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Easy Sudoku for 12/May/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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12/May/15 12:00 AM
world, a beautiful day in OK
12/May/15 12:08 AM
The rain has stopped at least for awhile.
12/May/15 12:09 AM
Had storms yesterday, rather severe at times.
12/May/15 12:10 AM
Have to leave in a few minutes
12/May/15 12:11 AM
12/May/15 12:12 AM
If it wasn't a picture, I would guess I was about to be licked in the face.
12/May/15 12:13 AM
Hi shosho.

Here is my plan. I'm going to post a puzzle based on the fact that this kid seems in no hurry to exit the womb. Then I'm going to count on Murphy's law to negate that and have me go into labor and unable to post answers. I apologize in advance to anybody that waiting for the answers might drive crazy.
12/May/15 12:16 AM
Abby Smith has five baby showers to go to this week. Unfortunately, with all the baby showers, she's forgotten which day each is on, as well as the names of the babies, the presents she's giving each and the color of ribbon she's using to wrap the gifts. Can you help her figure it out?
12/May/15 12:16 AM
Happy Birthday to Gath!
12/May/15 12:42 AM
Good morning people of the world.
12/May/15 1:05 AM
Seems like a life time since I have been on site. Oh, I have observed, but a girl project kept from jumping in and playing games. I am really going through game withdrawal and lack of chatting. I may never recover and have to play and chat all day today.
12/May/15 1:08 AM
Don't panic, I can't, still more project work to do.
12/May/15 1:09 AM
Third graders are making a replica of the city. Though my darling did not choose the biggest, most detail of buildings, she did pick the one, I have only seen once and it has a dome. A dome! In this assignment I have learned many things. Just to name a few, I am so thankful that the girl did not choose the university or the court house and until this weekend, I have never made a dome.
12/May/15 1:12 AM
The fastest and easiest way, was not my best idea of the week; chicken wire. But then I thought, an 8 year old, bus, millions of little people and pokey material. Then an email from teacher confirmed, was not a good idea. She was kind and said if we used chicken wire, I needed to deliver to school. At the same time, I had emailed her telling her I was nixing the chicken wire idea.
12/May/15 1:15 AM
A look of love, for sure.
12/May/15 1:17 AM
Good morning all.
12/May/15 1:18 AM
Karen's going to go for it if I let her.
12/May/15 1:19 AM
At least now, we can race for it.
12/May/15 1:19 AM
She's going to jump in any time now.
12/May/15 1:19 AM
12/May/15 1:19 AM
12/May/15 1:20 AM
With a little searching, I thought the drinking straw method would be fun for K and I to do together. Again, not my brightest thought of the week. Just to make the dome, took 24 hours, take out 3 hours of eating and breaks, 3 hours of nap time and 8 hours of sleep. Let's see, that is approximately 10 hours of project time. Which I really think I worked longer than 10 hours on this thing.
12/May/15 1:20 AM
Hehehe. I was not even close. I was doing Math and it was a stumper.
12/May/15 1:21 AM
Full attention being given.
12/May/15 1:26 AM
OK, project for two, became a Saturday morning family project, I had both girls unwrapping about 500 straws, (just a miscalculation on my part), I think we have 100 straws left over. Man was sent to take detailed pictures of the building. He came back with 7 pictures, taken from the farthest part More...
12/May/15 1:27 AM
Re: Serena's puzzle. I don't know where Abby Smith lives, but if she is attending five baby showers in one week, there must be something in the water in that town!
12/May/15 1:29 AM
I worked on project till the wee hours of the morning, which by this time I could not see. No assembly had been done, just prep work. By Sunday afternoon, still no assembly had been started. Way too much prep work and my family were off getting religion. Thought I would have help when they More...
12/May/15 1:30 AM
At 12:36, I declared dome finished. Then I had to wrap boxes, which are the buildings, in brown, thick paper. Have you ever wrapped with thick brown paper? OK, this paper is actually from when we were painting, not really wrapping type of paper.
Email went to teacher this morning, explaining More...
12/May/15 1:35 AM
OK, one more, before I need to remove my tush from this seat...maybe.

Because I have inhaled way too much straw smell, it has effected my brain cell. I keep volunteering for things today. First, I offered my services to the teacher, that has 22 little people to help replicate a More...
12/May/15 1:39 AM
12/May/15 1:58 AM
12/May/15 1:59 AM
12/May/15 2:00 AM
12/May/15 2:00 AM
Sunny now, but supposed to have thunderstorms sometime today.
Hope it's after I get back from physical therapy!
12/May/15 2:14 AM

Gath. And for this wonderful site.
12/May/15 2:18 AM
PT will be interesting today. I've had an intern this whole time. She finished her internship so now I'll have her instructor. It'll be interesting to see if there are any major differences. Hope not! The intern was very good!
12/May/15 2:21 AM
Gath! Make a wish and we'll all help you blow out your candles!
Maybe not! ...It would be quite a wind!
12/May/15 2:23 AM
Did everybody leave?
12/May/15 2:55 AM
12/May/15 2:56 AM
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