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Easy Sudoku for 15/October/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone.
15/Oct/14 12:00 AM
1:21. Good night all.
15/Oct/14 12:02 AM
G'day mates.
Here's today's daffynition:
Accord: A thick string.
Here's today's factoid:
Cassanova spent the last 13 years of his life working as a librarian.
15/Oct/14 12:13 AM
What a charming picture as a reward for an easy 1 - 9 puzzle!
15/Oct/14 12:21 AM
We needed rain, but this is ridiculous! It's coming down in buckets, with no sign of stopping for the next 10 days at least!
15/Oct/14 12:22 AM
And we're supposed to get buckets, too!
15/Oct/14 12:30 AM
Good morning everyone. we're in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and about to head off to Cathedral Ledge and a near by water fall. Our theme for yesterday was to check out General Stores and interesting looking shops. We found The Vermont General Store which was a very exciting place to More...
15/Oct/14 12:43 AM
Vermont is a beautiful state, Sacky. I hope the trees are in all their glory for you!
15/Oct/14 12:49 AM
Ah, Cassanova.....he was more that just an intrepid lover.....

Today, Casanova is so surrounded by myth that many people almost believe he was a fictional character. (Perhaps it’s hard to take seriously a man who has been portrayed by Tony Curtis, Donald Sutherland, Heath Ledger and even More...
15/Oct/14 12:53 AM
Our next major find was quite by accident in Littleton, New Hampshire, where we had gone in search of petrol (gas). Here was Chutters with the world's longest candy counter. We spent ages checking out the place. Another theme I'm collecting is 'famous' things - eg. Jack's World Famous Seafood in More...
15/Oct/14 12:54 AM
Looking at the images of Mr. C, I can't quite figure out the appeal.
15/Oct/14 12:55 AM
The autumn leaves are beautiful, Kathy and we're hoping for a real show this morning.
15/Oct/14 12:56 AM
That's the best way to travel, Sacky. Stop when the spirit moves you!
15/Oct/14 12:57 AM
You are in a great part of the country for Fall color! A gorgeous area of the U.S.!
15/Oct/14 12:58 AM
Are you ready? It's Tuesday!!!

Combine the word fragments below to produce pairs of words that have opposite meanings. There are 9 pairs of words, one pair on each line.

Hint: The first letters of the first word in each pair are: A, B, More...
15/Oct/14 1:11 AM
, y'all! I'd love to see the mountains of Vermont in the fall!
15/Oct/14 1:17 AM
Following up on Sarah's comment yesterday about Facebook's 'Attachment Unavailable' photo block (and how FB drives her crazy):

If there is a pic for the whole group to see, it must be uploaded to the group itself. If it's uploaded to your page and then linked to the group, those who aren't More...
15/Oct/14 1:23 AM
Kathy, maybe Casanova's ''appeal'' isn't visible in the images ...
15/Oct/14 1:30 AM
Seems I'm up
15/Oct/14 1:31 AM
at just the right time.
15/Oct/14 1:31 AM
Looking around.
15/Oct/14 1:32 AM
15/Oct/14 1:32 AM
15/Oct/14 1:35 AM
Lovely photo today. Is that a rabbit?
15/Oct/14 2:10 AM

Ooooh Sacky .....

What about doing the Ben and Jerry's (ice cream) factory tour in Waterbury VT?

I've never been, but it sounds like fun.

And maybe a few covered bridges.

15/Oct/14 2:12 AM
15/Oct/14 3:06 AM
I'm up and I have my walking clothes on. The sun is shining. I emptied 4 more boxes last night, and my friend is going to regift his table to another friend. Maybe I will be unpacked in time to pack it up again, but this time I will be organised!
15/Oct/14 3:19 AM
Good afternoon to all! That's a photo we haven't seen in a while.
15/Oct/14 4:11 AM
A busy Thanksgiving weekend for me. Had the traditional turkey dinner on Saturday with friends in my condo. Spent Sunday 'un'gardening in about 45F, cutting down hosta and fern, raking leaves and pulling garden plants, and on Sunday I served meals at the Ottawa Mission to street folks and More...
15/Oct/14 4:18 AM
Sacky, if you're in Vermont, keep driving north, Canada is not too far away!
15/Oct/14 4:19 AM
Could be, Judy. I only saw head shots.
15/Oct/14 6:17 AM
A break from the rain. I was able to take the dog outside but everything is very wet!
It will have washed the fertilizer into the lawn. I did not tell hubby that I fertilized yesterday. He complains he has to be mow more often!
15/Oct/14 6:45 AM
15/Oct/14 6:46 AM
Morning all, a lovely garden statue.
LOL June,my hairdresser works out of home and was trying to get her hubby to mow the lawn before they went away for the weekend. He replied 'Why it will only grow again'.
15/Oct/14 7:48 AM

Gray clouds and windy today with rain expected. The side lawn is totally covered with leaves even though it was all mowed and gathered yesterday. But at least no severe storm warnings for my area.
15/Oct/14 7:54 AM
Dottie, we have had heavy rain most of the night now we have strong winds . Not a nice day at all.
15/Oct/14 8:45 AM
Hello, all.
15/Oct/14 9:26 AM
talk about from one extreme to the other weather wise!!! Beautiful beach weather over the weekend, then horrid rain and wind for the last couple of days. Needless to say I could of got to the beach in the Last couple of days Oh well try again next days off.
15/Oct/14 9:46 AM

Almost there
15/Oct/14 9:47 AM

Take it easy Greg in the garden, don't need your back flaring up!
15/Oct/14 9:48 AM
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