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Easy Sudoku for 18/November/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, good people.
18/Nov/17 12:01 AM
Good morning Plum. Hi everyone else.
18/Nov/17 12:21 AM
Plum, Wolf & everyone!
Dreary again.
Hope your day is filled with sunshine!
18/Nov/17 1:15 AM
18/Nov/17 2:15 AM
Yay! 1:54!
18/Nov/17 3:26 AM
nothing like sprinkles to cool you down while running!
18/Nov/17 3:27 AM
so close . . .
18/Nov/17 3:27 AM
18/Nov/17 3:27 AM
And a CP!!!
18/Nov/17 3:28 AM
Good afternoon to all! Those rocks are flexing their muscles.
18/Nov/17 5:18 AM
all. Good one Canuck Greg! Beautifully sunny day here with the high expected of 78F 😎 😎
18/Nov/17 6:25 AM

Great comment Canuk Greg
Interesting rocks site!
18/Nov/17 6:41 AM
Morning all,great photo Dino .
Greg, good caption .😂😂
18/Nov/17 6:47 AM
I love mussels! Nice spot to catch them!
18/Nov/17 7:02 AM

This week's Saturday poozle is 1&4 poozle,
I will work through the alphabet giving you the first and fourth letters of a word and a clue as to what the word is. I will also give you the rest of the word in random order, and the second and third letters of the word, in More...
18/Nov/17 7:44 AM
18/Nov/17 8:25 AM
1:55, probably should have done that one 9->1! Good morning everyone.
18/Nov/17 10:30 AM
OK, Peter - Sarah's ECCO suggestion sounds a bit familiar; you just might have to give it a try with Fruits, Vegetables, or combining them!
18/Nov/17 10:51 AM
Happy Friday!
18/Nov/17 10:55 AM
Near the end of our day here in Denver - visited the art area on SantaFe; found some eclectic pieces for Christmas-gifting. Arrived yesterday to 70* & enjoyed similar sunny temps today - tomorrow will be the high dry desert proving its reputation: brrrr!!
18/Nov/17 10:58 AM
Off to do the puzzle as Chris suggests - have a good day all!
18/Nov/17 11:02 AM
Amblin' along, thinking 'bout fruit 'n veggies!
18/Nov/17 11:03 AM
'n I just pinched the twenty two and didn't even know it.
18/Nov/17 11:08 AM
Joyce pushed me.....you all saw it....didn't you? She did, she pushed me!
18/Nov/17 11:09 AM
Ambles out of the shot.........mumbling to himself something about interfering folk!
18/Nov/17 11:11 AM
2:20 Very slow this morning. It seemed to flow but my time said otherwise.
Good morning one and all!
18/Nov/17 11:13 AM
Yep, Peter ...just like those kids I used to try corraling - budge was their word. Yes, I budged right in!!!
18/Nov/17 11:16 AM
But I avoided having that 'spulaat' in my face!
18/Nov/17 11:21 AM
...and now I can appreciate Greg's clever caption!
18/Nov/17 11:22 AM
Good evening all.
18/Nov/17 12:29 PM
Gearing up for US Thanksgiving, one thing done: cranberry sauce made. It takes far longer for it to cool than to make it in the first place, so I've stayed up playing solitaire on the computer, reading old mails I meant to get to some day, and engaging in other pointless activities. Now that it is in the refrigerator, I am going to bed.
18/Nov/17 7:45 PM
Good day to all. Sunny but chilly here. The frost we had a few days ago took most of the remaining leaves off the vines and we are left with a view of skeletal plants disappearing off into the distance.
The few leaves left clinging to the plants are catching the sun and giving a golden rusty More...
18/Nov/17 7:45 PM
Fun and descriptive posts today. Since I didn't participate in the crafting of any I'll post my appreciation on the reading of them.
18/Nov/17 11:32 PM
Peter, I think your ECCOs may be misnamed ... I keep trying to create them and I can't seem to manage! Today (by the sudoku date here) I tried with tropical aquarium fish common names. In the past I've tried fruits and vegetables then gemstones. I've even tried creating one from our Sudokuland names and/or locations. I can't seem to craft this type of Poozle. They are EEPCCOs to me.
18/Nov/17 11:39 PM
Or maybe they are NECCOs. Yes. Because I like Necco wafer candies. Some people of my acquaintance call them 'flavored chalk,' but I like them quite a bit. Your ECCO Poozle are rather similar in a metaphorical way to Necco candies: a varied treat in a neat package.
18/Nov/17 11:46 PM
We had thunderstorms and heavy rain yesterday evening. My favorite weatherman is warning of 'whiplash weather.' In 12 hours we will transition from May to December. We will have the first accumulating snow on the ground tomorrow morning. Just got new tires on the 4x4 pickup truck. The second load of firewood isn't all stacked yet, but here comes winter. Right on time.
18/Nov/17 11:59 PM
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