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Easy Sudoku for 18/February/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates. Here's today's medical daffynition:
Dilate - To live a long time

...and here's today's factoid:
Your body creates as much as two quarts (1.9 litres) of saliva daily.

Sarah beth, I'm not sure there are 'only 300 one room schoolhousesin Nebraska'. Hence I used the More...
18/Feb/13 12:00 AM
Well that certainly was easier than the Q words. (For some)


1. ramble/Amble

2. revolution/evolution

3. raids/AIDS

4. revolved/evolved

5. rotter/otter

6. rocker/ocker

7. ruse/use

8. rink/ink

VV Cal In like More...
18/Feb/13 12:00 AM

Way too easy yesterday so lets try this lot shall we.

Answers to my SSunday inbox as you please.

1. Healed mark -> Vehicle
2. To have hit -> Vehicle
3 Dry external blood -> Vehicle
4. Smelled -> More...
18/Feb/13 12:02 AM

Mr Cee! Mr Cee!! did I do that well that I got a 9/9 when there were only 8 beheads?!?!?! Not that Im complaining.....
18/Feb/13 12:03 AM
Nice view.
18/Feb/13 12:03 AM
Sorry Vicu
18/Feb/13 12:04 AM
Vici not Vicu. I was bumped.
18/Feb/13 12:05 AM
I thought I would give you an extra buzz Lizzie. (Just to see if you noticed)
18/Feb/13 12:07 AM
To our Japanese friend from the famous Mt Fuji.
18/Feb/13 12:09 AM
It's that time again.

18/Feb/13 12:14 AM
Up later than usual tonight. Went to bed about an hour ago & so I thought I'd drop in.
18/Feb/13 12:38 AM
2.19 Mount Wow!
18/Feb/13 12:49 AM
Plush mountain terrain.

rails, ails fits the definitions ... half credit?
18/Feb/13 12:50 AM
Hi Gail. Nice to see you here.
18/Feb/13 12:51 AM
Good Morning all!
18/Feb/13 12:54 AM
Glad you were there, Serena!
18/Feb/13 12:55 AM
Wow - beautiful scene!
18/Feb/13 12:57 AM
Hi Vici. Pushed me along.
18/Feb/13 12:58 AM
Anybody up for a race?
18/Feb/13 12:59 AM
I'll run by myself if I have to.
18/Feb/13 12:59 AM
18/Feb/13 12:59 AM
18/Feb/13 12:59 AM

Glad you made it Keith, I wouldnt be game enough to beat you to 22 twice in one week......
18/Feb/13 1:07 AM
Hey, kinda lonely running alone ... but I'll take it when I can get it.
18/Feb/13 1:19 AM
Anybody else a fan of Blue Bell ice cream? That's the hat I'm wearing, from when I toured the creamery in Brenham, Texas. Good stuff.
18/Feb/13 1:35 AM
Good Morning all.
18/Feb/13 1:55 AM
18/Feb/13 2:00 AM
Keith, that is the ice cream Harry likes best. I have a new container of pumpkin pie spice in the freezer if you would like to share.
18/Feb/13 2:14 AM
HalT, did you enjoy 'Straight no Chaser' ? They came to town last year, so I got to see them. Liked the comedy aspect along with the music.
18/Feb/13 2:16 AM
The weather people say it will be 64 today, it only has to heat up 33 degrees don't know if we will get that warm.
18/Feb/13 2:19 AM
I WILL get the papers ready today so we can do taxes.
18/Feb/13 2:22 AM
Time to get something to eat, might even feed the others.
18/Feb/13 2:23 AM
Good morning people of the world.
18/Feb/13 2:40 AM
My Way Day
National Acts of Kindness Day
18/Feb/13 2:41 AM
Kieth, yes, Blue Bell ice cream rocks. My favorite, or one of the top purchases, is Dutch Chocolate.

Sue, how do you get Blue Bell up there? I thought, it was strictly a Texas treat.
18/Feb/13 2:43 AM
To update this site, though word travels fast here, MIL was put in the hospital last night, with sky rocketing blood pressure. I blame the wonderful people I know for their great connections, that within an hour, her BP came down. Thank you. She did spend the night, in the hospital, and I am now waiting for a return call on how she is doing this morning.
18/Feb/13 2:48 AM
Good Maen! Smilies 'thinking' again, and I don't feel like clicking over to my page and fixing it.
18/Feb/13 2:52 AM
It must be something going around. I had a hard time getting to sleep last night, too. Probably a good thing. No No Bad Gus barked under my window until I let him in. He didn't come running like he usually does when I feed the cats their bedtime chow, so I assumed he was in for the night. He may be onery, but he's not stupid. TM was snoozing in the chair, dead to the world.
18/Feb/13 2:56 AM
Here I am down here, all by myself.
18/Feb/13 2:57 AM
18/Feb/13 2:57 AM
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