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Easy Sudoku for 2/October/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all

2:13 Good evening everyone.
I can see a little eye open there, she must be watching the cat.
A really bad time today - the first time I have been over three minutes for months!
1:56 That's how I feel this morning...
Good morning to all! Sleepy head!
Good morning.
Unhappy little lady.Good moen.May God bless you this Sunday morn.
Happy October Everyone! Theme for the day: with the new TV season in full swing on this side of the pond, what are you watching? any new favourites? returning favourites? Recommendations? Drama, comedy, reality, whatever. Sports is a given -- you all seem to watch football/golf/tennis/soccer etc More...
good Maen everyone sleeps with one eye open
hi angie. yes i did play the jigsaws.
hi gannie mo
Interesting picture! A short break this morning before I begin grading papers. Ugh.
wish I was on the beach! instead of working
Good night all, way past my bedtime. Have an enjoyable Sunday to those just starting it.
g'night ANNE.
Good night Anne and the rest of OZ.
It is supposed to start cooling off here in Southern Oregon, USA. I think fall is upon us. It is still getting into the mid 80's in the middle of the day, but that is supposed to drop.
Judy from SD....are you headed for SD or do you wait for the first snow to fall.....???
1.13 but i think that the timer got stuck
Have a nice day all...
Hi!!! the pic was kinda weird
I'm back home, DAVE, and not very happy about it! :) The temperatures in the mountains were falling, but the first snow had not yet arrived. Time to come home, though ... had two family birthdays this weekend ... a seafood bash last night for our son, and a hula party today for our granddaughter! Tiny bubbles ... Thanks for asking!
When do you make YOUR migration, DAVE?
She's not taking that medicine no matter what you say!
hi there..a bit late today...its 10 pm dot...
the final day of the festival called maha navami done with all pomp...oooooops it was tiring,the visits by the guests and the visits we made to the guests place et al..the running around reduced the bulge by an inch but the sweets consumed has put it More...
some light riddles(i miss buzzy who makes interesting riddles)
1.What stays in bed most of the day and sometimes go to the bank?
2.What can be swallowed, but can also swallow you?
3.If you have it, you want to share it. If you share it, you don't have it. What is it?
Sleepy head picture. My grandson's 5th birthday today. What a magical time of life that is. Innocent and full of energy and wonder.
KEITH: Happy Birthday to your grandson! My granddaughter turned 4 this week ... hm-m ... do you believe in arranged marriages?? Don't eat too much cake and ice cream today!
My desert OD was yesterday, The Big Apple at Marie Callendar's, with a chocolate chunk cookie for desert.
Jamie: You seem to spend much time grading many papers. You're not grading 'practice' are you? Just spot check those, or look only for one or two specific things. Only grade tests and final papers. Don't make work for yourself. I most definitely was not a lazy teacher but after a year of training More...
OMG, KEITH! Sounds like Heartburn Heaven! You don't have the 5-year-old doing sudoku?? :)
1:51.. 12:40pm Sunday here
Keith, where in OR are you? Been great weather, eh?
Eric, yea, very pleasant. I'm in Eugene. We go back home tomorrow morning.

Judy, I'm a leadbelly, no heartburn. That's both good and bad, means I can eat just about anything. My problem is I often don't know when to quit.
ap - at my age, that is the only way that equation has a chance of working!! Unfortunately, it is usually unbalanced the wrong way.
CHALKBOARD - I never grade homework - completion at best. I give very comprehensive tests to my 105 PreAP kids, though, and it takes quite a while to grade, since More...
Oh, and Judy, no the birthday boy doesn't do Sudoku yet, just the 7 year old.
Celia--We have to tape everything to watch later--CSI, Grey's, House, NCIS. We don't watch sports--Go to all the 'football games' and wonder what the football team is doing on the marching band field. Marching season has started, first competition next week.
My picture is somewhat distorted. Is she playing 'possum'?
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