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Easy Sudoku for 17/June/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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, y'all! Posting early before running the hourly payroll!
17/Jun/15 12:04 AM
Forecast is for 8 or more inches of rain due to tropical storm Bill for Houston up to Dallas! We don't need it with flooding not all receded yet.
I'd be very happy to send it to California.
17/Jun/15 12:08 AM
Silvergal, We would be happy to have it!!!
17/Jun/15 12:16 AM
17/Jun/15 12:17 AM
& we'd be happy to get it.
17/Jun/15 12:18 AM
Drumroll please... for the answers to the weekend rebus! (I figured they would've gotten overlooked had I posted them yesterday afternoon or evening.)

bunk beds (also accepting twin beds)
center of attention
merry go round
night on the town
up to no good
next to More...
17/Jun/15 12:23 AM
Forecast around the midlands of SC for the next 10 days - hot and sunny with temps from 98-104ºF (37-40ºC). Only two days with a chance of rain which won't bring cooler temps. This is a bit early to have this kind of heat wave - it's more expected from mid-July through the end of August.
17/Jun/15 12:28 AM
Mountain temps? 86-90ºF, or 30-32ºC. High temps for them too, but much more desirable. (... ♪♫ Wish that I was on ol' Rocky Top... ♫♪ continuing the SC songfest from last night! )
17/Jun/15 12:32 AM
I seem to have missed the weekend rebus. Bummer.
Oh, sorry. everyone!
17/Jun/15 12:35 AM
But, it's my poozle time!

Two children, who were all tangled up in their reckoning of the days of the week, paused on their way to school to straighten matters out. 'When the day after tomorrow is yesterday,' said Priscilla, 'then 'today' will be as far from Sunday as that day was which was More...
17/Jun/15 12:38 AM
17/Jun/15 12:45 AM
Put the kids in traditional costumes and teach them a traditional dance ... for the tourists. What a world we live in.
17/Jun/15 12:47 AM
Good morning people of the world.
17/Jun/15 12:57 AM
Wolf that was kind of you to have an Oops in your statement after pointing out mine. See we all make mistakes. Darn it.
17/Jun/15 12:58 AM
Well our T-storms were supposed to arrive at 6:30 this morning, so I went out to do a little yard work to help it along. We are not flooded like the rest of Texas. Started to sprinkle so I thought that was a good time to take a break.
17/Jun/15 1:02 AM
I thought for sure after refilling all the bird feeders that would open the skies. Guess the rains are waiting for me to clean the dog. Or for the delivery men.
17/Jun/15 1:03 AM
Wait. The deliverymen are not coming today, he called to reschedule. Hopefully the rain does not hold off till Thursday, because it is really difficult to breathe at the moment.
17/Jun/15 1:05 AM
Poor garage door. We knew it was a replacement item when we purchased the house. It was one of those negotiations before purchase and for the last two years the poor door has slowly come apart. I probably did not help it much when I played with the little button thing in the car or attempted to squish a child. Really trust that safety feature that day.
17/Jun/15 1:09 AM
There was a thought to get another cup, a magazine and go outside and watch the birds, but then I saw the number and I know the gallumper is awake.
17/Jun/15 1:10 AM
& I'll take it from here.
17/Jun/15 1:11 AM
One more.
17/Jun/15 1:11 AM
17/Jun/15 1:11 AM
There was also a thought to grab my camera, but since it is hard to share on this site only a few would be able to see the birdies.
17/Jun/15 1:11 AM
Hehehe, Good morning, darling.
17/Jun/15 1:12 AM
Now to go refill my cup.
Never fear I shall return eventually.
17/Jun/15 1:13 AM
17/Jun/15 1:13 AM
Thx, Hal & Silvergal. Your links 'got my motor running' this morning.........
17/Jun/15 1:18 AM
Tried to look up Dolomolo but couldn't find it. Either there was a typo or the Internet is not the perfect all-inclusive place for information.
17/Jun/15 2:35 AM

Move the 9 to the top row, but as you do, turn it upside down, making it into a 6.
Move the 5 to the bottom row. Both beams now have a sum of 18.

1 3 6 8
2 4 7 5

In the More...
17/Jun/15 2:39 AM
Good motning.
17/Jun/15 3:33 AM
Corrected the typo that said 'goof' morning.
17/Jun/15 3:34 AM
But perhaps that was prophetic.
17/Jun/15 3:35 AM
Being up and here at 0335 is definitely goofy.
17/Jun/15 3:36 AM
Let me see if I can get back to sleep.
17/Jun/15 3:36 AM
Tricky answer to the balance question, Silvergal!
I am no math whiz, but I could never figure out how it could ever be balanced using those numbers. I came up unbalanced every time! Now I know why!
17/Jun/15 3:42 AM
Speaking of photos, I've added several to my gallery of my troop's rafting and caving trip to Tennessee! Rafting Saturday, hanging out Saturday night, and caving on Sunday.
17/Jun/15 3:51 AM
That would be Serena, Shiela... this accountant isn't too good at Serena's math poozles!

I CAN balance checkbooks and financial records...!
17/Jun/15 3:53 AM
Ooops, I'll have to reload the caving pics. The dimensions were HUGE. I'm sure you didn't want to look at somebody's eyeball or nose.
17/Jun/15 3:56 AM
Is no one going to turn the page? Well then...
17/Jun/15 4:21 AM
I guess I will!
17/Jun/15 4:22 AM
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