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Easy Sudoku for 17/November/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi, all!
17/Nov/17 12:00 AM
Good Maen, good people.
Good morning, Wolf.
Happy birthday, again, DotCom.
17/Nov/17 12:03 AM
No I didn't think so. Congratulations Wolf, and all other visitors, even if they are just lurkers.
17/Nov/17 12:06 AM
2:07 I seem to be getting slower. I wonder why!!!
Good night all.
17/Nov/17 12:23 AM
17/Nov/17 12:31 AM
Captain Midnight's clock is slow.
17/Nov/17 12:52 AM
Good morning to all! I got through this one fairly quickly today and the jigsaw was fun too!
17/Nov/17 1:00 AM
Houseboat living - very cool!

We're off to Denver for a pre-Thanksgiving visit to one of our daughters; occasional moments to check-in here... maybe!

Happy weekend everyone!
17/Nov/17 1:13 AM
A bit dreary today.
Hope your day has sunshine!
17/Nov/17 1:17 AM
Have fun, Joyce!
17/Nov/17 1:18 AM
17/Nov/17 2:00 AM
17/Nov/17 2:40 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
17/Nov/17 2:40 AM
Everybody!! Lots of rain last night. Hope it continues so we have plenty of water again this year. Also, lots of snow up in the mountains for the skiers.
17/Nov/17 2:49 AM
Lovely houseboat with the flower boxes on the deck.
17/Nov/17 5:13 AM
Thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday, you really made my day, especially Plum, jacalmi, Amelia, Joyce and Wombat.
Here is a message I just received here:
'This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources: The site you're visiting is not secure.' It recommended switching to Chrome.
17/Nov/17 6:05 AM
Happy Thursday!
17/Nov/17 6:24 AM
17/Nov/17 6:24 AM
everyone! This photo brings back so many memories of our boating years on the World Heritage Rideau Canal. Our boating days are over, but now we live on the river/canal system. Heaven!
17/Nov/17 6:27 AM
Came back at the right time.
17/Nov/17 6:53 AM
17/Nov/17 6:53 AM
17/Nov/17 6:53 AM
Morning all, lovely houseboat.
We were suppose to get rain last night....still waiting.
17/Nov/17 6:55 AM
1:56 sub 2:00 for a while. Oh, Hi All!!
17/Nov/17 7:17 AM
Good morning.
17/Nov/17 8:21 AM
Rain is forecast, it's just a bit grey so far.
17/Nov/17 8:22 AM
Parcel didn't arrive yesterday, just a message that it will come today.
17/Nov/17 8:25 AM
House chores for me today - yuk!
17/Nov/17 8:27 AM
I'm off. Hope everyone has a good day. Happy Birthday, Dot.Com
17/Nov/17 8:28 AM
I'm having trouble coming up with an ECCO poozle topic.

Any suggestions?
17/Nov/17 5:31 PM
Fruits and/or vegetables?
17/Nov/17 7:22 PM
Only two messages to beer o'clock. In the past Friday night used to be fish and chips, now at least for Peter it is pizza.
17/Nov/17 7:57 PM
But it doesn't really mater F&C or P, they all go better with a Cascade Light. What say you Peter.
17/Nov/17 7:59 PM
It is a bit early to claim last post of the day, and a bit too far to get involved in page turning, so over and out.
17/Nov/17 8:01 PM
1:41, good evening everyone.
17/Nov/17 8:08 PM
Wombat, I'll give LPotD a try.
17/Nov/17 11:58 PM
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