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Easy Sudoku for 15/September/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi all.
15/Sep/12 12:00 AM
G'day mates,here's today's daffynition:
FLABBERGASTED: Appalled over how much weight you have gained.

..And here's today's factoid:
Julius Caesar was epileptic.

Many commented on yesterday's factoid about rhyming words. I'm pleased my little attempts are creating brain exercises for others.
15/Sep/12 12:00 AM
Good Maen!!
15/Sep/12 12:00 AM
Just had time to pop in a comment! We are on a revised schedule today, and my class starts 5 minutes earlier than usual. That gives me 5 minutes after the new day starts here, not 10. Hope to be back later.
15/Sep/12 12:01 AM
Kayo - you do a GREAT job.
15/Sep/12 12:02 AM
1:50. Good night all.
15/Sep/12 12:03 AM
Good Maen friends!
I have been truly 'Flabbergasted' many times!
15/Sep/12 12:08 AM
Good morning people of the world.
15/Sep/12 12:09 AM
National Kreme Filled Donuts Day
15/Sep/12 12:11 AM
Sunny and delicate, Kate...thanks!
15/Sep/12 12:11 AM
Today's celebration should keep us all feeling flabbergasted.
15/Sep/12 12:13 AM
I made a mistake yesterday. I know shocker.
Jill is celebrating her 14th year of being 29.
15/Sep/12 12:14 AM
No needed today.
It's raining!
15/Sep/12 12:22 AM
15/Sep/12 12:29 AM
Refuse to tell how many times I've been flabbergasted!
15/Sep/12 12:30 AM
15/Sep/12 12:31 AM
I've always wondered about 'flabbergasted', Kayo!
15/Sep/12 12:31 AM
Karen, I wouldn't be surprised to see Jill coming after you with a flame loaded birthday cake!!! (hmmm that would be a sight to see. . . would it look like a flame thrower? or a wine bottle bomb?)
15/Sep/12 12:33 AM
With all those many candles, Shosho, the fire department would get her, before she got me.

Besides, it is not like I told her age. She is 29, for the 14th time.
15/Sep/12 12:39 AM
Wow, those flowers remind me of the kind of clover plant with yellow flowers at the end of a long stem. Children would pick the long stem and suck the sour juice at the end opposite the flower.
15/Sep/12 12:40 AM
Race you to Keith's number . . .
15/Sep/12 12:41 AM
15/Sep/12 12:41 AM
Is Keith even awake?
15/Sep/12 12:42 AM
Snatched it from Karen!
Now I think I better run!
15/Sep/12 12:42 AM
Oh, you silly woman. You will be back.
15/Sep/12 12:45 AM

What type of iPad does everyone have? I have been thinking about getting one for when we travel. Any recommendations?
15/Sep/12 12:45 AM
I will use the dark good morning today, we are getting that wet stuff from the sky. It has rained on & off all night. Maybe I won't have to water the lawn for a few days.
15/Sep/12 12:45 AM
I might have to find clothes that are not shorts, 100's one week to 70's the next. Maybe fall has fell here.
15/Sep/12 12:49 AM
Don't you just hate it when the weather can't make up its mind? We get cloud covering in the morning, cool enough to need something light with long sleeve but as the day goes on it's hard to tell if it's going to be hot and muggy or warm and a little muggy.
15/Sep/12 12:52 AM
But I still will get up a 5 to run to avoid the sun! I feel miserable running when I'm hot. It's bad enough I get hot due to running but to add the sun and ugh!
15/Sep/12 12:54 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: Jane Tudee Net was playing AGAINST THE ODDS, or, PLAYING THE ODDS

A round of for winners, Plum, HalT, Greg, and Sarah!
15/Sep/12 12:57 AM
Hey, Shosho, with you back to running in more ways than one, does that mean you are back to your normal now?
15/Sep/12 12:58 AM
Sue, I am with you. I am enjoying these not in 100 degree weather days, but my girls are saying they are cold in the mornings and all jackets were the first items packed and way at the back of the full storage building, probably at the bottom of the stack, too.
15/Sep/12 1:00 AM
Jerry's number always sneaks up on me.
15/Sep/12 1:01 AM
It almost looks like a plumaria.
15/Sep/12 1:15 AM
The only one I know about is the iPad2. It works just fine for me.
15/Sep/12 1:21 AM
Thanks, Keith. I'll check it out.
15/Sep/12 1:32 AM
Ready for some MATH? Too bad.

My grandmother has a pair of calendar cubes; each cube has six digits on it, one on each face.
Every morning, she re-arranges them to show the day of the month as a two-digit number (01 to 31).

Even though some numbers appear on both More...
15/Sep/12 1:36 AM
That pretty weed looks too much like the buttercups found around here. Buttercups may look pretty, but are very toxic to livestock.
15/Sep/12 2:08 AM
I'll generously set up the TOPP for someone else, to give them a thrill.
15/Sep/12 2:08 AM
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