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Easy Sudoku for 12/February/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning people of the world.
12/Feb/15 12:01 AM
Finally, someone listened to me and won a lottery. It is about time. Congratulations, Serena and baby girl, I wish you both great happiness in your pre-school years.
12/Feb/15 12:03 AM
I could go there.
12/Feb/15 12:04 AM
You know, during my short life time, I have had a hamburger or two, or a hundred. I have had a hamburger that I dream of having again, which I had within the last 5 years, in Houston. I am sure I have had a bad hamburger, like at Jack in the Box, but I do not believe I have ever had a hamburger that I could not eat at all.
12/Feb/15 12:07 AM
Silvergal, the plan is to still homeschool starting in kindergarten but we are flexible. Little boy had a year of preschool and had no interested in public kindergarten. Fear, terror, anxiety, etc. at the thought. As they we prepping his classmates I had to constantly reassure him that he would More...
12/Feb/15 12:07 AM
Speaking of homeschool, little boy is ready so I'm off.
12/Feb/15 12:08 AM
Until this weekend. Man and I really enjoy local places, especially when they are 5 minutes down the road and we have a new place open up. We have learned it is best to try new places when we are childless, which we were this weekend. You think my food preparation is bad, the meat was More...
12/Feb/15 12:11 AM
Now, when we have had bad experiences when eating out, we give the benefit of the doubt. Could have been a bad night, could have been the person preparing the food, whatever could have happened, so we are good at giving a place at least 3 chances. Man has suggested in the last 4 or 5 days, of going More...
12/Feb/15 12:14 AM
To my dear friend.
12/Feb/15 12:15 AM
I don't know if this is a good thing or not, but both my girls dumped me at the door. I am proud of them for being able to go out into the world with no fears, but they could have taken my feelings into consideration and reminded me that they still needed me.
12/Feb/15 12:20 AM
I have made a really bad mistake. First on my laptop, I put pictures since birth, to loop through, as my screen saver. Do you know how many pictures there have been in the last 8 years? The first day, I did not accomplish a thing, because I was watching that screen and it was nearly 2 AM, on a More...
12/Feb/15 12:30 AM
Now, I have two computers and the picture that shows my girls pictures.

I think it is time for me to get out and get a life, or my girls are going to become an obsession.
12/Feb/15 12:32 AM
Karen & Serena! And others as they arrive!
Not sunny.
Not as cold today, but a chill is predicted at the end of the week.
12/Feb/15 12:48 AM
Karen, we have our photos streaming on our computer, too. Hubby sits so he sees them while eating our meals. His eyes are often so glued to the computer screen that he's not even listening to anything I say. I've posed the possibility of switching places, but we've sit in the same places for 25+ More...
12/Feb/15 12:59 AM
Shiela, today seems really bad. I had two plans for the day, make an early run to the grocery store and tweak my resume. I put my darlings on the yellow limo at 6:34 this morning, I did make a quick run to the corner store, but that is all I accomplished, so far. My pot has one more cup in it and More...
12/Feb/15 1:50 AM
12/Feb/15 2:05 AM

Let me explain about yesterday's poozle:

What word is missing from this sequence?

begin, inch, chapel, elastic, [?] , cellar, arisen, end

The answer I had was ICE. (Each word begins with the last two More...
12/Feb/15 2:15 AM
, y'all! Beautiful setting on today's photo. Not that warm here... 32ºF, not seriously cold, but I didn't feel like suiting up to run in it this morning. I'll wait until the afternoon when it's in the mid 50s.
12/Feb/15 2:20 AM
Seems I woke up at the right time.
12/Feb/15 2:23 AM
While I'm here ...
12/Feb/15 2:23 AM
... looks around ...
12/Feb/15 2:23 AM
12/Feb/15 2:23 AM
Okay. Let's see if I am a tad more successful today.....

What comes next in this sequence:

dog cat mouse mole deer pig ==?==

Choose from: llama cow rabbit frog.

Answers to my ''the icce has melted'' inbox, please.
12/Feb/15 2:27 AM
Whoa! I almost stepped on Keith! Close call!
12/Feb/15 2:28 AM
I think I will give a hint for the poozle, just because I am a very kind soul.

The list is related to numbers.
12/Feb/15 2:36 AM
Time to change to a lovey-dovey avatar.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, hubby was feeling all smug about a gift because, according to him, he just bought me a new ladder. He got ''the look'' and decided something else might be more appropriate.
12/Feb/15 2:43 AM
I do love a good burger, and they aren't all that hard to make taste really good. It's no secret that top quality ingredients make all the difference. IMHO, all the fast food burger chains use cheep ingredients, so make awful burgers.

My pictures scroll through as my desktop background too. More...
12/Feb/15 2:46 AM
I can't be left out in the cold. Valentine Avatar time for me as well.
12/Feb/15 2:50 AM
Today is the last day of our Spring like weather, before we return to Winter. For the last three days, I have kept the windows open, with only one complainer, but he is old and works over night, so I give him an extra blanket.
Today, is taking its time to get to the glorious 70 degrees and I got More...
12/Feb/15 4:46 AM
12/Feb/15 4:50 AM
I have decided for Valentines Day I will go to a Chinese Bakery, 85º - Yep that's the name 85º Any way they have a tiny treat called the Chocolate Pearl. It has a chocolate cake base then a chocolate mousse to round its shape then deep chocolate ganache to cover the whole sinful thing! AND it has one tiny gold flake on the top! One for me and one for hubby!
12/Feb/15 4:53 AM
Keith, I just have the last 8 years worth of pictures sliding through, with the first child, I seriously thought about having my camera surgically applied to my hand. I really believe we took a picture of each breath that child took. I am having difficulty wondering which sleeping infant is which, More...
12/Feb/15 4:53 AM
Thank you Karen! Here's flying your way!!!
12/Feb/15 4:53 AM
Downside, to this feed, is that Man has had the camera at least twice a year, one to the Antique Tractor Show and the other to Monster Truck Show. He is under false belief, that I want to see every tractor and every Monster truck and to hear their stories. There is a reason, that these events are a father/daughter affair. I have no interests in tractors or big trucks.
12/Feb/15 4:57 AM
Good morning. Couldn't sleep so here I am. Quieter day planned for today, Although I did hear yesterday of a quilting talk nearby, And there's a movie I want to see...... Mr P has ideas of sorting stuff out in the laundry for me to do - we'll see.
12/Feb/15 5:00 AM
Karen is very chatty today.
12/Feb/15 5:04 AM
The race is on.
12/Feb/15 5:05 AM
I'm sure she's lurking.
12/Feb/15 5:06 AM
Maybe she's still occupied looking at photos.
12/Feb/15 5:06 AM
And of course there's always shosho.
12/Feb/15 5:07 AM
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