM
I think the reason I am not fond of that dental chair is you have no control over what is going on.
And, I hate that succky little vacuum! And, why do they always ask questions when they've got all that paraphernalia in your mouth?
12/Jul/18 1:48 AM
John Wayne's 'The Quiet Man' - no question! Loved it! I have the DVD and always play it on St. Patrick's Day.
12/Jul/18 5:02 AM
'Succky little vacuum'??? Good description, Kathy!
12/Jul/18 5:03 AM
Am I alone here in LOVING having my teeth cleaned?? My chompers feel so clean and polished afterwards ... to say nothing of the enhanced ability to spit and whistle through my teeth!
12/Jul/18 5:06 AM
Lovely photo of a beautiful place.
12/Jul/18 5:09 AM
Judy, two more reasons why the dentist is better than the doctor: you don't have to take off your clothes and they don't weight you. Haha
I don't mind the dentist. I have a cleaning appointment tomorrow.
12/Jul/18 6:16 AM
What a beautiful picture.

Our dentist retired. He took his time, was deliberate and thorough. A cleaning took way longer than you thought it should, but he did a great job. The dentist that took over his practice gives it ''a lick and a promise.'' He gets it done, but you feel like you should go back sooner.
12/Jul/18 6:19 AM
Morning all, beautiful photos of Portugal.
Not fond of the dentist chair myself.
12/Jul/18 7:46 AM
I must remember to do Arachnid's poozle when I get home from visiting Narrelle in hospital.
12/Jul/18 7:50 AM
The Cowboys,of course!
12/Jul/18 8:48 AM
Morning all
12/Jul/18 9:05 AM
Hi all just had dental work & cleaning in Thailand. 2 reasons, way cheaper than Australia & the dentist has smaller hands
12/Jul/18 9:19 AM
Did somebody challenge me to a race?
12/Jul/18 10:10 AM
12/Jul/18 10:10 AM
12/Jul/18 10:10 AM
Guess not.
12/Jul/18 10:11 AM
Should I claim a CP as well? Of course I should.
12/Jul/18 10:11 AM
1:38 Another lovely photo of Portugal.
12/Jul/18 10:42 AM
John Wayne movies? Rio Bravo, with Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson and Walter Brennon.
12/Jul/18 11:55 AM
Oh, and Angie Dickenson!!
12/Jul/18 11:59 AM
Australian doctor Richard Harris, the 'Hero' Adelaide anesthetist, abandoned his holiday in Thailand and volunteered to help with the rescue of the Wild Boar footballers, assess their health, and stayed with them for the last three days until they and their coach were all safely removed!
12/Jul/18 12:08 PM
What an extraordinary Australian HERO!
12/Jul/18 12:16 PM
1:25. Good afternoon everyone.
12/Jul/18 1:02 PM
There is talk of him being made Australian of the Year, an ideal tribute to a person who has shown great courage and self sacrifice not to mention skill. But we mustn't select just one person from all those who were involved, it was teamwork which was the most outstanding feature.
12/Jul/18 1:44 PM
Cometh the time and cometh the man. We never know who will stand up and be a Hero.
12/Jul/18 1:47 PM
And at 33 I'll drink a toast to all of those involved. Foster's Bitter would be a suitable choice. It is Australia's favourite beer.
12/Jul/18 1:50 PM
Poor Cats!!
Good win, Crows!
12/Jul/18 10:10 PM
Dental cleaning strips gums leaving bottom of tooth exposed. Always have a chloride treatment immediately afterwards.
12/Jul/18 10:54 PM
Dot Com, I hope you mean fluoride.
13/Jul/18 6:46 AM
Late night tonight.
13/Jul/18 2:24 PM
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