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Easy Sudoku for 13/November/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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1:35. Good Morning, all.
13/Nov/19 12:03 AM
1:59 Gee, you were very fast, Tom.

Good night all.
13/Nov/19 12:25 AM
tom & all who follow. Sleep well Anne!
13/Nov/19 1:40 AM
Tom and Denny! 'Night, Anne!

Our forecasted ''wintery mix'' has turned out to be rain. Unfortunatey, the Labradoodle (AKA The Big Lug)refuses to get her feet wet. This means I have to gear up, put her on a leash and take her outside to More...
13/Nov/19 1:50 AM
Bright sun and about a foot of snow!
Hope you have sunshine, too, but with a bit of warmth thrown in!
13/Nov/19 2:18 AM
13/Nov/19 2:35 AM
Kathy, you should write a book about your experiences with the Grandpuppies! It would be hilarious! And don't forget the photos ...
13/Nov/19 3:12 AM
Oh, and greetings from Lodi, CA (“Oh Lord, stuck in...” - at the Wine & Roses, if you’re looking for a very nice stop-off place to stay).

Two items from yesterday: we were zipping along at 77 mph when a motorcyclist zipped by so fast, I couldn’t even note the colour of his jacket; he or More...
13/Nov/19 3:32 AM
We don't allow bugs to emigrate to California, Tom ...
13/Nov/19 4:23 AM
A bank robber pulls out gun points it at the teller, and says, 'Give me all the money or you're geography!' The puzzled teller replies, 'Did you mean to say 'or you're history?'' The robber says, 'Don't change the subject!'
13/Nov/19 4:34 AM
Then perhaps you should explain the ever lovely Tarantula Hawk, Judy.
13/Nov/19 5:05 AM
I will stand in for Plum to say that this one is a breeze from 9 to 1. Just click click click all the way.
13/Nov/19 5:35 AM
There are plenty of bugs around here, but I haven't had any dead ones on the windshield, most likely because traffic moves so slowly the bugs have plenty of time to get away.
13/Nov/19 5:39 AM

Oh Mr. Cee, wherefore art thou, Mr. Cee?
13/Nov/19 5:42 AM
Lovely memorial photo
13/Nov/19 5:53 AM
13/Nov/19 6:34 AM
1:41. Good morning everyone.
13/Nov/19 6:43 AM
13/Nov/19 6:43 AM
Whew! just had 16 minutes to spare for morning greeting! I do the then go to yoga. After yoga is farmers market! Tuesday mornings are nonstop! I found a new different stall today. A Japanese guy was selling amazake!! It's my childhood soft More...
13/Nov/19 6:48 AM
Morning all,great photo.
Beginning to hate the breakfast shows that repeat the same news every half hour,rather have silence.
13/Nov/19 6:52 AM
Had a fun day yesterday. Headed up the coast to a town called Triabunna, a little over an hour away and is noted for it's fish and chips. After a pleasant meal of fish an ships went to start the car - it refused. Called the RACT who attended and determined that the starter motor was the cause More...
13/Nov/19 8:10 AM
13/Nov/19 8:12 AM
Sorry Keith....bbbut I did wait!
13/Nov/19 8:13 AM
A measley 2 minutes ...
13/Nov/19 8:59 AM
Good morning one and all.

Sounds like you had an exciting day, Peter!

Glad you got home safely.
13/Nov/19 10:07 AM
What the heck is a Tarantula Hawk, Batty? I have never heard of it and had to look it up! It's scary!

Besides, my comment was tongue-in-cheek and intended to be a political metaphor ...
13/Nov/19 11:22 AM

Tuesday 12th November.
Sarah – Stands corrected. Apparently it’s Memorial Day in the US. Remembrance Day elsewhere. Trust the Yanks to be different.

Wednesday 13th November.
Tom, Anne and Denny – Provide the morning’s greetings. How’d you go More...
13/Nov/19 11:24 AM
Fish and Ships Peter? You're regressing
13/Nov/19 11:42 AM
I think it would be good if Kathy could write a book, or a collection of anecdotes about her doggie experiences. I can even suggest a title, DOGGY TAILS or would DOGGIE TAILS be better.
13/Nov/19 11:49 AM
13/Nov/19 1:13 PM
Thanks, Phanty, for asking how the cribbage went - Just arrived and was planning to ask when I finished the comments - now we shall await Denny's answer!

We, too had snow & sunshine - less snow than you Shiela, but it still required being moved outta the way!
13/Nov/19 1:28 PM
I could not decipher that D-day Memorial, but this site has many photos depicting the Normandy Landing:

National D-Day Memorial, Bedford, Virginia
13/Nov/19 1:31 PM
To either clear up or further 'muddy the water':

Memorial Day
Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering and honoring the military personnel who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. The holiday is now observed on the last Monday of May, More...
13/Nov/19 1:36 PM
All that cut n paste made me thirsty. A pint of Guinness, for me, and a round for the house...
13/Nov/19 1:45 PM
Thanks, DoA for the explanation, now I'M thirsty after all that reading so I'll have a pint of Newcastle Brown......cheers!
13/Nov/19 2:14 PM
Wombat, I think the title of Kathy's book should be DODGY TALES!
13/Nov/19 5:10 PM
Just for you, Peter:

13/Nov/19 5:12 PM
Thanks Keith, one of my favourite groups.
13/Nov/19 10:58 PM
Glad DorA did that detailed explanation. I was just gonna say that Memorial Day is not Remembrance Day. Remembrance Day is Veterans Day. When I complained about those who died in service not being included in Veterans Day, I wasn't thinking that they get a whole separate day, in May, to be remembered.
15/Nov/19 3:14 PM
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