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Easy Sudoku for 11/August/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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11/Aug/15 12:00 AM
Very hot day today in Dallas.
11/Aug/15 12:04 AM
Top of the morning, Hal & Wolf.
11/Aug/15 12:05 AM
Yes, the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park is well worth the effort to go see.
11/Aug/15 12:11 AM
Back from a quick trip to Melbourne to watch our grandson play in the grand final of his football (AFL)on Sunday. Unfortunately they came second.
It also meant I have not had time to look at Greg's puzzle. Sorry Greg as I really enjoy your puzzles.
11/Aug/15 12:13 AM
Good morning people of the world.
11/Aug/15 12:14 AM
Wolf, we are supposed to get to a mere 103 today. Or is it just 102? How hot are you up there?
11/Aug/15 12:16 AM
Personally, I think we have already reached our high. I have been waiting for a cool morning to vacuum the sand out of my car and have decided that is not going to happen anytime soon, so for the last two hours I have had my sucky machine busy and I still do not think I have all the sand out. But I More...
11/Aug/15 12:19 AM
To our good friend, who hopefully is not out running in her heat.
11/Aug/15 12:20 AM
Fancy that, another place I've actually been.
11/Aug/15 12:21 AM

I guess I'm going to have to accept the fact that this puzzle isn't going to be answered.

If the following is correct:

12:48 = 18
1:03 = 13
6:59 = 17

What would 9:37 equal?


When appearing on More...
11/Aug/15 12:23 AM
Kitties had a sleep over at MIL's last night, hope they survived the yappy dogs. Today, MIL and AIL are taking 10 kitties, plus my two to the vet for a simple procedure. When they return, I will exchange the girls for my two kitties. I fear MIL and AIL will try to leave more than my two and More...
11/Aug/15 12:24 AM
The reason it reminded me of little girl is that she will count the segments on the clock at bedtime. It's a bit of a procrastination technique because she gets up and counts them again when the time changes.
11/Aug/15 12:25 AM
Peter expressed confusion about my decision to not have the surgery to correct my A-Fib condition. People live in A-Fib for years, and do OK, with a blood thinner to prevent strokes. My lung damage from smoking has made it so I can't tell the difference between a normal heart rhythm and A-Fib, plus the damaged lungs make going under anesthetic an even greater risk. I decided to not chance it.
11/Aug/15 12:25 AM
Good morning to all! Is that structure just decorative, or can people go in it?
11/Aug/15 12:26 AM
tis should be this.

I cleaned my keyboard and now all my letters stick. Something wrong there.
11/Aug/15 12:26 AM
Well folks, I believe we set a record for responses to a behead/curtail puzzle, with thirteen in total. Two errors in the puzzle, the warrant/Warren misspelling and I put Abby in CSI rather then NCIS, but no one seemed too concerned about that one. Thank you to all who tried the puzzle, as they More...
11/Aug/15 12:27 AM
Since MIL and AIL are coming here today, must get busy on this house. Good thing is, I get to torment my darlings by using the sucky machine for the second time in a 5 day period, while they are sleeping. Oh, the small thrills I get.
11/Aug/15 12:30 AM
Answers to the 'It's Not That Tough' puzzle:

1. Magic (Johnson) and magi
2. (George) Burns and burn
3. tangle and angle
4. Skipper and kipper
5. self and elf
6. Warrant (Officer) and Warren (Moon) OOPS!
7. slumber and lumber
8. amuse and muse
9. gnat and Nat (King More...
11/Aug/15 12:31 AM
Here’s how you all fared on this one. Some of you probably said ‘Duh’ when you saw the answers.

First in Judy, with 16 for 15. Also the first to spot and point out the warrant/Warren error.
Kathy next, and she struggled with one answer, so 14 for 15. She did, however, come back and More...
11/Aug/15 12:31 AM
Oh, another small thrill, the bus is actually teasing me, it just came through on a practice run. We had two new bus drivers at the end of the school year last year, so I am guessing they are either practicing their times and getting to know their route, or just playing with my emotions.
11/Aug/15 12:33 AM
Who got it.
Darn sticky keys.
11/Aug/15 12:33 AM
Oh an other thrill.

And there should be a ? not a . in the last post.

Hummm I have strange men pulling their trucks up into my yard. That should not be happening.
11/Aug/15 12:36 AM

For the 'newbies' on the site - If you have never had the opportunity to read one of ''The Phantom''s daily reviews, here is your chance. Check out his latest effort yesterday. (10/Aug/15 9:43 PM) They are a fun read and are highly recommended!

Good to see ya back 'P' !!!!!!
11/Aug/15 12:42 AM
Well darn. Why do I always have to be a goody-two-shoes and tell the truth. These men were here to replace the roof and side boards on the house. Two men already had ladders up against the house, when I asked what they were doing. When one man said redoing my roof. I said great, but why? That is More...
11/Aug/15 12:46 AM
They will return. Unfortunately to work on the house across he street.
11/Aug/15 12:48 AM

Here are a bunch of little problems for those of you not really into math. Math people can do them as well. Try one, or try them all.

1. Will and Jim were practicing target shooting, and they each scored 75 out of 100. They took a More...
11/Aug/15 12:57 AM
It is a decorative structure, CG.
11/Aug/15 1:00 AM

I enjoyed CG's puzzle, even if I missed 1 of them. The other one was the proper main words, but I ended them in 'ing' instead of just e!
11/Aug/15 1:04 AM
Keith - I'm sure you made the right decision for yourself. Nothing says you can't try the surgery later if the potential benefits outweigh the risks at that point. Take your oxygen as you said!
11/Aug/15 1:06 AM
, y'all - back at work after a WONDERFUL day trip to the beach yesterday. It's a 2.5 hour drive to a county park on the beach, so our commitment is usually until the afternoon storms move in. Yesterday was sunny , lower temps, way lower humidity...and no PM storms, so we stayed until 5:30. All of us kept the sunscreen on so nobody got burned.
11/Aug/15 1:07 AM
I agree with DevilOrAngel...Phantom's posts are always lots of fun to read. I also welcome him back and hope he sticks around for awhile!
11/Aug/15 1:07 AM
I might be scarce for the next couple of days. It's that time of the year when I'm pushing it for submitting homeschool paper work. I have Azariah's portfolio done but Elijah's is causing me headaches. The majority of his course work was done on a computer this year so of course the computer More...
11/Aug/15 1:09 AM
Chris, great job on the City2Surf! Even a 6 second gain on your PB is significant I don't think anywhere in the 4min/km range (would be 7s in miles) will be in my future... I'll be blessed to make it into the mid 5min/km (8s in miles).
11/Aug/15 1:11 AM
Serena, I think Little Girl will grow up to be an engineer . That was one obscure puzzle.
11/Aug/15 1:12 AM
DoA, forwarded the Rooster Puzzle to my dear 88 yo MIL - who is as sharp as a tack! She'll definitely appreciate it.
11/Aug/15 1:12 AM
Running the sucky machine got the desired effect, though now I am wondering why I desired my sleepy heads to be awake.
My first offerings of the week have been taken down to the road and more machines are awaiting my command.
But I think I may have got a little over heated and a cold shower is in my near future.
11/Aug/15 1:24 AM
But first, I must find a way to un-root my tush from this chair. I have noticed each time I sit, the longer I stay, then when I do get up I do not stay up long. I do not think there is that much do, but tidy up before the in-laws arrive with my very much missed kitties.
11/Aug/15 1:28 AM
If I will stop looking around there really is nothing to do. Unfortunately, I keep looking around.
11/Aug/15 1:29 AM
I will give my 'good to see you Phantom.'
For the newbies, hesheit gives a great, fun, tongue-in-cheek, summary of our day and has been missed.
11/Aug/15 1:31 AM
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