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Easy Sudoku for 26/November/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone.
26/Nov/14 12:00 AM
1:57. Good night all.
26/Nov/14 12:03 AM
Good morning Chris, and goodnight!
26/Nov/14 12:05 AM
Good morning, Chris and June!
26/Nov/14 12:11 AM
Good morning here! A amazing flower: every petal perfectly in place.
26/Nov/14 12:13 AM
I have no idea what that flower is, but it is quite a wonder.
26/Nov/14 12:16 AM
Jamie, The flower is a dahlia.
26/Nov/14 12:19 AM
Thanks, June! It is beautiful.
26/Nov/14 12:22 AM
wow... beautiful dahlia. My dear Mum used to grow them
26/Nov/14 12:37 AM
Happy Tuesday!
Beautiful dahlia!
26/Nov/14 1:25 AM

I am off to the ophthalmologist this morning, but before I go.......

What word comes next in this sequence:

penguin, umbrella, zoo, zip, llama, egg, ==?==

Choose from: salt, pen, ark, glass.

Answers to my ''A penguin with an umbrella?'' inbox, please.
26/Nov/14 1:46 AM
26/Nov/14 2:08 AM
If The Hired Help checks on responses to the posting from yesterday (there weren't many posts the last 8 hours), I caught your misteak unless you also had an unintentional typo!
26/Nov/14 2:41 AM
No need for sunglasses today.
Temps have dropped back to 'normal'. Yesterday it was 53F!
26/Nov/14 2:41 AM
Yes, the perfect and spectacular dahlia.
26/Nov/14 2:44 AM
, y'all! Such a perfectly formed flower.
26/Nov/14 3:34 AM
That Dahlia is so perfect it almost looks fake.
26/Nov/14 4:35 AM
Interesting implication, that if something is perfect, it must be fake.
26/Nov/14 4:53 AM
There is a certain logic to it.
26/Nov/14 4:53 AM
I guess that's why math appeals to some.
26/Nov/14 4:54 AM
Perfection is attainable in math.
26/Nov/14 4:54 AM
26/Nov/14 4:54 AM
As in #22. Good gallumping, Keith.
26/Nov/14 4:58 AM
26/Nov/14 5:24 AM
Morning all,beautiful Dahlia.
Should have known why Keith was rambling on,hadn't checked the numbered posts. lol
26/Nov/14 6:55 AM
Rambling on?
26/Nov/14 6:58 AM
Good morning everyone. I've been away for a couple if days.
26/Nov/14 7:20 AM
My garden is really demanding attention. It's punishing me for leaving it in spring - definitely not the time to go away.
26/Nov/14 7:21 AM
I've removed all my dahlias as part of my maintenance reduction plan.
26/Nov/14 7:23 AM
Enjoy your day folks, I'll be out among the weeds today.
26/Nov/14 7:24 AM
26/Nov/14 7:27 AM
Pretty flower. Now that I know what it is I might see if they grow up here.
26/Nov/14 8:18 AM
I don't need my snowflake anymore.

The Agent must sell Ann's house for $ 220000.

The Agent gets $ 12540 as commission (i.e., 0.057 x 220000).
Ann gets (including profit) $ 207460, i.e., 220000 - 12540.
It may be noted More...
26/Nov/14 8:21 AM
They are frost tender, Serena. You would need to lift the tuber and store it away from frost in winter. They flower in autumn, so if you had frost then the flowering would be cut short.
26/Nov/14 8:23 AM
I reckon Vermont would be borderline.
26/Nov/14 8:24 AM
Gee, I'm an accountant and I couldn't figure out that math problem. I'll stick to word problems in the future.
26/Nov/14 8:27 AM
Good afternoon to all! A very beautiful flower!
26/Nov/14 8:39 AM
Was in for some tests today at the hospital. Awaiting results some time next week. I'm sure all is good.
26/Nov/14 8:40 AM
Nice to see Chayote posting. Come more often!
26/Nov/14 8:42 AM
Well, we're close so...
26/Nov/14 8:42 AM
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