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Easy Sudoku for 11/February/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, Sudoku World!
11/Feb/15 12:00 AM
11/Feb/15 12:00 AM
1:59 Good night one and all!

Hello Jeanine and Hal.
11/Feb/15 12:29 AM
to both sides of the world!
Just makes you want to smile!
(Even if it's cold.)
11/Feb/15 1:30 AM
That's a lot of wrinkles.
11/Feb/15 1:35 AM

20% or so depending on how you round.

The small pizza has a diameter of 8’’ and therefore an area proportional to 8^2.

The large pizza has a diameter of 14'' and therefore an area proportional to 14^2.

If the More...
11/Feb/15 1:40 AM
We won the lottery. Don't get too excited Karen. Our public preschool is run on a lottery system and little girl made it in for next year. She's only 3, so she will get two years of pre-k instead of 1 like her brother. They practically guarantee the 3 year olds a spot at 4 because of More...
11/Feb/15 1:44 AM
Happy Tuesday!
Congratulations on winning the preschool lottery, Serena's little girl
11/Feb/15 2:39 AM
His chew toy could get lost in the folds.
11/Feb/15 2:42 AM

We have a coating of ice on everything outside. There were a few very confused robins sliding around on our deck this morning. They definitely need to re-check their calendars!
11/Feb/15 2:46 AM
It's that time! Your poozle to ponder:

What word is missing from this sequence?

begin, inch, chapel, elastic, [?] , cellar, arisen, end

Answers to my ''The end is the end'' inbox, please.
11/Feb/15 2:49 AM
The pup may have dozed off. Are his eyes closed? Too wrinkly to tell.
11/Feb/15 3:00 AM
on the lottery win, Serena!
I remember my daughter waltzed into pre-school with nary a backward glance for her anxious Mom. My son clung to my leg and had to be pried off. They are all different.
11/Feb/15 3:06 AM
, y'all! Running payroll today, so I'll have to check in with the sudokus later.
11/Feb/15 3:08 AM
I did, however, want to see if I got the discount right on the 8-inch or 8-foot pizza. Serena, the salad works for me... I actually have leftover pizza for lunch today!
11/Feb/15 3:09 AM
And congrats on the lottery spot for Little Girl. My guess is after her Pre-K years, she'll be homeschooled as well?
11/Feb/15 3:10 AM
Good morning to all! Goodness gracious! Will someone please volunteer to iron that dog!
11/Feb/15 3:38 AM
Our first fully sunny day with warmer temperatures (minus ^ C.) in several weeks. A nice break but back to normal COLD tomorrow.
11/Feb/15 3:40 AM
CG's finally gotten us close enough.
11/Feb/15 3:53 AM
Anybody coming along with me?
11/Feb/15 3:53 AM
We shall see.
11/Feb/15 3:54 AM
11/Feb/15 3:54 AM
My friend has a dog like this and his name is,[you guessed it] WRINKLES. Great dog though . Fun personality, and yes, he is cute.
11/Feb/15 3:57 AM
11/Feb/15 4:01 AM
11/Feb/15 4:02 AM
Whoa, almost forgot! I broke my two minute barrier again this week!!! 1:49!
11/Feb/15 4:03 AM
There is a slight glitch in the poozle. Extra credit if you find it.
This is what happens when you just copy and paste and don't try it yourself first.
11/Feb/15 4:29 AM
Two eagle eyed Super Poozlers have brought this to my attention, so far.....
11/Feb/15 4:53 AM
For those of you shivering in northern climes, I just thought I might mention that the water temperatures off the Sydney beaches are currently 24ºC (75ºF) and have been at that level for the past month or so.
Makes you feel like taking a dip in the briny, doesn't it?
11/Feb/15 5:48 AM
Have YOU been dipping your carcass in the briny, Ian? Good to see you!
11/Feb/15 6:58 AM
Morning all, that pup needs wrinkle cream.
11/Feb/15 7:08 AM
to Orianne and Salishgirl.
11/Feb/15 7:12 AM
11/Feb/15 7:25 AM
11/Feb/15 7:52 AM
1:19. Good morning everyone.
11/Feb/15 7:57 AM
Finally getting back on to Sudoku. 1:41... some good fast times today, and what a cute pup!
11/Feb/15 9:30 AM
Adorable puppy. But then, all puppies are adorable.
11/Feb/15 9:49 AM
Oh, yes, Heidi... puppies are all soooo adorable - but then they grow up! Belated Birthday wishes too!
11/Feb/15 10:07 AM
Too bad Shosho isn't around she'd be hopping for the turn-over.....
11/Feb/15 10:09 AM
But I have no umbrella...... so I should do it!
11/Feb/15 10:09 AM
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