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Easy Sudoku for 17/February/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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17/Feb/13 12:00 AM

G'day mates. Here's today's medical daffynition:
Post-operative - A letter carrier

...and here's today's factoid:
Estimated number of one-room schoolhouses in Nebraska: 300.
17/Feb/13 12:00 AM
I know todays was a toughie but there is no official list and not a lot of Q words that could be Beheaded so I composed the list as best I could with the help of Wikipedia and other sources.

A quote from YKM was cute.

Quotation not Quite Qualification

In a Quest for More...
17/Feb/13 12:01 AM

Ok a lot easier tonight OR maybe NOT. You all know the rules so happy poozeling.

Answers to my SatuRday inbox please.

1. Wander aimlessly -> Town in England

2. Quick political change -> Gradual biological More...
17/Feb/13 12:02 AM
17/Feb/13 12:03 AM
2:07. Maybe I'm a bit slower as I'm on a difrernet computer to normal today - my main computer has a rather nasty little bit of malware on it and it's taking quite a while to get rid of it. Good night all.
17/Feb/13 12:03 AM
I had all 8 ready to send to you Mr Cee but things started to go wrong on the computer just as I was finishing and I've been trying to make things right ever since!
17/Feb/13 12:05 AM
Cheers all!
Thanks to so many of you that offered kind and warm thoughts about us say 'goodbye' to our beloved Rosie girl. Still heavy hearted, but I know that soon I will only feel joy and happiness to have been a part of her life.
17/Feb/13 12:06 AM
Oops! Grabbed that #8 for my little buddy, Shosho!
17/Feb/13 12:06 AM
That YKM is so very clever!
I worked on the poozle and had figured all but one of your Quirky words, Mr. Cee...but got sidetracked and never got them submitted.
17/Feb/13 12:11 AM
Hi everyone!
Have been to a 60th birthday party at a friend's in the street - should be in bed but can still hear the music!
17/Feb/13 12:12 AM
Sure you did VV.
17/Feb/13 12:13 AM
Thanks Mr Cee - great fun! Not surprised about 7 & 8 just put them in to fill up the form!!!
17/Feb/13 12:14 AM
Oh don't know what happened there.
I was trying for the first post but it is on yesterdays Page 4 and it says 12.00am
Oh well, is way past my bedtime anyhow.
Nite all.
17/Feb/13 12:15 AM
And that Kate is what it is all about. A bit of fun to help the day along.
17/Feb/13 12:16 AM
The music's still loud, but I'd better go to bed anyway!!
17/Feb/13 12:26 AM
Warm colors in that photo.
17/Feb/13 12:28 AM

fellow puzzlers.

For a change Im going to do the Sudoku puzzle first then get stuck into Mr Cees poozle. Suprised myself I only got one wrong in last nights lot...
17/Feb/13 12:46 AM

I know who the culprit is but when did he change the buttons at the bottom of the puzzle?!?!?!
17/Feb/13 12:58 AM
Right time?
17/Feb/13 1:39 AM
17/Feb/13 1:40 AM
17/Feb/13 1:40 AM
Daybreak or dusk? Beautiful in any case.
17/Feb/13 1:47 AM
& a CP.
17/Feb/13 1:47 AM
Lizzy, every once in a while, when I log in, mine have reverted back to 1 unchecked, 2-5 checked, and 6 unchecked. Must be the default.
17/Feb/13 1:55 AM
Good morning people of the world.
17/Feb/13 2:02 AM
National Date Night
17/Feb/13 2:03 AM
17/Feb/13 2:18 AM
Elijah got this idea in the head the other day that he wanted to cook something for me. He and Azariah are currently trying to make cinnamon rolls on their own.
17/Feb/13 2:20 AM
Uh-oh, The first call for help.
17/Feb/13 2:20 AM
I'm back. They needed help shaping the dough into a rectangle.
17/Feb/13 2:23 AM
It's officially in the oven. I'll let you know how it comes out.
17/Feb/13 2:32 AM
And a CP for me. Off to do stuff.
17/Feb/13 2:32 AM

need to be a bit more specific about the buttons at the bottom of the puzzle, the top row used to always be 'check moves' and 'show solutions' now we have 'hint' and 'solve easy' as the top row, not to worry, it made me laugh when i hit the hint button and it said too hard for me!!!!
17/Feb/13 2:40 AM
Its the middle of the night is my excuse, suspect its now Ive finally become a supporting member that this row of buttons show..If I dont log in its like its always been..no hints for easy solve... On that note I will say goodnight
17/Feb/13 2:53 AM

Mild nausea is a ''qualm''? That makes me queasy Mr. Cee.
17/Feb/13 3:06 AM
Good morning to all! 'Red sky in the morning, Sailors take warning! Red sky at night. Sailors delight!'
17/Feb/13 3:14 AM
Did Mr. Cee's SatuRday pozzle already. We'll see how it goes this time around.
17/Feb/13 3:15 AM
Karen, national date night? Now I have to make date squares!
17/Feb/13 3:17 AM
Happy Saturday!
Still mulling Mr Cee's challenge for today...

Serena: Cinnamon rolls sounds so good! Let us know (or send a pic) the outcome!
17/Feb/13 3:17 AM
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