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Easy Sudoku for 17/December/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi, everyone!
17/Dec/16 12:00 AM
Good morning all - have a good day!
17/Dec/16 12:19 AM
Good Maen, good people.
17/Dec/16 12:19 AM
It's 5* outside, we've had 10 inches of white stuff - twice the forecast & here comes the sun!
17/Dec/16 12:21 AM
1:48 Good night one and all!
17/Dec/16 12:21 AM
Hi, Joyce. You'll probably appreciate this section of the weather forecast I was just reading:

'... this is not abig snowstorm by Michigan winter standards. It is a solid three to six inch snow for much of Michigan, except areas south of I-94. South of I-94 the freezing rain mixing in will limit snowfall amounts.'
~Mark Toregrossa, my favorite Michigan weatherman. MLive.com
17/Dec/16 12:21 AM
Thanks, Plum - it takes a certain personality to be a 'weather person' - most of ours just exude unbridled excitement when forecasting any major weather event!
17/Dec/16 12:36 AM
Actually, he's a personable meteorologist. You're right, calling him a weatherman, or weather person, insulted his credibility.
17/Dec/16 1:37 AM
17/Dec/16 1:52 AM
Oooo-we! Wombat posted a new puzzle at the end of yesterday's site; check it out!
17/Dec/16 1:53 AM
Overcast & c-c-c-cold at 9F degrees.
A new puzzle? Thanks for the tip, Joyce!
17/Dec/16 2:01 AM
Last crater lake I saw was in the Galapagos Islands last December.
17/Dec/16 2:11 AM
Computer question: Every time my furnace runs, my computer acts strange and slows response time - any ideas??? I would assume the furnace is on it's own electrical circuit. The furnace is in the basement beneath the room where the computer is located but on the opposite corner.
17/Dec/16 2:20 AM

The answers to yesterday's poozle:
1. The Beatles 2. Edward Johnson 3. You better watch out 4. Sunday 5. The Twelfth Night
6. Snowflakes 7. Messiah 8. It's a Wonderful Life 9. The White House 10. Chris Rea 11. Sending Christmas cards More...
17/Dec/16 2:39 AM
I need to be lit about right now - just returned from my 3rd bout of shoveling; now I need to thaw out ....especially since I got caught downwind from the exuberant snow-blower hubby!
17/Dec/16 2:46 AM
Love the crown, Kathy! A fitting look for the snow I see coming down outside my window!
17/Dec/16 2:46 AM
Evidently, Wombat gave his keyboard a drink of coffee and has sent it to rehab to dry out. Hopefully, the space bar will be working again at some point. His answers were a puzzle unto themselves.

I see he got a puzzle posted yesterday, though! Off I go to give it a try!
17/Dec/16 2:46 AM
Not much snow here, but I wore two pairs of gloves to shovel the sidewalk and my hands still froze. Came in after ten minutes...and my Fitbit has bit the dust, after less than a year. Any other disgruntled owners out there?

17/Dec/16 2:47 AM
I, too, have been in the path of a snow blowing hubby, Joyce. Especially unfortunate if you wear glasses, as I do.

It comes with batteries, Shiela. For that ''special glow''.
17/Dec/16 2:52 AM
Your Fitbit probably froze to death, Cathy!
17/Dec/16 2:52 AM
Maybe it will be okay once it warms up, Cathy. Hubby's GPS does that if he leaves it in the truck when it's below freezing.
17/Dec/16 3:06 AM
......a bunch of jokesters have taken over the site - yay!!!!!
17/Dec/16 3:07 AM
My glasses get left behind when I go out shoveling since they are transition lenses which seem to also darken in the c-c-cold, so I return inside and trip over everything until they warm-up! Easier to shovel blind!
17/Dec/16 3:10 AM
Ooops - I just walked all over Keith's/CP's 22 and never even celebrated - or experienced one ounce of guilt....
17/Dec/16 3:15 AM
I could be quite dangerous armed with a snow shovel without my glasses. It's entirely possible I would completely miss the driveway. For their safety, small animals and children would have to be kept far away.
17/Dec/16 3:21 AM
In certain situations, guilt is a good thing.
17/Dec/16 3:39 AM
well, you're guilty of arriving far too late!
17/Dec/16 3:41 AM
Don't be too hard on her, Keith. She has steamed up glasses.
17/Dec/16 3:50 AM
Yay broke my two minute barrier! 1:56!
17/Dec/16 3:51 AM
It rained here!!! This morning, nearly didn't go for a run! We had a sudden heavy squall! Was ready to change back into jammies and slide back into bed when I was distracted by my phone! TOS kept me a bit longer when I noticed it stopped raining. So I went for a run instead.
17/Dec/16 3:54 AM
Glad I went! The marsh is filling up and I saw migratory water fowls like great egret and I think mallards!
17/Dec/16 3:55 AM
Golly right in the middle of Christmas shopping, car mechanic tells me I need at least two new tires and my microwave oven dies! Ugh. Today we have to take care of these two while I try to shop for presents. Psychologically, I'm poor as a church mouse!! Feeling a bit sorry for myself.
17/Dec/16 3:57 AM
At least I got a CP!!!
17/Dec/16 3:58 AM
For those in snow country ~ A leaf blower works pretty well, for clearing sidewalks and driveways, if the snow isn't too heavy. Sure beats a shovel!
17/Dec/16 6:09 AM
Morning all,beautiful crater .
Lovely blue sky with a few scattered clouds today.
17/Dec/16 6:16 AM
17/Dec/16 6:23 AM
A good washing day Amelia, after two days of lovely rain. The Carols in the Park near us was cancelled last night. Too dangerous for all the electrical equipment. I had promised my dinner quests after dinner entertainment (fireworks) but it was not to be.
17/Dec/16 7:17 AM
Oooh, timing, timing, timing . . .
17/Dec/16 7:52 AM
I'll race us to the bottom of the page . . .
17/Dec/16 7:52 AM
17/Dec/16 7:52 AM
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