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Easy Sudoku for 17/April/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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17/Apr/18 12:00 AM
Welcome to page 2
17/Apr/18 12:00 AM
You got it!
17/Apr/18 12:00 AM
17/Apr/18 12:01 AM
Hi, all! Still marking the tests from last week.
17/Apr/18 12:02 AM
TftD: A day without sunshine is like... night?
17/Apr/18 12:07 AM
Everybody!! I get up early and still end up down the list! Oh well, up early means I will get more done today. Yeah right!
17/Apr/18 12:08 AM
Good morning! I just posted on yesterday's page. Here is the copy and paste....
I have been among the missing for a few days. Nothing bad going on, just enjoying a weekend with the family. Saturday we went to a reenactment called ''Living Through the Ages'' all the participants were dressed in More...
17/Apr/18 12:51 AM
To catch up: Belated birthday wishes to your Mom, Plum.

Congratulations on a successful race, Chris! I hope you are fully recovered by now.

I hope Narrelle is home and recovering well, Amelia both!
17/Apr/18 12:57 AM
I am thankful it has warmed up around here. It's been raining steadily, and it's just water, not SNOW!
17/Apr/18 1:00 AM
Goodnight everybody
17/Apr/18 1:24 AM
Birthday wishes to mymare - hope you rainy weather has taken a leave!
17/Apr/18 1:39 AM
17/Apr/18 1:40 AM
No sun today...
HalT, is it night here at 11:38 AM???
17/Apr/18 1:40 AM
Also birthday wishes to Colorado Dave -
17/Apr/18 1:41 AM
.it sorta feels like it here, Shiela - too too much rain, making it very dark & dreay!
17/Apr/18 1:42 AM
Greetings to all - some BIG weather making news here in the states - blizzards in the plains, tornadoes in the southwest & a drenching here for us; thankfully this is NOT snow though!
17/Apr/18 1:46 AM
Now that is a funny photo! It reminds me of one a friend sent me from Spain:

'Skinny People are easier to Kidnap;
Eat more of our Yummy Pastries!'
17/Apr/18 1:52 AM
Happy Monday!
17/Apr/18 1:59 AM
The field of nearly 30,000 runners in today’s Boston Marathon is battling rain, wind and cold — brutal conditions with runners going straight into a head wind.

Race officials announced that the temperature was 38F (3C) at the 8:40 a.m. Eastern time start in Hopkinton, Mass., making this the coldest start in 30 years.
17/Apr/18 2:00 AM
Finally! First US woman in 33 years has come across the Boston Marathon finish line as winner!
17/Apr/18 2:14 AM
Hubby ran Boston in weather like today's race - cold & rainy. Not easy to run in that kind of weather.
17/Apr/18 2:16 AM
Afterwards hubby set off the fire detector in our room by having so much steam from the hot water in our bathtub just to warm up.
17/Apr/18 2:19 AM
Two US Women have made it as #1 & #2 across the Boston Marathon finish line - YAY!
17/Apr/18 2:24 AM
all. Everything is still ice covered here. We can't even get out to get our newspaper! Because we spend our winters in the south, we don't have our winter tires on. So that means we can't take a chance on the snow & ice covered roads. Cabin fever is setting in.
17/Apr/18 2:35 AM
Snowbird, so sorry for sending the ice on to you!
Hope it melts soon!
17/Apr/18 2:57 AM
Hubby is still picking up branches around here!
17/Apr/18 2:59 AM
Good mAen, good people. Happy birthday wishes to Mary and Dave.
17/Apr/18 3:17 AM
Apologies to Wombat. I have been up early, to bed late and wearing my Mom's Taxi hat in between. I got involved in a book while waiting in the car then came home and fell asleep before I got the 1&4 printed off and solved. I like to save it as a weekend treat for myself and will still enjoy solving it ... once I get a weekend! Lots to do the next few days then it will let up for a while.
17/Apr/18 3:22 AM
It's snowing here. A strange snow. The flakes are crusty but not pelleted. It looks like washing soda or powdery coconut on the ground.
17/Apr/18 3:23 AM
Unusual ,but a good thing, to go asking for sick people!
17/Apr/18 4:05 AM
17/Apr/18 4:26 AM
What a coincidence. I just popped the top of a Bud.
17/Apr/18 6:03 AM
And now a Bud Light. (Dilly dilly.)
17/Apr/18 7:19 AM
Morning all, this family would have the hospital up and running in no time.
Kathy, we have fingers crossed that Narrelle will get home today. Thank you for your good wishes.
17/Apr/18 8:45 AM
Mymare and Dave, have a g eat two day celebration both of you.
17/Apr/18 8:46 AM
I have an appointment with the physiotherapist this morning so better get moving.
17/Apr/18 8:49 AM
Timing, timing, timing!
17/Apr/18 9:02 AM
I shall go for it!
17/Apr/18 9:02 AM
17/Apr/18 9:03 AM
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