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Easy Sudoku for 18/April/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Not sunny and it snowed!
Hope your day has warm sunshine!
18/Apr/18 12:13 AM
First? Is everyone hibernating?
18/Apr/18 12:14 AM
Sort of ...
18/Apr/18 12:19 AM
Everybody!! Figures, yesterday I was up early and a mob hit the site at 12:00. Today Shiela is the earliest at 12:13! Maybe someday I will actually be first.
18/Apr/18 12:43 AM
Lest I forget, congrats on your first Shiela!
18/Apr/18 12:59 AM
18/Apr/18 1:12 AM
so close . . .
18/Apr/18 1:13 AM
18/Apr/18 1:13 AM
18/Apr/18 1:45 AM
TftD: Raise my hand if you believe in psycho-kinetics?
18/Apr/18 1:48 AM
Good mAen, good people. Great to see you are back, Keith!
18/Apr/18 2:17 AM
If today wasn't yet another kiln firing day I could have taken Wombat's LPOTD bait and taken advantage if DEnny's absense. Anyway, congrats on your FPOTD topper, Shiela.
18/Apr/18 2:19 AM
Because I forgot my password, I have to fire up my older laptop to be able to sign into Flickr to post the photo of Shiela and myself in front of one of her watercolors. Skye was in the photo but asked to be cropped out this time. I assured Shiela it was easy to put a photo up on my page but it keeps sliding down my TODO list. Sorry.
18/Apr/18 2:24 AM
Right now I need to redraft my TODO list. Ha. As I was typing that Skye asked me 'can you help me make a list ...?' Puzzles will wait.
18/Apr/18 2:26 AM
Good afternoon to all! The way this winter has been here this year, we may as well have been in Antarctica!
18/Apr/18 3:11 AM

So great to hear you are doing better, Keith!
18/Apr/18 3:44 AM
all. I agree CG. A friend posted today that it's not actually April. It's the 105th day of January! Great to see you posting again Keith.
18/Apr/18 4:18 AM
1:28. Good morning everyone.
18/Apr/18 4:26 AM
Okay. I have the photo of Shiela and her watercolor up on my page now.
18/Apr/18 7:11 AM
Wonderful photo, Plum!

Marvelous watercolor, Shiela!
18/Apr/18 7:58 AM
We've had an interesting 22 hours beginning with spotting a smoke and sparks spewing from what initially appeared to be the roof line of the 3-story house behind us. We called the fire department who upon arriving determined it was a fire in a very large box elder tree in the neighbor's lawn behind More...
18/Apr/18 8:03 AM
Fire department called the electric company who eventually pulled the wire out of the tree & secured it until tree-trimmers could come early today to remove the one side of the tree which was continuing to smolder.
18/Apr/18 8:07 AM
The scary part of it all was that the weakened & smoldering side of the tree had a good start at burning through ...which would then drop onto our garage & hubby's wood-working shop... it was a very long night expecting the imminent limb detachment, our garage destruction, along with blowing the entire neighborhood's electrical power!
18/Apr/18 8:17 AM
Whatever deterred the continued burning inside the tree is unclear, but thankfully none of those scenarios occurred - 1/2 of the tree is now removed below the power line, hubby has a nice pile of wood to stockpile for wood-turning, and that rotting neighbor's tree has had its demise with no destruction!
18/Apr/18 8:21 AM
AND - welcome home, Keith - what wonderful news for you ...there is nothing like returning to your own home for a good night's sleep!
18/Apr/18 8:22 AM
Guess I barreled right through your '22' Keith in my excitement to tell my tale - sorry!

Speaking of favorite numbers, how about 'CP' ... anyone heard from her lately? She also seems to have been missing for a while.......anyone have news?
18/Apr/18 8:27 AM
Morning all, just what the topsiders didn't want to see, more snow.
Welcome back Keith, pleased to see your comment this morning.
18/Apr/18 8:44 AM
The best part of yesterday was to be able to give my Narrelle the biggest hugs when she came home from hospital.
18/Apr/18 8:47 AM
everybody. Had the best nights sleep for I don't know how long last night. Now I'm feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed so I think I'll go and have a lay down.
18/Apr/18 9:01 AM
I'm glad that both you and your daughter are doing well, Amelia!
18/Apr/18 9:04 AM
Amelia it's great to hear that both you and Narrelle are making good progress . I hope the progress continues.
18/Apr/18 9:40 AM
Sorry, but some sad news. RIP Barbara Bush, 92, wife and mother of US presidents.
18/Apr/18 9:55 AM
I'll have a pint ofGuinness thank
18/Apr/18 10:17 AM
That last comment in no way reflects my feelings re Barbara Bush, that is sad news
18/Apr/18 10:19 AM
18/Apr/18 1:08 PM
It's 4:22 AM Can't seem to get the hang of sleeping.
18/Apr/18 6:22 PM
Glad to hear that Keith's, Amelia's & Narelle's and Joyce's conditions are all looking up.
18/Apr/18 11:12 PM
I'm with Greg and Snowbird and half the rest of North America in wishing winter GONE. But, no. Another big system is about to blow across with rain, a 'freezing mix' of precipitation and sw accumulating tonight then sweeping on east. The worst thing is that we need to get up in the More...
18/Apr/18 11:20 PM
Well, I'm going to dangle some bait and see who can't resist a page turn AND a LPOTD challenge. Ready? Maybe I'll catch me a late night Wombat or Arachnid. Or an early morning Californian? We'll see.
18/Apr/18 11:26 PM
LPOTD ....
18/Apr/18 11:26 PM
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