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Easy Sudoku for 27/November/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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MaeN to sudokites, morning noon and night.
I hope your days is treatingyou right

Tis past midnight and i really should be asleep.
27/Nov/14 12:17 AM
So should I be asleep fii. It is so nice to see you posting again.
27/Nov/14 12:24 AM
Good evening, Night Owls!
27/Nov/14 12:33 AM
Although it's the date of our Thanksgiving, it's still tomorrow for us. Many of the things I'm thankful for are all the wonderful people I've 'met' on this site!
27/Nov/14 12:37 AM
Too late for me to. Goodnight.
27/Nov/14 12:42 AM
Well, keep pedaling, then!
27/Nov/14 12:47 AM
, y'all! Fourth straight day of rain, though today it's cooler - it'd been muggy the last 3 days.
27/Nov/14 12:47 AM
...yanno, the 'fat one on the right' is still out-cycling everyone sitting around watching TV....
27/Nov/14 12:48 AM
And who is the fat guy on the right?
If Hubby has finished watching the TV I will go back to bed. 'nite all.
27/Nov/14 12:52 AM
Happy Wednesday!
Thanksgiving dessert this year will be Pumpkin Tiramisu (saw the recipe online recently) so will put it together today (needs to set overnight)
27/Nov/14 12:58 AM
Sounds really yummy, Aileen!
27/Nov/14 1:23 AM
27/Nov/14 1:51 AM

I saw that recipe on FB and printed it out, Aileen. I was going to make it, too, but ''others'' requested my tried and true Pumpkin Spice Dessert. My family doesn't do change well.
27/Nov/14 2:14 AM
A change of avatar in honor of ''Turkey Day''.
27/Nov/14 2:16 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: SALT - The first letters of the words spell the word ''puzzles''.

All those Thanksgiving dinners being prepared tomorrow need a side dish, so the ''Corny Crown'' is awarded to winners Jamie, Silvergal, Judy, lonewoof, Chris, Darwen Jim, and Hal!
27/Nov/14 2:23 AM
And for today.....

Starting with SOFT, change one letter at a time until you have the word LENS.
Each change leaves the other letters in their original places and must result in a proper word.


Answers to my ''Such a lofty poozle!'' inbox, please.
27/Nov/14 2:33 AM
Good morning to all! And it's the fat one on the right by a tire nose!
27/Nov/14 3:00 AM
So, so tomorrow is football Thursday, followed by Black Friday with Christmas music playing, left over Halloween candy for sale, early displays of Spring fashions, etc.

Have a great Thanksgiving folks, and enjoy the day with your families!
27/Nov/14 3:05 AM
Drug myself out of bed at the right time.
27/Nov/14 3:21 AM
Greg, you still there?
27/Nov/14 3:21 AM
We'll see.
27/Nov/14 3:22 AM
27/Nov/14 3:22 AM
Thanks for the reminder, Kathy, Turkey Day Avatar in place. Total agreement, Greg, stay out of the stores on Thanksgiving, and enjoy your family.
27/Nov/14 3:47 AM
Shoulda, coulda, woulda ... I was wide awake at changeover, but comfortably warm in my bed. I heard our wind-up clock chime 5:00 AM, and debated whether to get up and try for the #1 spot. Decided to stay warm and comfortable instead. I could have had the first 22 posts in the 17 minutes before fii posted. Hi fii.
27/Nov/14 4:02 AM
27/Nov/14 4:13 AM
Oh well, might as well change too!
27/Nov/14 4:15 AM
There is absolutely nothing that would get me into a store on Thanksgiving.
I am happy to see some stores will be closed so their employees will be able to spend the day with family.
27/Nov/14 5:08 AM
Keith. like Kathy, you wouldn't ever catch me near a store tomorrow or on Black Friday which is spreading to Canada to fight cross border shopping.
27/Nov/14 5:35 AM
My dream is a time will come when Black Friday is black only for the stores that force employees to miss Thanksgiving to tend an empty store. They won't open if there's no profit in it.
27/Nov/14 6:03 AM
Morning all,pedal power.
Cloudy day again hoping for clear skies later on.
27/Nov/14 7:28 AM
1:49. Good morning everyone.
27/Nov/14 7:31 AM
Good morning all. Corker if a day here.
27/Nov/14 7:39 AM
Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate.
27/Nov/14 7:40 AM
Happy ordinary day for those who don't.
27/Nov/14 7:40 AM
Good Morning from me too.
27/Nov/14 7:41 AM
Mr P has just left for work.
27/Nov/14 7:42 AM
Off shopping today to get the ingredients to make a cassata! Only make it once a year. This will be for an early Christmas gathering of my family in a fortnight.
27/Nov/14 7:42 AM
I can lie down and have a little rest if I want to.
27/Nov/14 7:43 AM
Soundes lovely Sacky.
27/Nov/14 7:43 AM
27/Nov/14 7:44 AM
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