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Easy Sudoku for 11/August/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen
11/Aug/13 12:00 AM
Good morning all..
11/Aug/13 12:08 AM
..and now it is time for bed.. g'nite
11/Aug/13 12:10 AM
Good morning from hot, humid Florida
11/Aug/13 12:10 AM
Howdy! Hiya John, Bean and Bill.
11/Aug/13 12:12 AM
Hi John, Bean and Bill.
11/Aug/13 12:12 AM
And Vici!
11/Aug/13 12:13 AM
I was here at turnover, with a blank page in front of me .......
11/Aug/13 12:13 AM
And this work pooter decided to pack up its internet and not allow me on here, or on other sites.
11/Aug/13 12:14 AM
In the naughty corner without doing a thing wrong!
11/Aug/13 12:15 AM
In the naughty corner with CP for trying to post:
11/Aug/13 12:22 AM
A perfect picture for the morning! and the jigsaw even works!
11/Aug/13 12:25 AM
In the naughty corner for not knowing a ''pushy'' is a bike. Geez, Mr. Cee........I had every ''ike'' word I could think of EXCEPT bike! None of them made sense. Bike wouldn't have either.
11/Aug/13 12:27 AM
Oh, how rude.
11/Aug/13 12:28 AM
I've been escorted to the naughty corner for trying to use that, too, Vici.
I wonder if Gail can post where she lives without being ''corner-ized''?
11/Aug/13 12:30 AM
Anyone else getting directed back to Easy when you select 'Tough'?
11/Aug/13 1:00 AM
What a handsome Wyandotte rooster!!!
11/Aug/13 1:13 AM
Or hen. I'm not awake yet.
11/Aug/13 1:15 AM
I nearly forgot to be polite, too.
11/Aug/13 1:18 AM
Well, Gail from Cockatoo?
11/Aug/13 1:22 AM
Didn't send me to the naughty corner...
11/Aug/13 1:23 AM
...and hello Keith!
11/Aug/13 1:23 AM
Well, why does Cockatoo pass and ''co*ck-a-doodle-doo'' doesn't? Weird.
11/Aug/13 1:49 AM
What happens if you take the hyphens out?
11/Aug/13 3:10 AM
11/Aug/13 3:37 AM
You get sent to the naughty corner you do!
11/Aug/13 3:38 AM
Still trying to potty train my new kitten. Today I found a strip of white cardboard (don't where that came from but it was on the floor of the kitchen where we barricaded her) that she had used to do her number twosie. That was nice of her and we're getting closer to the litter box which was 1 foot away.
11/Aug/13 3:40 AM
Hi CP! I get sent to the naughty corner? But I haven't used a hyphenated word yet!
11/Aug/13 3:41 AM
Well it's off to farmers market. See you later!
11/Aug/13 3:42 AM
We have a chicken that looks like that.
11/Aug/13 3:46 AM
Hubby and Big Boy went here http://www.battleshipcove.com/ for the weekend so it's just me and the two little ones. Spent the morning at the park with the exclusive purpose of wearing them out so they would take a nap and I could get some me time. It worked. I'm thinking we might go to the reservoir after dinner for the same reason.
11/Aug/13 3:53 AM
No use trying to comment on today's photo. I get sent to the naughty corner every time.
11/Aug/13 3:58 AM
I'm a little slow this afternoon. I just figured out what sparked all the naughty corner discussions.
11/Aug/13 4:01 AM
You mean hall monitors with dirty minds?
11/Aug/13 4:08 AM
The sun is actually shining today, without a cloud in the sky. I had to pull the quilt up last night, it got so chilly. Unfortunately, the mozzies are launching a campaign to take over as the state bird of Kansas.
11/Aug/13 4:15 AM
Oh wonderful picture and I look forward to doing the jigsaw and having it be RIGHT! Having a really bad flare up of my Sjogren's so sitting around doing puzzles is about all I am up to today. Son and lady left this morning but we had a lovely 3 day visit.
11/Aug/13 5:23 AM
Hello everyone!
Quite a regal looking chook, with something sad going on!
11/Aug/13 5:55 AM
Nah, shosho - you don't get sent to the naughty corner. I did.
11/Aug/13 6:25 AM
Since Cockatoo was on ok word, I decided to try removing the hyphens from Kathy's word.
11/Aug/13 6:28 AM
After I had bought my fruits and veggies at farmers market, I thought I'd get some lunch. Right next to each other were two stands selling Mexican food. One was Euro-Mex tamales that advertised no lard or transfat and the other Mexican that advertised lard! I went to the first but was curious of the customers who went to the other. They were rotund!
11/Aug/13 6:30 AM
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