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Easy Sudoku for 16/December/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Forecast is for a 50F=28C drop in
temperature in just 12 hours this
weekend. That's a bit much even
for Dallas in North Texas.
16/Dec/16 12:00 AM
We already had our temperature drop, Wolf!
16/Dec/16 12:13 AM
....and I though it was c-c-cold before it dropped 30*
16/Dec/16 12:15 AM
To all who stop by today ...Have a great day every!
16/Dec/16 12:16 AM
But c-c-c-cold! 5F degrees (that's -15C) this morning! Brrrr!
Good thing I have a warm heart!
16/Dec/16 1:24 AM
I grew up in the Midwest. I must say, I do not miss the ice, snow, and low temps at all!! Here, when I want to play in the snow, I can drive up into the mountains and then return when I've had enough.
16/Dec/16 2:35 AM

As far as yesterday's poozle goes, I said TRY not to Google. I know there is no way to answer some of those without our internet friend.
One supremely honest Wicked Witch from the West (not naming any names) put an asterisk next to her ''googled'' answers.
16/Dec/16 2:41 AM
June, again, much love.
16/Dec/16 2:43 AM
Morning, all.
16/Dec/16 2:46 AM
Another photo from our oft admired photographer, Nal?
16/Dec/16 3:07 AM
16/Dec/16 3:08 AM
A slight revision of Denny's comment above, from my perspective ... ... ''I grew up in the Midwest ... Here, when I want to drink in the wine, I can drive up into the Napa Valley and then return when I have had enough!''
16/Dec/16 3:10 AM
Nice idea with the asterisks... I might do something similar - with one next to the answer I know -won't need so many!
16/Dec/16 3:10 AM
Yay, we're expecting rain today!!! I am soooo looking forward to the wet stuff!!! All around the country we have four seasons. Here we have really only two - wet and dry! The temperature does not change drastically, just enough to gather some rain clouds during winter.
16/Dec/16 3:11 AM
Hopefully, we'll get enough to refill the vernal pools in our Madrona Marsh Preserve to invite our usual migratory birds for a stop over. I've seen our usual flock of Canadian geese scoping out the territory but no ponds to lure them in.
16/Dec/16 3:13 AM
The coyotes are still around but I rarely see them. I do hear the occasional yips and howls.
16/Dec/16 3:14 AM
We have a rain schedule that competes with Camelot. Rains at night and by morning we get a break.
16/Dec/16 3:15 AM
Happy Thursday!
Yes, rain expected on Friday, but not the weekend.
16/Dec/16 4:03 AM
16/Dec/16 4:39 AM
1:50, a very slow start so not too bad. Good morning everyone.
16/Dec/16 5:29 AM
Morning all, beautiful wildflower photo,thanks nal.
16/Dec/16 5:30 AM
16/Dec/16 5:31 AM
I don't think Bill will be going to golf , it's still raining here. It started as a fine mist yesterday and then to steady soaking rain.
16/Dec/16 5:43 AM
We are having cold weather. It's 23° out and VERY windy. If I don't get blown away, today is the day I help deliver Christmas goodies to a needy family. This year the family includes 11 kids. Regardless of how I feel about that, the kids deserve a good Christmas. All of them will get filled More...
16/Dec/16 6:01 AM
16/Dec/16 6:24 AM
Judy, ya 'crack me up', girl!
16/Dec/16 9:40 AM
Was out and about today - got my flannel lined pants and my deep winter coat - I'm set to go !
16/Dec/16 10:36 AM
I do enjoy Judy's comment !
16/Dec/16 10:37 AM
Our pets are feeling housebound and acting ridiculous. We are too. Good maEn, good people. 'They' say it will warm up eventually. But it's bitter cold in the meantime. Christmas prep has gone into Plan B, which is online shopping and crafting instead of going out in this mess.
16/Dec/16 10:40 AM
29 years ago today I was holding my firstborn child for the first time.
16/Dec/16 10:41 AM
Did you notice that was comment 29? Pretty cool, huh?
16/Dec/16 10:42 AM
It's almost 7 p.m. and I haven't started anything for dinner. All I've eaten today is a small half sandwich. Guess I'll go reheat some leftover chili, which sounds like an oxymoronic thing to do.
16/Dec/16 10:44 AM
Ho, ho, ho. A cp from me gets us closer to seeing who will drop off the bottom of page one. Hope there's a safety net or a very big snowdrift in place to catch the fall. I can off a big snowdrift, if one is called for. In fact, you can take it and keep it. I don't really want it back.
16/Dec/16 10:46 AM
*offer a big snowdrift.

I wish I could 'off' all the big snowdrifts currently in my vicinity.
16/Dec/16 10:48 AM
It has snowed 12 inches or more since we decked the bushes. We plug them in and can't see even a hint of a glow! If you land on my snowdrift, dig down and find the strand of lights. Enjoy.
16/Dec/16 11:23 AM
Good evening to all! Thanks Nal!
16/Dec/16 11:31 AM
Bitterly cold here. Over minus 35 with the wind chill. Haven't been out much today.
16/Dec/16 11:32 AM
16/Dec/16 11:51 AM
hi to dr nal if you stop by.

16/Dec/16 12:04 PM
16/Dec/16 12:16 PM
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