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Easy Sudoku for 14/October/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates.
Here's today's daffynition:
Ad Hoc: Pawn shop advertisement.
Here's today's factoid:
In the Chinese city of Chongqing, cell phone addicts have their own sidewalk lane.
14/Oct/14 12:00 AM
14/Oct/14 12:00 AM
Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

14/Oct/14 12:17 AM
Hey Greg I found a little pottery maple leaf like yours yesterday. Happy thanksgiving, Canada..
14/Oct/14 12:25 AM
And good morning everyone from chilly Manchester Center in the Green Mountains of Vermont. We are seeing some wonderful autumn foliage and eating some brilliant local foods. In the last 2 days we met Pam from CT and had a great few hours with her and her hubby. We went to a local fair, where I shared a Whoopie Pie with Jane. That was much nicer than the Pumpkin Icecream in New Hope.
14/Oct/14 12:30 AM
Jane said I erred - it's pumpkin whoopee pie. Pam showed us through her pottery studio and gave each of us a mug she'd made, with a sudoku puzzle on the side. They then took us out to dinner to an excellent Italian restaurant. Thanks very much Pam - it was so nice to meet you.
14/Oct/14 12:37 AM
It was great to meet you two also. We enjoyed your company very much.
14/Oct/14 12:45 AM
It seems a lifetime ago, but just yesterday morning we had breakfast with Ann from Vermont at a wonderful little diner in her area. I had a massive pile of blueberry pancakes, bacon and genuine Vermont maple syrup. Lovely meeting you Ann, one of the early sudoku legends and thanks for giving us the directions for the scenic route to Manchester. It was the perfect way to get here.
14/Oct/14 12:50 AM
You may have noticed a theme developing here - this is becoming a food odyssey! Yesterday was also another first - pure maple candy.
14/Oct/14 12:52 AM
Ok we're off to New Hampshire and the White Mountains. Bye for now.
14/Oct/14 12:53 AM
No need for roday around here.
But that's okay! We had great weather for the whole week of our travels in the Catskill area of NY! Saw beautiful Autumn colors.
(That's where I was if you missed me!)
14/Oct/14 1:16 AM
That does not look comfortable to me.
14/Oct/14 1:39 AM
That's suppose to be 'today'!
Fingers not yet back from vacation, I guess!
14/Oct/14 1:43 AM
Ouch! (I agree, Serena!)
14/Oct/14 1:44 AM
The Sacky Food Odyssey continues. Wonderful reading.
14/Oct/14 1:47 AM
Hi All,

This is the longest road trip that I've ever heard about.

It is fascinating.

Allow 15 to 30 minutes to read/see it all.

14/Oct/14 1:48 AM
Suppose 8 monkeys take 8 minutes to eat 8 bananas.

1. How many minutes would it take 2 monkeys to eat 2 bananas?

2. How many monkeys would it take to eat 100 bananas in 80 minutes?

Answers to my ‘’monkey business’’ inbox please
14/Oct/14 1:50 AM
Looks like math to me.
14/Oct/14 1:52 AM
Neil wants to distract me from making a run for it.
14/Oct/14 1:53 AM
I didn't leave.
14/Oct/14 1:53 AM
I'll check his site out in a minute.
14/Oct/14 1:53 AM
14/Oct/14 1:54 AM
14/Oct/14 1:54 AM
Maybe next time.
14/Oct/14 1:54 AM
14/Oct/14 2:32 AM
I plowed through 31 math tests from hopeful candidates for the math team this year. This time I had a clean cut between scores to make up my team of 16 trainees for the math competition in Los Angeles County this year. We'll work with four teams of four students. Then just before the competition cull that number down to one team with one alternate.
14/Oct/14 2:34 AM
Uncomfortable photo today! Don't quite get it.
14/Oct/14 2:43 AM
, y'all! (Morning for the next 6 minutes, anyway.) My best guess about today's photo is that it was a natural 'hammock', albeit lumpy.
14/Oct/14 2:55 AM
No needed here today either. In face, except for Saturday, which was beautiful, it has been rainy and chilly. Not good weather for planting or harvesting. Karma sucks.
14/Oct/14 2:56 AM
Kayo, I wish cell phone addicts had their own grocery stores which would allow the rest of us to be able to get to the products on our list
14/Oct/14 2:56 AM
Happy Monday!
14/Oct/14 3:31 AM
It's so nice that Sacky and Jane were able to meet Pam and Ann.
14/Oct/14 3:34 AM
Canuk Greg - I thought of you yesterday when we deboned a whole turkey breast and then grilled it. How appropriate that we had turkey in recognition of Canada's Thanksgiving Day. I hope you're enjoying your holiday.
14/Oct/14 3:36 AM
Shiela - I'll bet you saw some amazing colors while in the Catskill Mountains last week. Probably peak colors. Ohio's peak is this week and next.
14/Oct/14 3:37 AM

14/Oct/14 3:40 AM
Stupid me forgot today was a holiday here in the US. I went to the post office to pick up a package that couldn't be delivered on Saturday's.
14/Oct/14 3:42 AM
I've been pretty much this whole time reading/watching Neil's offering (I read slowly). If you enjoy travel, it is a fascinating story, and well worth the time. Thanks, Neil.
14/Oct/14 3:46 AM
Happy Thanksgiving Canada!
14/Oct/14 3:53 AM
I am starting to warm up and dry out.
14/Oct/14 3:54 AM
one more
14/Oct/14 3:54 AM
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