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Easy Sudoku for 13/May/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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A new day
13/May/15 12:01 AM
a beautiful day in OK
13/May/15 12:02 AM
13/May/15 12:02 AM
Good morning people of the world.
13/May/15 12:05 AM
Happy Birthday Sharon
13/May/15 12:05 AM
, y'all!

In case you missed it, I posted the Rebus answers yesterday on Page 2 towards the bottom.
13/May/15 12:09 AM
I am in the dog house, literally.
Shelby Lou is my shadow all day long, so are the kitties, but Shelby sticks by my feet all day. With one exception, when Man goes to bed in our bed, at what he says normal hours. Then Shelby goes to bed with him. So last night I did not realize I did not trip More...
13/May/15 12:09 AM
, Shosho! Make it a great one!
13/May/15 12:09 AM
Butterfly art.
13/May/15 12:10 AM
Obviously my plan didn't work.

Monday, Greg, Diaper Bag, Pink

Tuesday, Lily, Pacifiers, Red

Thursday, Stella, Toys, Blue

Friday, Alan, Bottles, Orange

Saturday, Katie, Clothes, Green

In the More...
13/May/15 12:14 AM
For kitty purposes, I keep all my blinds raised, about so high. So when I was putting my shoes on this morning, I just happened to look towards the back door and saw these huge eyes staring at me. Freaky. At the same moment, it dawned on me that Shelby did not wake up with me. OH NO! My poor baby. More...
13/May/15 12:15 AM
Happy advancing Shosho.
13/May/15 12:15 AM
Awww, Serena. Your plan was brilliant. So sorry it did not work.
13/May/15 12:17 AM
Of all the preparing work I am going through right now, I cannot believe the discussion going on with the voices this morning. Paper towels and napkins. Of all things.
13/May/15 12:19 AM

Oh, dear....Serena's here.
That little one is obviously very comfy.
13/May/15 12:19 AM
No shadows today.
Cooler temps!
13/May/15 12:22 AM
Serena... I was hoping not to get answers to your puzzle today!
13/May/15 12:23 AM
Maybe numbers today will get things going for our preggers lady......

What number comes next in this sequence:

302 202 102 002 991 ?

Answers to my ''About face!'' inbox, please.
13/May/15 12:24 AM
Karen, don't you just hate it when you hurt a pet's feelings? Hope Shelby forgives you soon!
13/May/15 12:25 AM
Ohhhh! Getting close... where's Keith?
13/May/15 12:25 AM
We are big paper towel users, but sometime in February, we ran out and for some reason, did not replenish our stock. I think I put it on the list once for Man. Then rummaging around in holiday stuff, I noticed an abundance of open packages of party and holiday napkins. I really have/had a stock More...
13/May/15 12:26 AM
Galumph....or is it Galump?
13/May/15 12:26 AM
Wow. We are speedy this morning.
13/May/15 12:27 AM
Landed faster than I thought I would!
13/May/15 12:27 AM
And Shiela galumps in for the win! Or is it gallumps?
13/May/15 12:29 AM
You want kids and mental institution stories. Here's one. I know that siblings are going to fight over things. My two youngest fight over imaginary things. They will pretend to pick an apple of an imaginary tree and then seriously argue over who got the biggest or reddest and stuff like that. Every so often I look at hubby and say, and you wonder why I'm crazy.
13/May/15 12:30 AM
Guess I am doing good, if that is the only thing on my mind today, but I really need to get busy. Need to order cakes and I have not found a place around here that I like.
K's crush, mother is a cake lady. I had one of her cakes and was not impressed, but of course, Man and girl are insisting I use her.
13/May/15 12:30 AM
Then there is the fake call for help that results in tears. Little girls say help me with something. I start to help and she melts and screams saying she wants to do it herself.
13/May/15 12:31 AM
That is a good one, Serena.

Oh, I hope we are not giving you a complex about wishing you not here? Personally, this waiting is another thing that would drive me insane. I am a schedule person. Thank goodness for early babies. If you recall both girls were due on July 4 and then they were More...
13/May/15 12:34 AM
I finally looked at the thermometer... it's only 53F. After several days in the 80'sF it's a bit too chilly for shorts! Think I'll go look in my closet again!
13/May/15 12:35 AM
I have nothing better to do. I think we should try for a page in the first hour.
13/May/15 12:37 AM
OK, I told a friend earlier, that I needed to get up and pretend to do something and only accomplished emptying the coffee pot.
Now, I need to get up and pretend to do something else.
13/May/15 12:37 AM
Anyone with me? I'd hate to have to do a double cp and do it myself.
13/May/15 12:37 AM
Well, then it is Mommy Tales galore.
13/May/15 12:38 AM
Serena... Imaginary trees with apples????
(Are you sure this pregnancy isn't an imaginary one?)
13/May/15 12:39 AM
I like the one where I hear, 'MOM, I need help.' And I go to help and told, 'No, not you.'

Makes me wonder how many Moms these girls have.
13/May/15 12:40 AM
Oh, that is not nice Shiela.
But got a chuckle from this part of the world.
13/May/15 12:41 AM
I don't like being pregnant enough to pretend. Actually, my dislike for being pregnant is why there is a 6 3/4 year gap between my first two.
13/May/15 12:41 AM
So, the question is, who gets to flip the page?
13/May/15 12:42 AM
Uh, did you two leave me!
13/May/15 12:42 AM
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