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Easy Sudoku for 12/November/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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1:47. God Morning, all.
12/Nov/19 12:17 AM
2:13 Another stormy picture.
Good morning Tom and Good night all who follow.
12/Nov/19 12:18 AM
Lest We Forget...


He was getting old and paunchy
And his hair was falling fast,
And he sat around the Legion,
Telling stories of the past.

Of a war that he once fought in
And the deeds that he had done,
In his exploits with his More...
12/Nov/19 2:19 AM
to our veterans.
12/Nov/19 3:24 AM
That's a good one, DoA.

My husband is a Vietnam Vet, and it is also his birthday today. Kind of a special day around here. He is out fishing with grandsons.
12/Nov/19 3:24 AM
Never forget.
12/Nov/19 3:31 AM
12/Nov/19 3:54 AM
12/Nov/19 3:55 AM
12/Nov/19 4:14 AM
That's scary!
12/Nov/19 4:20 AM
to our Veterans
12/Nov/19 5:23 AM
Beautiful house! Kate.
12/Nov/19 5:49 AM
12/Nov/19 6:25 AM
Morning all,would like to see these clouds for real.
Just, best wishes for a great birthday for your hubby. 🎣🎂🎣
12/Nov/19 6:33 AM
Where did Just come from....Judy ...is what I meant.
12/Nov/19 6:35 AM

Another interesting big cloud photo
12/Nov/19 6:52 AM
Thanks DoA.
12/Nov/19 7:56 AM
Good one DoA, thanks - DBF!
12/Nov/19 8:44 AM
That is a really moving poem DoA, whether we are referring to US Veterans, or Aussie ex-servicemen or those from any country involved in a war. They did what their masters and their consciences told them to do, and many suffered terribly for their patriotism and valour.
12/Nov/19 10:10 AM
DoA - I've never read such a poignant veteran tribute - thank you!

We must never forget!
12/Nov/19 10:31 AM
12/Nov/19 11:30 AM
12/Nov/19 11:31 AM
First time I've heard that one DoA. It is without doubt one of the most moving and poignant verse I have encountered.
Thank you
12/Nov/19 12:31 PM
12/Nov/19 3:06 PM
Remembrance Day is a much better name for 11 November. In the US, Armistice Day was changed to Veterans' Day. Yeah, well, how about all those who never had the chance to be veterans because they were killed in the wars in which they served? We do remember them in our observances, so the name of the day really makes no sense. If I ran the world....
12/Nov/19 4:00 PM
On a more cheerful note, I hope hiddlydiddly from Australia becomes an active participant in the Comments. I want to get to know the person who selects that name!
12/Nov/19 4:01 PM
Calling all POOZLERS. It is time to reveal the answers from last Saturday's exam, not that I need to because everyone worked it out themselves. We'll be a couple off people short as the Snowbirds are snowbirding, but I'm sure they will come up with a solution. Those still in their regular home More...
12/Nov/19 4:19 PM
SATURN Second largest planet in the solar system


SCOWL Glower

ADAXIAL Upper surface of a leaf

DEFY Disobey

A FEZ An Egyptian hat (two words)

AGRARIAN Cultivation of land

SHABBY Run down and dishevelled

PITCHER A large More...
12/Nov/19 4:21 PM
Sarah, It's called Memorial Day...
12/Nov/19 5:57 PM
Peter and Phantom both gave correct answers to your puzzle Wombat. What a combination
12/Nov/19 5:59 PM
We have two Cuckoo Clocks. One I bought in 1962 during our school trip to Switzerland and the other was bought in 1974/5 when we were stationed in Europe. Age has caught up with them, both were refusing to 'cuck' with the dancers refusing to dance also in the newer one. Took them More...
12/Nov/19 6:05 PM
Further to previous post whilst I was in the shop filling in the paperwork the owner asked my wife if she would like to go out for dinner. I think she was secretly pleased with this flattery whilst I was calculating how much I could save on food!!
12/Nov/19 6:07 PM
And lookee here - just the number and at the correct time of the day for a little libation. It's quite warm here so I'll have an icy cold 150 lashes. Come and join me
12/Nov/19 6:09 PM
Can't miss the CP
12/Nov/19 6:10 PM

Monday 11th November - LEST WE FORGET.
Sarah – Has found a bathouse, no, no, a bat house! It’s 22ft high and hangs on a fence. Kathy could live in it with her batty friends.
Remembers her dad. RIP Sarah’s dad!
Hey You – On the golf course. Looks More...
12/Nov/19 6:15 PM
1:19. Good evening everyone.
12/Nov/19 6:29 PM
DoA- you are quite right. Memorial Day. I kept hearing news stories about Remembrance Day because of the poppy issues elsewhere.
13/Nov/19 4:57 AM
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