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Easy Sudoku for 18/December/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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I do hate marking final exam papers.
18/Dec/16 12:14 AM
2:01 Good night one and all!
18/Dec/16 12:14 AM
18/Dec/16 12:32 AM
I dont know about anyone else but I always find paper left in a pocket in black clothes after they have been in the wash . Have spent the last couple of hours getting it off 3 pairs of shorts and a pair of jeans (I use sticky tape folded over my fingers, works a charm!)
18/Dec/16 1:02 AM

Hope the roof is still on the house in the morning, its blowing an absolute gale here tonight. A bit hesitant about going to bed but I shall try..Night all.
18/Dec/16 1:04 AM
Welcome to another Sudoku day - enjoy it!
18/Dec/16 1:04 AM
Nite Lizzy & Anne, g'day Wolf & Hal!
18/Dec/16 1:06 AM
18/Dec/16 1:21 AM
The 'white paper' I leave in pockets of the black load of wash are usually tissues...which are not so easily removed........my cussing doesn't speed up the task either!
18/Dec/16 1:26 AM
That rain chain appears most quickly when solved backwards!

Sometimes those chains do the job, and other times they are useless!
18/Dec/16 1:40 AM
Star Wars movie today !
18/Dec/16 2:06 AM
I get the tissues in my wash !
18/Dec/16 2:19 AM
We woke up to a winter wonderland this morning. Well, that may be a slight exaggeration. More like everything covered in ice. Poor hubby slid down the driveway to get the morning paper for me. The good news is we have warmer weather on the way. Ice will be gone by this afternoon.
18/Dec/16 3:11 AM
I'm very thorough and consistent about emptying the pockets of everything I put in the hamper. Lynne appreciates it and does the same. We rarely face the tissue problem.
18/Dec/16 3:12 AM
18/Dec/16 3:12 AM
The neighbors can hear me when I look in the washer and realize there was a Kleenex left in a pocket. And, it's ALWAYS in the dark load of clothes.
18/Dec/16 3:14 AM
I usually check too, Keith. But that ONE time I don't....
18/Dec/16 3:16 AM
Should I wait for Keith?
18/Dec/16 3:22 AM
18/Dec/16 3:22 AM
What should I do?????
18/Dec/16 3:23 AM
Last chance, Keith!!!!
18/Dec/16 3:24 AM
I'll save a Chia-pet for Keith! Just saw the ad on TV! Do people reeeeally buy them?
18/Dec/16 3:26 AM
Do people actually still sort clothes into different piles for the wash? I must be a really lazy sod.
18/Dec/16 3:45 AM
It only takes one non-colorfast red item in with the whites to make a believer of you, Washing. Trust me.
18/Dec/16 4:36 AM
Shiela waited a whopping 3 minutes ...

Hey Machine, we have a dark hamper and a light hamper. Isn't that what most folks do?
18/Dec/16 4:37 AM
They still make Chi-pets?? Wow. My kids had them 40 years ago!
18/Dec/16 4:38 AM
I like pink.
18/Dec/16 4:45 AM
Our clothes go into one hamper and I sort before I wash.
We had a ''double'' hamper when the kids were still at home. It had 2 sections. We don't need anything that big anymore. Well, except when everyone is here. But, they are responsible for their own laundry now. Especially diapers!
18/Dec/16 4:47 AM
Pink undies in a locker room can scar you for life, Washing.
18/Dec/16 4:49 AM
18/Dec/16 5:03 AM
Morning all, I will have to look up ''rain chain '' never heard of them before.
18/Dec/16 6:04 AM
My hubby had 3 pair of pink undies for a while and it was his own fault. He put a pair of red socks in with the light colours and whites, he didn't think the colour would run.
18/Dec/16 6:11 AM
Karen it's time to start celebrating your two day birthday.
18/Dec/16 6:14 AM
Good afternoon to all! Rain chains aren't practical in this part of Canada. Too much snow melting off in the Spring.
18/Dec/16 6:30 AM
Good gosh!! You folks actually wash your clothes?? I put mine outside during a rain storm. Mind out. I don't do much washing during Winter.
18/Dec/16 6:36 AM
I suppose I could make a run for a new page, but I'll leave that up to someone else. Cheers!
18/Dec/16 6:37 AM
I washed something purple in with hubby's white T-shirts. Strangely, it turned all of the armpits lavender! Think it must have had something to do with deodorant build-up.
18/Dec/16 8:18 AM
Happy Birthday, Karen!
18/Dec/16 8:20 AM
Over we go ? πŸ„πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ
18/Dec/16 8:20 AM
18/Dec/16 8:20 AM
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