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Easy Sudoku for 17/May/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I miscounted there, so I 'd better do it again. EOPO.
17/May/17 12:00 AM
No it turned out to be first post of the day.
17/May/17 12:01 AM
Oh,I made that one. My problem, among many, is that I am a very slow typist, especially on an iPad.
17/May/17 12:04 AM
Welcome to everyone who is yet to make it to their computer, but who will get there some time today.
17/May/17 12:06 AM
Well here is the question of the day, can you get a CP, with the last post on one day, and the first four on the next?
17/May/17 12:09 AM
No, Wombat, you can't!
17/May/17 12:13 AM
17/May/17 12:14 AM
so close . . .
17/May/17 12:15 AM
17/May/17 12:15 AM
Wolf and Shosho....I assume Wombat has gone to bed after exhausting himself posting.
17/May/17 12:17 AM
Just got back from Kauai . . . . . . after taking the red eye home!!!
17/May/17 12:17 AM
Wow! As sleepy as I am (really too wired up to sleep) I still managed to break my two minute barrier 1:57!
17/May/17 12:21 AM
Welcome home, Shosho! I'm sure your body will acclimate eventually. I never like overnight flights because I can never sleep on a plane. As opposed to hubby, who barely gets his tush in the seat before he's snoring away.
17/May/17 12:27 AM

A local fisherman caught a large trawler load of haddock. He decided to donate some of his fish to the local community, 1,672 people in all. To each person over 50 he gave 16 fish and to each person under 50 he gave 96 fish. Only 3/4 of the over 50s collected their More...
17/May/17 12:28 AM
1:37 Good night all!
17/May/17 12:35 AM
The Dr. is out. Had doc been home to hear the phone ring, he would have known that something was fishy.
17/May/17 1:43 AM
17/May/17 4:44 AM
Sunny, but...
Hot (87F or 30.5C)
(Not used to the hot temps, yet.)
17/May/17 6:40 AM
I 'graduated' from PT today. Unfortunately, I think I only got a C-. I still have a long ways to go. I hope I can continue the PT exercises on my own and bring my 'grade' up! I'd like to walk pain-free while I'm in Paris!
17/May/17 6:44 AM
Morning all, I find it a bit hard doing the puzzle while sneezing.
17/May/17 7:08 AM
(You are right, Amelia!)
17/May/17 7:31 AM
(For Keith!)
17/May/17 7:32 AM
Just 22 comments at this hour? I've been gone for a few days, busy using my computer for higher minded activity. Glad to be back, wasting time instead.
17/May/17 1:34 PM
Hi Everyone, Here are the answers to Monday's poozle. EVENTING was the only word anyone had any trouble with, and they all got there eventually. Only six contributions this week. They were CynB (a first timer and first in), Peter, Plum, Kathy, Joyce and Amelia. The smart six. Quite a few regulars are away, or otherwise occupied.
17/May/17 2:31 PM
Wombat, you gave only the hard one, not the rest of the answers, although perhaps once one has eventing, the rest are not required.
17/May/17 3:49 PM
Wow! Still on page 1, and it's 12:05AM PDT over here (so maybe it should be ?!)
17/May/17 5:06 PM
1:18. Good evening everyone.
17/May/17 7:56 PM
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