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Easy Sudoku for 10/August/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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10/Aug/15 12:02 AM

How can this be...

fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
10/Aug/15 12:03 AM

A lovely picture today, very obviously title?!?!?
10/Aug/15 12:14 AM
Good morning to all! How many of you remember the Cascades? ''The last leaf, clings to the bough, Just one leaf, that's all there is now....''
10/Aug/15 12:15 AM
Seven responders to the puzzle so far. Since you have two days to answer, I'll re-post it for anyone else who wants to give it a go.

NOTE - The answer for number six has a spelling error. Sorry!

1. This retired American basketball star had a long rivalry with Larry Byrd –> one More...
10/Aug/15 12:18 AM
Happy Sunday vacation week!
We arrived in the Mile High City yesterday afternoon and spending a few days in Avon before finishing our time in the city of Denver.
10/Aug/15 12:43 AM
beautiful day in OK
10/Aug/15 1:01 AM
Sister & BIL have moved back to the USA from 2 years in Japan.
10/Aug/15 1:04 AM
Going to be a busy day, they are in OK at their oldest daughters house.
10/Aug/15 1:06 AM
Off to do poozles.
10/Aug/15 1:07 AM

Greg spends a lot of time on his behead-curtails, I'm happy to see he is getting responses. If you haven't tried it, give it a go. It certainly gets the old brain in gear.
10/Aug/15 1:32 AM
I am off to a crab feast after the baseball game. I have just taken my donation of chocolate chip cookies out of the oven and am waiting for them to cool. Nothing says Maryland better than steamed crabs, cold beer, and baseball on a nice Sunday afternoon! More...
10/Aug/15 1:39 AM
Hey, what's this? All of a sudden I've got an agent for my puzzles. Okay Kathy, you get 10% of what I earn. Here you go - $000.00, so spend wisely!
10/Aug/15 2:44 AM
10/Aug/15 2:50 AM
Quite the artsy picture.
10/Aug/15 2:57 AM
Love that photo today. Very unusual!
10/Aug/15 4:19 AM
I'm glad my trees are still full of leaves. I know what happens next.
10/Aug/15 5:14 AM
Been waiting ...
10/Aug/15 5:27 AM
and waiting ...
10/Aug/15 5:27 AM
and just decided to go for it.
10/Aug/15 5:28 AM
10/Aug/15 5:28 AM
10/Aug/15 5:28 AM
10/Aug/15 6:10 AM
Missed it by 1.

And 42 minutes!
10/Aug/15 6:12 AM

A little silver-haired lady calls her neighbor and says, 'Please come over here and help me. I have a killer jigsaw puzzle, and I can't figure out how to get started.'
Her neighbor asks, 'What is it supposed to be when it's finished?'
The little silver-haired lady says, 'According to the More...
10/Aug/15 6:22 AM
1:25. Good morning everyone.
10/Aug/15 6:38 AM
Good one, DOA.
10/Aug/15 6:43 AM
Morning all,nice pic of a single leaf.
The sun is about to pop over hill and blind me !🌞😎
10/Aug/15 6:48 AM
Debby and Emels hope you both have a great day.
10/Aug/15 6:50 AM
Good morning all. sounds like you're in a good place Amelia!
10/Aug/15 7:49 AM
What HalT said DOA!
10/Aug/15 7:50 AM
A bit warmer, but showery here today. Might get the book work done.
10/Aug/15 7:51 AM
Well done Peter, you took the LPOTD away from me. I'll have to stay up later or take my iPad to bed.
10/Aug/15 8:33 AM

Amelia - The view from your apt. is gorgeous. Enjoy your vacation. If you and hubby are watching any of the golf from Firestone golf club in Akron, Ohio this weekend, that's only a 30 or 40 minute drive from me.
10/Aug/15 10:17 AM
Chris - I think you had a great PB time...and that was before reading about the things that curtailed your training. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.
10/Aug/15 10:18 AM
Yesterday, Daughter said that we should go hiking on some of the trails around Binder Lake. 'Easy walking,' she says. 'Fine', says me.

Are you familiar with the term 'heat exhaustion?'

I will sleep well tonight.
10/Aug/15 10:51 AM
I didn't realize we were so near the bottom of the page.
10/Aug/15 10:57 AM
I'll wait for no more than 10 minutes... Then pounce!
10/Aug/15 10:59 AM
5 minutes to go.
10/Aug/15 11:04 AM
Oh, what the heck.... So long, page 1.
10/Aug/15 11:06 AM
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