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Easy Sudoku for 16/May/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Another beautiful sunny day! Yippee!
Hope your day sunny - one way or another - too!
16/May/17 12:00 AM
A great Mother's Day yesterday! My DIL, her sister and their spouses had a dinner for all the mother's in their family (mothers and sister's of spouses, too) + a neighbor who could not be with her family. There were 8 mothers altogether celebrating! My son certainly found a fantastic in-law family! There were 9 kids under 6 years old, too. What fun!
16/May/17 12:01 AM
Tonight, I celebrate with my other son.
16/May/17 12:03 AM
(I hope that's your name, Bruce!)
16/May/17 12:09 AM
Good morning, Shiela. You're not alone.
16/May/17 12:24 AM
Hello, Keith!
(Whew! I was a bit worried!)
16/May/17 12:27 AM
16/May/17 12:39 AM
(For Shosho!)
16/May/17 12:43 AM
I have just spent a VERY long time on Wombat's latest poozle....because I misread a clue.
I felt rather dumb when I realized it was TRIALling, not TRAILling.
16/May/17 1:17 AM
Good to hear from you yesterday, Greg. I hope your recovery is going well.
16/May/17 1:19 AM
Me, too, Kathy!!!

- but sadly even finding my error was useless last night until your post just now - when an ah-ha moment sent me into a different search - success!!
16/May/17 3:27 AM
Hi Bruce. I hope you like your name!
16/May/17 3:30 AM
Greg - we all so appreciate you taking a moment in your recovering trials to send us a small note so we know you are also thinking of us! We didn't like being-in-the-dark while you were in hospital.
16/May/17 3:31 AM
Good morning.
16/May/17 3:36 AM
'ello, Bruce. Handsome hound, ya are.
16/May/17 5:31 AM

If you're going to get into a fight,
make sure you pick the right venue.
This bit of common sense must have
slipped the minds of the pilot and
co-pilot who were flying a Korean
Air jet. As they began their approach,
they began to argue More...
16/May/17 5:36 AM
Morning all, hello Bruce. My niece call her dog Bruce forgetting she had an uncle by that name.😳
16/May/17 7:38 AM
Those Korean pilots didn't have very good flight training is seems. My instructor did all kinds of heinous stuff to me during my early hours aloft. He'd reach over and shut something off like the throttle or for night landings, the instrument panel lights, he'd shine a flashlight in my eyes and More...
16/May/17 9:05 AM
Good morning folks, I'm really running behind with the poozles. It is partly due to Mother's day and allowing an extra day to submit, and more to some very nasty side effects from a new medication, now confined to the rubbish. Pretty much back to normal now.
16/May/17 9:56 AM
First catch up, yes Plum both your messages have got through by now, however others may have tried to post and the message have not made it. There have been some strange things happening, with legitimate messages turning up in junk.
16/May/17 9:59 AM
I'm getting into Keith territory here, I'll give him (or any lurkers) 5 minutes while I check my emails for any last minute responses.
16/May/17 10:06 AM
I guess Keith is recovering from a hangover, and the lurkers are elsewhere.
So in the interests of the Wombat Brotherhood I CLAIM NUMBER 22 IN THE NAME OF KEITH.
16/May/17 10:12 AM
Bugger - missed by a smidgeon.
16/May/17 10:19 AM
Well down to the real business, the answers to Saturday's poozle:
KNURLS More...
16/May/17 10:23 AM
Sorry Peter, but you are doing well with the poozles. Maybe if some of the lurkers post we will get to 66.
16/May/17 10:25 AM
And now a repost of Monday's poozle.

Today's poozle asks you to start with a single letter and make an eight letter word, and then go back to a single word. You have to do this by adding (or subtracting) one letter at a time and making a word each time. You can More...
16/May/17 10:33 AM
Mentioning internet problems has me wondering if you received my answers for your OUT NAND IN poozle, Wombat; please let me know if you did NOT receive mine!
16/May/17 12:10 PM
Yes Joyce, It is safe and sound in my inbox.
16/May/17 12:35 PM
1:52 Good morning all!
16/May/17 12:55 PM
1:53. G'day Bruce!
16/May/17 1:14 PM
Good maeN, good people. A brief thunderstorm just crossed over us. I can hear frog sounds from the swamps even with the windows closed! . They are apparently happy with the warmth and extra wet.
16/May/17 1:22 PM
Happy Monday home from work and Book Club.
16/May/17 2:31 PM
Thx Wombat.
16/May/17 3:03 PM
Just peekin' in...

Howdy, all Y'all
16/May/17 4:32 PM
Nice to see you posting Jerry.
It has been a nice sunny day here but our nights are getting cooler. off to bed. may be up again latter!!
16/May/17 10:05 PM
For all you sailors out there - something for your wives.....

For Wives and Partners.

The Lord made the seas and the winds,
And fools made seafaring their lives,
So the Lord in His wisdom,
Took some Angels and blessed them,
And gave them to seamen for wives.

We know what this means.
16/May/17 11:15 PM
Perfect, Peter!
16/May/17 11:19 PM
....and thanks, Wombat!
16/May/17 11:19 PM
Good night folks, midnight approaches, and it is almost the end of Page One. In case Joyce, or anyone else is around I'll go for end of Page one !
16/May/17 11:58 PM
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